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Understanding the scope of PR

‘National Publicist Day’: How Ivy Lee wrote the first press release

Media coverage: Securing one for the wall

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For optimal Facebook engagement, choose quality posts over a quantity of posts

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Insta-success: 3 tips to ensure high performance on Instagram

Never lie to a news reporter

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4 things to consider when you hire a PR firm

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How to measure public relations

4 tips to navigate the nontraditional media

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Don’t let your superstar company speaker go unnoticed; promote today!

4 golden rules for working with bloggers

Think carefully before choosing a media monitoring company

How to collect five-star customer reviews for your company

7​ ​deadly​ ​sins​ ​of​ ​your​ ​Instagram​ ​strategy

3 reasons your company is hiring a PR firm too soon

3 steps to becoming a successful contributing editor

Which is the best day to send out a news release?

3 crucial differences between a news story and a feature story that will make you a better writer

The lure of fake news images

5 ways to improve your PR pitch and build better media relationships

HubSpot: A social media publishing gem

Press releases going nowhere? 5 tips for getting more media coverage

3 ways to boost your Instagram presence

Hurricane Harvey and social media: 6 takeaways for businesses preparing for Irma

Traditional PR doesn’t work anymore

Need more media coverage? Here’s how to make journalists happy

What’s the difference between an op-ed and a letter to the editor?

Which press release distribution service should you use?

5 reasons you aren’t getting social media engagement

5 proven ways to earn coverage for your clients

Are you doing social media wrong?

Which is right for your company: Inbound marketing or inbound public relations?

Anonymous apps like Sarahah suck

Do you need to partner with an agency or hire an internal inbound marketer?

Why your marketing department needs inbound PR now!

3 reasons your company will flourish with a blog

Infographic: How to find awesome content topics

Why won’t the news media cover your business award?

3 tips for using the phrase “off the record”

16 ways to promote your Inc. 5000 honor

5 ways to tell if your company needs social media help

4 tips for B2B social media growth

How important is your LinkedIn profile photo?

3 secrets to getting more Facebook page likes

4 ideas for repurposing content

Ask the Twitter expert

3 ways you can prepare for a public relations crisis

15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm

Understanding designated market area (DMA) and how it impacts your company

3 questions to determine if your company is a fit for inbound marketing

3 lessons your company can learn from the Aflac crisis

HBR: 80% of CEOs are dissatisfied with their chief marketing officer

Got content? 8 tips for republishing it

5 Facebook HACKS: Get more convertible likes for your company’s Facebook page

5 tips to make your company stand out on social media

5 critical questions to ask if your company doesn’t have enough following on Facebook

Inbound marketing: Use blogging to attract customers

Infographic: How to find awesome content topics

How to create effective content

4 ways to maintain media relations momentum during the holiday season

3 PR lessons you can learn from Disney and Universal

What’s the difference between having a PR department and hiring a PR firm?

5 practical steps to get media coverage at trade shows

Validity of social media: Communications in crisis

So you want coverage on your product?

6 steps to creating an effective communication plan

Are you writing for the newsroom and living room or your boardroom?

More than words: Why you need a content management strategy

McDonald’s is using Snapchat to hire 250,000 employees

When is the best time to post on social media?

6 areas to measure in your content marketing

How to promote your content

Got a brick-and-mortar business? Use public relations to bring more customers to your door

3 public relations programs that may change the way you do business forever

How undercover is Undercover Boss?

Hack: Get more likes for your company's Facebook page

How your company can make the most of Yelp

3 ways to generate authentic feedback online

Do you need media coaching?

What is brand journalism and is it right for your company?

Become a pillar in your industry with the right supporting statements

3 residual benefits of PR

If you're a boss... here's how to appear on Undercover Boss

7 tips for developing your key messages

Why most trade show exhibits fail

If you were a journalist, what questions would you ask your company?

Media samples: Do they increase your chances of earning media coverage?

Does your company have a brand ambassador program?

5 reasons why DIY public relations is a mistake

How to develop a successful social media strategy

How citizen journalism impacts PR

Authentic PR: Giving it a human touch

5 ways PR can generate buzz for your business

Media relations 101: Do not touch!

Why should my company care about blogging?

