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We frequently blog about the latest public relations corporation communications, and marketing topics, tips, and trends. Our blog is one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot. Please help yourself to our insights and be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog notifications.

Why does your company need an effective announcement timeline?

How to pitch so reporters don't hate your company

How AI is transforming strategic communications

What not to do after you get a story in the news

PR pitfalls and peaks: Staying agile

What is social proof, and how is it used in PR?

Proximity and Relevance are the vital filters for impactful news judgement

Here’s what your company should do AFTER earning media coverage.

7 tips to maximize media coverage for company awards

7 ways to sharpen your media lists to reach intended audiences

Analyzing media pitches to improve company outreach

The difference between communications and communication in PR

6 easy ways PR agencies can start using AI

How to find the best stories and amplify brand voice in current events

So many crises, so little communication

PR best practices to take your story from pitch to publication

How PR pros are using text replacement tools to save time

Marketing for Memorial Day

11 best practices for an effective email subject line

Rethinking the role of media relationships in earned media coverage

If sales is like dating, so is public relations

Study: AI is transforming PR: What are the risks and benefits?

Moving from Chaos to Directed PR Strategy

How to use Google Autocomplete for SEO

Pros and cons of tier-two commercial news release wire services

How to prioritize media outlets for better company coverage

Should you use a commercial newswire for news release distribution?

Why your social media isn’t working

How to best prepare for going on the record

What makes a news release headline compelling?

Proactive PR Produces Better Results

The Ultimate Guide to AI Communications and Positioning for PR Clients

Crisis Lessons Learned from Southwest Airlines

10 tips for writing clickable press release headlines

Why top-tier media coverage may not be the most effective PR strategy

What the rise of Threads has taught us about emerging social media platforms

How to use Google Autocomplete for SEO

3 ways franchisors can use PR to grow their company with John Hewitt

6 ways to improve keyword research to boost SEO

7 steps to boost your brand's visibility to generate leads

11 tips to craft engaging press release headlines

Axia’s values with AI in the PR industry

Putting the Relationships Back in Public Relations

The Emerging Role of AI in Public Relations

Time is of the Essence Solocast with Jason Mudd of Axia Public Relations

Journalist PR responses under 3% for third straight quarter

4 ways to earn media coverage from a news release

How to use short-form video to maximize social media engagement

Another look at Snoop Dogg’s masterful marketing head fake for Solo Stove

How to leverage a one-person social media team with Jacob Shipley

9 ways OpenAI could have responded to unfolding crisis

10 steps to choose the right keywords for SEO

Why is it important to include multimedia elements in a news release?

How to write a better news release headline in just 10 minutes

The ROI of LOL with Steve Cody

Playing the PR Game to Win: The Value of Smart PR

HARO Shifts to Connectively: What does this mean for PR professionals?

Communications is not communication: Where does PR fit in?

How to boost your plumbing brand through media

Why you should reconsider billing PR firms by the hour

AI for Strategy, Measurement, and Monitoring with Dan Gaynor

What’s the difference between newswire and press release distribution wire agencies?

How to use social media to promote your company

A Beginner’s Glossary to Media Jargon

Should your company website use WordPress or HubSpot?

Fame, prominence, and how your company can benefit from influence

AI in Public Relations with Antony Cousins

How do search results pages rank content?

PR Pivot: How PR Pros Keep on Their Toes

11 crisis management tactics to avoid or prepare for a PR disaster

5 steps to build an effective media list

How to use editorial calendars to earn media coverage with Jason Mudd

How to use newsjacking to hijack trending news topics

3 ways PR firms quote pricing dishonestly

How to identify phishing emails

How to use Google’s EEAT for quality online content

How PR can help journalism survive with Tina McCorkindale

6 PR strategies for managing wildfire crises

Panic to Positivity: The Challenges of Crisis Communication

What is domain authority and why does it matter in PR?

Should my organization take a stand on the Israel-Hamas war?

Why PR pros should use news releases to reach media in 2024

How Influencer Partnerships Can Boost PR Campaigns

How to prepare for any communication crisis with Tom Ciuba

4 ways to present your corporation as grateful to its shareholders

12 ways journalists annoy PR professionals

4 ways to repurpose company content online

How to hire a social media strategist in 2024

Media Relations Best Practices With Axia

Communications is not communication: Why terminology matters in PR

You should think twice before paying a PR firm by the hour

How to use Google Autocomplete for higher search authority

The Great Media Shift

5 ways to automate PR processes for streamlined lead generation

Encouraging Words in Your Storytelling Journey with Ken Melton

The SEO impact of commercial newswire releases

Successful topics for PR pitches in 2023

7 responsible principles to guide the use of AI in public relations

Axia’s Autocomplete SEO service helps companies generate more leads

Axia Public Relations names 2023 scholarship winner

Earned media coverage doesn’t work the way you think it does with Jason Mudd

Aeroseal selects Axia as PR agency to increase awareness about building air leaks

What is influencer marketing, and why is it so effective?

