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You're not thinking big enough

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Create social media content that attracts and engages users

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April Fools’ Day gone wrong

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(Before you think you have) Great Ideas for April Fools’ Day PR pranks

Axia has 150+ documented proven processes to deliver consistent results for our PR agency’s clients

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Axia adds Social Media Specialist

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Send a pitch email the right way

Find the best company spokesperson

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Personality Analytics with Dolly Penland

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What is the buyer's journey?

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Ten Quick PR Tips

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What is earned media for PR?

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How 2020 Has Changed PR

COVID has changed the marketing and PR game, not eliminated it

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Are commercial newswires effective for public relations?

Should we capitalize job titles?

What are examples of earned media?

9 Journalists-Approved Tips for Pitching to the Media

How to handle Facebook haters

Turn your pitches into stories to get journalists interested in them

Use news briefs, not releases, when contacting the media for certain stories

What is SERP? Search Engine Results Page Explained.

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Media relations during COVID-19

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4 communications actions your company can do during COVID-19

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8 ways your PR agency can assist you during COVID-19



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