How companies with multiple locations can better manage media inquiries

Is your company’s FAQ page effective in driving your sales?

3 critical components to becoming a thought-leader in your industry

3 critical steps for successful collaboration with a thought-leader

5 ways we help you earn media coverage

4 important don’ts for PR professionals

4 critical things you should know about measuring your success before you blame your PR firm

Key messages: What they are and why you need them

What President Trump is doing wrong with media relations

Why is copy editing important to PR?

5 tips to improve your media-pitching emails

The secret formula for better email pitching

Think your audience isn’t on social media?

8 elements for successful content marketing

Mishandling the media

What you need to know before your company goes Live on Facebook

It’s OK to use your notes at your public speaking event

3 best practices for engaging in media interviews

How long until you start seeing results from PR?

3 ways your company can take advantage of the Year of the Rooster

5 tools to make the most of your social media posts

6 proven steps to rock your speaking engagements

6 steps to ensure professional emails

5 ways to build loyal relationships with your customers

PR case study: The XFL

4 important tips on managing social media for multiple locations

4 common blogging mistakes

Ready for inbound marketing? Make sure you do these 5 things

Capturing leads at events

And the winner is … PR

Who has time to read blogs anyway?

Take control of your blog content with an editorial calendar template

5 steps to help you monitor your company’s online reputation

Does your company has an online reputation problem or an online review problem?

How Chuck E. Cheese’s PR outsmarted McDonald’s

What is Growth-Driven Design and why should you care?

It’s awards season. Was your company nominated?

What President Trump is doing right in media relations and what your company can learn from it

Why your CEO should embrace social media

PR and the service level agreement

5 things you can learn from the Oscars about public relations

3 ways to spot fake news

Fast-food giant Wendy’s takes on Twitter bully

How to find a PR firm that excels in online reputation management

4 lessons from the Super Bowl you can use for your company

As Google shifts toward no action, negative online reputations are harder to repair

3 ways to know you can trust your social media news source

Crisis communication: How to mitigate fake news

How PR pros can combat the fake news epidemic

3 steps you can take to adjust your corporate PR strategy to local trends

3 practical steps to create a unified culture in a company with multiple offices

Is your company the first name people think of in your industry?

Ready to rock social media in 2017?

5 things Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us about PR

4 ways to use PR when expanding your business to multiple locations

3 ways financial services companies can benefit from PR

Should PR professionals write your company’s Wikipedia pages?

How to improve your company’s Glassdoor reviews

4 benefits a terrific spokesperson offers your company

Why online reviews are the best SEO opportunity

Is social media more influential than the news media?

Your company spokesperson messed up. Now what?

The ultimate guide to finding the right spokesperson

Use PR to create content that moves customers to action

Does my company need to blog?

4 tips to perfecting presentations

Top 5 avoidable PR goofs of 2016

5 ways to get media coverage for your company when you have no news

PR season for tax season is now

What's the worst that can happen without media training?

6 reasons great brands don’t advertise

4 fundamental ethical requirements your spokesperson can’t ignore

Do your spokesperson and your CEO have to be the same person?

Look beyond your corporate headquarters to see real opportunities for your company

5 key attributes to look for when hiring a temporary spokesperson

4 proven ways working with influencers will strengthen your leadership status

Is your company ready for a website crisis?

How to retain and delight your customers

Talking the talk: 3 reasons why media interviews are essential

Are Black Friday campers just a PR stunt?

3 factors executives should consider before making political statements about Trump (or anyone else)

Webinars, white papers and websites, oh my!

How to recover from a spokesperson mistake

Pitch perfect: Fall in love with your pitch

How to convince your CEO that media coaching is valuable

5 practical tips for brands working with influencers

4 reasons press conferences are overrated

5 ethical rules your influencer marketing campaign cannot do without

Should you hire a spokesperson or a spokesmodel?

How to tell your story like IKEA

Starbucks heads into the holidays with a steaming cup of crisis

So you received great media coverage. Now what?

6 reasons why your media coverage expectations are unreasonable

4 ways to identify thought leaders in your niche

Are your inbound marketing practices ethical?