Axia Public Relations adds bilingual employee

7 phishing campaigns for corporate communication to share with stakeholders

The pros and cons of working for a public relations agency

The Value of Understanding Your Audience

The benefits of purpose-driven storytelling with Pam Fultz

3 steps B2C cybersecurity companies should know to earn national media coverage

7 ideas to consider before taking a stance on a social or political issue

Emmy Award-winning journalist joins Axia Public Relations

6 takeaways from the Propel Q2 2023 Media Barometer

What do foreign firms need to know about U.S. PR firms and the Federal Foreign Agent Registration Act?

Disaster Communications: 5 ways to make the most of a bad situation with Amy Susán

Why your home improvement company should care about earned media

How PR pros are using AI today

3 reasons why online reviews are important to your customers

Stop giving attention to negative content about your organization

Brand Distinction Vs. Collaboration

The Future of AI in PR

How might Apple's Vision Pro change PR?

The 4 R’s of Media Relations: Responsive, Resourceful, Rapid, and Respect

Are external links in the comments of social media posts worth it?

How your organization should communicate AFTER a cyberattack

What’s a podcast Listen Score?

How your organization should communicate DURING a cyberattack

Meet Threads, Twitter’s Newest Rival

6 strategies for home improvement companies to get earned media coverage

The difference between PR Newswire, Business Wire, and Globe Newswire

Franchising, Home Improvement, and Home Services with Ryan Spalding

How McDonald’s is using the Grimace shake TikTok trend to maximize the product’s visibility

Defining Your Audience

How does social media help companies with communications and reputation?

How your organization should communicate BEFORE a cyberattack

5 tips for responding to reporters’ media relations query tools

PR tips from a former news anchor with Bob Wiltfong

How to turn off Instagram notifications for accounts you manage

How to measure and categorize the different tiers of news media outlet types

What PR pros need to know about web spoofing and cybersecurity awareness

How our PR firm is using AI and how you can too with Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations

PR and Privacy

How to respond to positive, negative and neutral comments on social media

How to ethically use AI in public relations

How to turn off LinkedIn notifications for pages you manage

The best media pitch is a story that's already done

How AI can help improve your public relations

How to turn off Twitter notifications for profiles you manage

3 elements of an effective news release

How to add multiple links to your Instagram profile

How to write a news release like a PR professional

Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work with Amy Diehl

Know Your Audience

Top PR Pros Share Their Tips for Earning U.S. Media Coverage

Before you post that news release... add Urchin Tracking Module parameters to each link

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Your Public Relations Team and Your Investor Relations Team

How to become an excellent TEDx speaker with Alan Cohen

What are simple social media videos?

World Communications Forum names Jason Mudd "North America's Best PR Leader"

Our Agency's Documented Proven Process for Social Media Best Practices

Blogging isn't boring — it's impactful

No tricks, just content with Dave Auchter

How to Communicate Negative News

How to keep your brand relevant on social media

What does your audience want to hear?

Combining SEO and PR: 5 ways to optimize your website

Using procurement to find a PR agency with Leah Power

How to turn off Facebook Page notifications for pages and profiles you manage

How to improve your company’s SEO and online reputation with Yahoo Local

Platform-native posts: What do social media managers need to know?

Our journey to podcasting: On Top of PR’s 100th episode with Jason Mudd

Why you should combine PR and SEO tactics to get better results online

In Public Relations, Integrity Is Crucial

PR is More Than Media Coverage: 10 PR Strategies Your Organization May Be Overlooking

7 public relations tips that could help Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ improve his company’s reputation

Best practices for internal communications with Casey Mank, co-founder of Bold Type

5 PR lessons learned from the TV series ‘Yellowstone’

Why scandal can land your company in the news – and how to recover

Why you should put your links in the comment on social media posts

3 ways to get your company on the radio without paying for advertising

Recruiting and Retaining Young PR Professionals with Kim Ades

7 cybersecurity best practices to protect your company’s information

The Great March Madness Marketing Machine

How will hiring a public relations agency affect your company internally? A lesson from ‘The Office’

What will employees think if your company hires a PR agency?

What should I wear for my public speaking engagement?

Dealing with stress in the public relations industry with Mark Mohammadpour

10 ideas for Instagram reels you can start making immediately

Why your company needs a business blog

Axia Public Relations’ top 10 must-watch On Top of PR episodes from 2022

How to plan and create video content to ensure maximum performance and reach

9 tips for submitting bylined articles for publication

How to become notable and quotable with Shanita Akintonde, CEO of Shanita Speaks

How to create Instagram Reels

2 key elements in a professional vodcast setup

Remaining Relevant in the Era of Rise and Falls

How to remove admins from your company’s Facebook page

5 tips for creating engaging social media videos

What happens to companies who cut back on PR and marketing during a recession with Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations

Public relations advice for The Grinch

How do search results pages rank content?



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