Use the power of PR like Tesla does

Learn how to become an influencer in your industry

Are your PR and sales teams fighting again? Learn why and how you can put a stop to it

Crisis management: Learn from Wells Fargo’s mistakes

3 effective ways to use social media for thought leadership

Build relationships in your industry to construct your success

4 ways to position yourself as a thought leader

The top 5 mistakes executives make in business

Why isn’t your company winning awards?

How to create business relationships online

Messaging platforms: What they are and how to create one

What is MediaSignal?

6 unbelievable tricks to measure your PR campaign results

Top 5 ethical concerns in measuring PR efforts

How do you measure PR?

When PR belongs in the C-suite

3 ways buyer personas are essential for PR

Why measure PR efforts?

3 ways to keep customers happy

4 things the media wish companies knew about pitching

Do you know the top 5 rules for how to talk with customers?

Use public speaking to build your brand, credibility and sales

The true value of earned media and PR

Financial services companies: Stepping up your PR game

What is an impression and can it help your company?

How to write a press release headline

6 steps to putting a face on your brand

4 ways the sales funnel has changed

5 ways speaking engagements can grow your business

5 ways to market your business on Yelp

4 outdated PR tactics you should stop using immediately

6 tips for practicing ethical inbound marketing

How to make the most of speaking engagements

4 critical inbound marketing metrics

The do’s and don’ts of following up with journalists

Issuing company statements versus giving media interviews

How to keep your brand in front of prospects throughout the buying cycle

Generating and nurturing good leads

What’s the difference between PR and advertising?

4 ways blogging can improve your PR efforts

How to optimize your website with PR

How to prepare for and efficiently handle a crisis

Social media and employment practices are changing

5 reasons why blogging is so important

Turning an opportunity into a customer

5 surefire content tips to boost your inbound marketing success

Learn the top 4 benefits of Facebook dark posts

Return on investment for beginners

5 ways to use corporate giving to strengthen your brand and improve your reputation

Public speaking opportunities = visibility + value

Brand journalism: Creating content that people want to read

3 principles to help you build a data-driven communications culture

5 ways earning an award benefits your company

How much do billion-dollar corporations spend on PR?

Use a PR agency to help your company win awards

Speaking engagements: Good for your brand, good for you

What is internal public relations?

Calming your nerves before public speaking

Why do most of your press releases fail?

How PR professionals use video effectively at every stage of the sales cycle

How general contractors and construction firms can benefit from PR

7 ways to build credibility using public relations

How many public speaking engagements has your company done this year?

‘Pokemon Go’ brings excitement and business opportunities

Does your company need to be a household name to be successful?

What is smarketing?

Who will speak for your company?

A 5-step guide to how PR firms get media coverage

5 steps to winning awards for your company

What’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic?

How to grab a reporter’s attention in 10 seconds

5 not-so-secret tips for email pitches

How to write an effective PR plan

5 critical steps to repairing your reputation after a crisis

5 reasons you shouldn’t hire a college student to handle your company’s social media

Don’t separate ethics from reputation management

Pitching exclusives by the numbers

How does my company get nominated for an award?

What are the benefits of winning awards?

How organizations use Facebook’s Safety Check

Is there honesty in PR?

Improve a low ROI in 6 simple steps

What are press photos?

6 ways your company’s PR annoys journalists

6 tips for breaking into national media

What are successful, large corporations doing for crisis management?

5 ways to repurpose your press release

How the PESO model may change the way you think about PR

What percentage of your PR budget should you spend on proactive crisis management?

Why saying sorry during a PR crisis is not enough

Follow the rules when using digital images

Editorial calendars: A PR pro’s best friend

8 insider tips for online customer reviews

When is the best time to pitch a journalist?

Once-a-week social media posts: Should you even bother?

How to add multiple locations to your company's Facebook page

Defining a corporate crisis

10 rules for media pitching success

4 ways to improve your online rankings

Grow your customer base with thought leadership

5 tips for managing crises in the age of instant gratification

Should you ban social networks at your company?

Is brevity the soul of a public relations campaign?

How to pitch Wired magazine

How to keep a PR client for a lifetime

4 ways your company may be incorrectly handling online reviews

5 proven ways to generate story angles

Should you notify the public when your CEO is in poor health?

Dodging the bullet: Sidestepping a social media crisis

PR pros have a new way to connect with reporters

PR is a contact sport

Speed kills? Not when it comes to crisis communications

MasterCard and Apple: A priceless collaboration

How social media revenge tackled the NFL draft

How to ethically handle negative online reviews

What you need to know about ethics in media relations

Can you control when and if a news outlet will run a story?

5 secrets your social media agency doesn’t want you to know

How much do large, billion-dollar corporations invest in PR?

What do medium-sized companies spend on PR?

What do small businesses spend on PR?

How much does a PR firm cost?

Goals and objectives: Not interchangeable terminology

Bernie Sanders vs. Verizon’s CEO

5 rules to keep messaging on track

6 ways your company can replicate the Undercover Boss experience

4 ways to prepare for a corporate crisis in the digital age

Campaigns that work: The Monster-Free Mouths Movement

5 options for when you aren’t ready to talk to the media

4 steps to changing the public’s perception of your company

A word or two from Benjamin Franklin on reputation

How to get on Shark Tank

3 reasons why media relations really work

4 things you may be doing wrong in your online reputation management

What is the appropriate social media response during emergencies?

How to create news for your company, when there's nothing happening

3 reasons you should hire a PR firm

How frequently should our company post on Instagram?

7 tips for gaining more social media followers for your company

6 tips for using social media to promote customer reviews

Is your company ready for a social media campaign that goes viral?

What your company can learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

6 ways to find the right charity for your company to support

Chipotle crisis highlights necessity for reputation management

The ultimate guide to determining how often to post on Facebook

Top 5 media relations practices to attract more coverage

How does media relations work?

Does the press release belong in the modern PR toolkit?

What is Reputation Management?

5 ways to use social media to collect online customer reviews

7 steps to working effectively with your PR firm

What do PR firms do?

Using LinkedIn to expand your brand

Use media relations to elevate your company

PR: It isn’t just for crises anymore

4 reasons to manage social media in-house

Top 10 secrets to social media success

Using social media to get ahead of the competition

3 ways to use images to boost your business on social media

Advancing social media with clever content

Top 5 mistakes brands are making on Twitter

5 ways we managed social media for an Undercover Boss episode

Top 5 social media goofs of all time

3 ways to get upper management on board with social media

Social media strategy: Why you should hire an expert

Twitter frequency: It’s all about balance

Are advertorials unethical?

B2B marketing: Leveraging the power of LinkedIn

How to handle negative attention on social media

5 social media trends that can affect your business

Ingredients of a PR plan

Company executives need professional headshots

​The 5 commercials that won Super Bowl 50

3 things that make a Super Bowl ad a touchdown

How to use PR to outsmart Super Bowl ads

​Learning from the 3 best Super Bowl commercials ever

​Super Bowl ads: Are they worth the investment?

4 factors to consider when choosing a public relations company

How to select a top public relations firm

What is a PR firm?

How to write content for each buyer persona in every stage of the buyer's journey

6 important trends in media relations

7 tactics for guerrilla campaigns

Use guerrilla marketing to increase your ROI

Key differences in pitching top business magazines

How to pitch Fortune magazine

How to pitch Inc. Magazine

How to pitch Entrepreneur magazine

How to pitch Fast Company magazine

How to pitch Money magazine

How to pitch Harvard Business Review

6 social media mistakes to avoid to keep your audience engaged

Saturday Night Live: Going undercover

Are you prepared for a PR crisis?

Our CEO is stupid. How do we convince him to avoid the media?

Who writes your news releases?

5 common mistakes when contacting the media

5 things PR firms lie about

Is this thing on? Media relations and "Off the record"

How to get more traffic to your website using your content

4 things that we’re very excited about in January 2016

3 reasons why your B2B company shouldn’t ignore the power of Facebook

Why B2B companies should stop using Facebook in 2016

Gorillas in the midst of your marketing

You have a content marketing plan … now what?

What your company can learn from the Obama for America campaign

6 tips for using HARO to pitch your story

Dark Sites: Do we need them in this day of viral video and immediate social connection?

Twitter’s tip-over: Why eliminating ‘share counts’ may impact usage

The strategy of being remarkable

How to effectively communicate through a crisis

3 ways Google’s changes to Google+ will affect your PR plan

Back to school for crisis management

Dark sites: What are they?

How engineering firms can benefit from PR

Protecting your CEO’s reputation

What your company can learn from the media troubles of Ben Carson

How to promote your charitable giving

3 ways you can manage PR like McDonald’s

Reflecting on Paris: Social media best practices during tragedy

You’ve put your foot in your mouth. Now what?

How to stay ethical on social media

The power of a pitch

Reach the right audiences and win their loyalty

5 more ways to create blog post topics

5 ways to devise creative blog post topics

Crisis strategies for weather changes

How you can get your company on the list of Best Places to Work

5 steps to prevent a high-profile hospitalization from going public

How to build personal relationships with the media

What happens to a company if a key player is hospitalized?

The benefits of PR managing social media

How to generate positive online reviews

What does “off the record” really mean?

Why your company’s leaders need to book public speaking engagements

What to do after a crisis

How Firehouse Subs capitalized on bloggers and 6 ways you can, too

How to become a TED speaker

Is PR a low-ethics industry?

Maximize your social media efforts using PR and the right images

8 lessons learned from the mob mentality of social media

4 reasons why you should add videos to your blog

How to create a video summary

Concerned about media in the room? Get over it!

Make memories, make profits

How to contend with cavalier CEOs

How are you handling customer reviews?

4 more ways to save money with your PR firm

What PR can do for B2B tech companies

3 ways to increase engagement on your business’ LinkedIn page

Ethical integrity and the NFL

Hiring stunts rarely pay off

Get more from PR with one e-book

The (not so) hidden value of strategic communications

Strong digital strategies net customers, profits

How to respond to negative reviews on Yelp

Why your company should celebrate Ethics Awareness Month all year long

THINK before you speak

3 ways short blog and social media posts bring in customers

See the real value of PR with Axia’s PR PRoof system

Don’t let one negative comment on social media damage your brand

How to pitch to Businessweek magazine

Violence goes public

7 ways to win with your PR agency

Are you getting your share of earned media?

What you should know about the process of working with a PR firm

10 ways your company can handle the media

What can your company learn from these brands’ success stories?

10 tips for creating compelling content for social media

Health care and medical PR trends and opportunities

How to pull off the perfect random-act-of-kindness campaign

What PR pros can learn from the Donald

Top 5 rules for writing great blog posts

The amazing power of Pinterest

How to master a print interview

Axia recognized with industry PR awards for national restaurant and family entertainment center

Use Twitter to build foundations for relationships with journalists

Your communications audit in 5 easy steps

When public relations meets politics

Turn words into dollars with a content management plan

Journalists’ use of social media evolves

Be Legendary

2 daily PR habits that will secure your future

Are your target audiences getting your messages?

Best practices when working with spokesperson scandals

5 ways NOT to handle negative press

How to craft and leverage a great hashtag

Pros and cons of the 24-hour news cycle

Top 5 reasons people follow brands on Twitter

Use content to go from attraction to close faster

Using PR to top beauty, fashion and lifestyle polls

What PR firms want from junior employees

Mastering radio interviews

What is a communications audit?

How to produce information customers want to read

Mastering a TV interview

What is native advertising and why should PR care?

Professional services need PR, too

How to get awards and recognition for your company

Hospitality, profits hand-in-hand at the top of successful businesses’ lists

If your business is technology, consider PR

Top 5 mistakes in your press release

How awards and recognition can boost your business

Should you hire an employee or go with a PR firm?

How to set up a business account on Pinterest

How to create a successful Kickstarter campaign

How social media enhances content

How important is it to monitor Glassdoor?

The essentials of email in marketing

Post the right content on the right platform

My experience with HubSpot’s inbound certification

Who is Adam Lisagor and what can he do for your brand?

Easy instructions for adding administrators to a LinkedIn account

Don’t let a crisis be your company’s final destination

What do Kickstarter successes know that you don’t?

How architecture firms can benefit from PR

Firing your PR firm: How to move on after cutting ties

Firing your PR firm: When to cut the anchor loose

Negative information online a cause for worry

How consumer reviews impact your business

10 ways our most successful clients use social media

Feelings of your employees, customers key to success

Easy instructions for adding a Google+ Pages Manager

How to create a great Kickstarter PR campaign

Are you seeing results from your social media efforts?

Easy instructions for adding a Facebook admin

Facebook Page roles explained

Does your company need a kick in the pants?

Something to Say: The value of Speaking Engagements

How about some popcorn with your PR?

What does it take to become an industry leader?

6 steps to winning awards for your brand

How to make your CEO stand out as a star

If you need to apologize, do it correctly

How media coverage can improve your online reputation

How to make your company unforgettable

How to encourage employees to interact on social media

Learn what consumers want directly from the source

Social media: A business opportunity you can’t ignore

Do people mention you when discussing your industry?

Why PR firms and law firms go hand in hand

Outback Steakhouse employs winning PR strategy

Before sending your pitch, check for these phrases

Wondering how to sell management on public relations?

6 tips to improve your online reputation and social engagement

Do you know what your company’s saying on social media?

Your business is only as good as its reputation

What’s the difference between publicity and PR?

Is your company ready to handle a reporter’s call?

What is public relations?

Will newspapers survive social media?

10 ways great companies maximize their PR firms’ value

Looking for PR help? Assets no agency should be without

Are your CIO and CMO butting heads?

Act to ensure that your company can survive a crisis

Why do I need PR, anyway?

PR ethics Q&A with Axia Public Relations CEO Jason Mudd, APR

Use PR to become the attraction tourists seek (Part II)

Use all available tools – old and new – to stay ahead

Use PR to become the attraction tourists seek (Part I)

How franchisors benefit from good franchise PR

Does your PR firm know how to connect with journalists?

A good reputation could help your company avoid crises

Race Together: Genuine concern or selfish ploy?

What you can learn from Starbucks and ‘Race Together’

How not utilizing Google+ could harm your business

What can you REALLY do about negative online reviews?

What do journalists think about your online newsroom?

Great PR takes a little luck and a lot of planning

Distinguish yourself from the competition to see results

Make sure you give your company a pat on the back, too

Your company may be only one crisis away from disaster

Is your public relations firm committing a media fail?

Don’t fly solo when a team can net you more success

Don’t let inadequate PR slow your company’s success

Inbound marketing and how it can boost your sales

Need an in with the media? Twitter can help

Would you ignore 75 percent of your customers?

Social media 101

Let PR show you how to create loving customers

How will the Google-Twitter agreement affect you?

Strong online presence, visible leadership build trust in marketplace

National Wear Red Day can boost your recognition

SEO vs. online reputation management

Discover the value of editorial calendars

Show your customers some love this Valentine’s Day

Don’t lose your money on the big game

9 steps to earn media coverage

Target’s latest PR blunder

PR: The art and science of creating great media lists

Why there will always be press releases

Why collaboration with PR is important for success

5 tips to help you execute the perfect PR campaign

How to get your CEO on board with spokesperson training

How to improve your business in 5 easy steps

Small changes in customer care, SEO promise New Year profitability

Press releases vs. advertising: What’s the difference?

How to make the most of the 2015 International CES tradeshow

10 steps to prepare your company for crisis

The only real mistakes are those you don’t learn from

Are you writing for the wrong audience?

Email policy lag turned communications PR nightmare

Axia Offers Its Top Predictions for Public Relations in 2015

When Should a Company Apologize on Social Media?

Axia Public Relations releases its list of the top PR goofs in 2014

You’re building a business, but what about your brand?

Don’t fear the PR contract

Give your news maximum reach with news wires

The Public Relations Industry ironically has an Identity Crisis itself

Practice unique creativity to attract attention

Why hire a PR firm? A better query is why wouldn’t you?

Rebounderz selects Axia Public Relations as national PR agency of record

PR vs. advertising: Is one better than the other?

Online newsrooms: Worth the investment?

No prospective customer left behind

What is AP style and why is it important to PR?

Top 4 reasons your press releases don’t get coverage

Adversity acrobatics: Properly communicate your news

Journalists are telling you what they want – listen!

“Why won’t the media cover us?” and other key questions

Confessions of CNN producers revealed!

Stories that sell: PR creativity at its best

Focus and direction are key to revenue gains

How to make the most of LinkedIn for your business

This is CNN

Hedge your bets and pitch smart

Hiring for the holidays: How PR can help

Are your Google search results different than others’?

Top 12 ways for a startup to get media coverage

Requests for proposals: Useful or useless?

What skills you should look for in your PR adviser

Ebola crisis: A public relations nightmare

Want to get your business featured on CNN?

So you Hired a PR Agency and Received Great Media Coverage, Now What?

What’s the difference between PR and marketing?

10 elements of news and newsworthiness

Trade show PR: How to make the most of your floor time

Your crisis response may outweigh the crisis itself

How to be pitch-perfect and get results (Part 2)

How to be pitch-perfect and get results (Part 1)

Top 5 PR principles every company should live by

Why does good PR get such a bad rap?

Top 6 misconceptions about PR agencies

Classic meets the future

A PR lesson courtesy of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals

On the contrary, Mr. Cuban, PR Firms should avoid startups

Learn how to create an enduring, valuable PR alliance

What do your PR dollars get you? Why measuring PR results is critical

How to develop a realistic timeline for PR campaigns

Read this before sending another press release or pitch

How do you decide where to send your press release

Whom should you trust to handle your press releases?

Urban Outfitters: Plain poor judgment or PR success?

The top 7 things you need to know about social media

Is poor customer service driving your consumers away?

Use PR to sync marketing efforts with company goals

How to get your promotion noticed

Develop a rewarding campaign with national coverage

Capture a lifetime audience

Why bragging about prior news coverage doesn’t help you

Attract more customers through media coverage

How to give reporters what they really want

The only 3 pitching tips you need to know about

Does ineffective communication plague your company?

Use PR to open heartstrings and purse strings

Is your company “killin’ it?”

Guest Bloggers wanted... Calling for guest bloggers

If you’re reading this on the go, how do we look?

How to communicate better using PR

Franchise Times: Learn all about the "People Magazine" of franchising

How to write great blog posts with these 10 tips

Putting social media in its place

If you put good in, you get good out

Do you have the right pitcher for your team?

Is PR really that bad?

How PR can help you navigate social media

Control Your Info

Rule 1: You are your reputation. Rule 2: See rule 1.

How not to write a guest blog post

Why your company needs public relations

After the storm: Minimizing the impact of a company mistake

Can watching the news cause PTSD?

Calling all franchisor PR professionals

More than 40 million customers want to hear from you

Are you a superstar in your field?

Trust is everything; without it, you’re nothing

Does God Need A New PR Rep?

What can you do when the CEO is in the hot seat?

Are your social media efforts working as you’d hoped? Use PR tactics to achieve long-lasting effects

Maximize 2014 Profits

How to pitch to Food & Beverage Magazine. Reach more than three million potential customers at once

Does PR play an active role in your strategic planning? Learn how to make it easier to reach your goals

5 Things big companies know about PR that small businesses can learn from them

Are you really sure your PR efforts are working? Don't make these 5 mistakes when measuring PR effectiveness

‘Public relations ethics’ is not an oxymoron.

13 billion meals, $125 billion in sales. Are you in? Learn the best ways to pitch Food and Beverage magazine

What do your competitors know that you don’t? Are you keeping pace with the competition

It’s never too late to teach big dogs new tricks. How small companies do PR and what big companies can learn from them

Don’t be a sore winner. Let PR show you the right ways to handle positive postings

Are you missing opportunities to connect with customers? How blogs offer V-A-L-U-E

Flagship product fail – now what? PR strategy examples from Amazon’s recent “Fire” rollout

10 things you must do to create more spreadable content. Helpful insights from PR

What can a PR agency really do for you? Hint: It's not just press releases anymore

What do you want your customers to do next? Build the perfect call to action

10 ways to increase your chances of going viral. Let PR help you make your content more shareable

Do you know who's posting those negative online reviews?

How much do you know about ‘astroturfing’? Learn to tell the difference between a genuine product review and a fake one

3 reasons a PR agency might fire your company. Get the most from your PR investment with these tips

Want to boost your company’s PR power? Report to the C Suite, study says

How to pitch to the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show

How to take on the media (and live to tell about it)

Public relations and search engine optimization

Use PR to reach the underrepresented African-American consumer segment

Jab, jab, jab, right hook: the right way to pitch

Learn from the source what growing your business by investing in PR really means

You on LinkedIn: your audience thinks it’s legit

How to use Twitter and avoid failure

The do’s and don’ts of managing social media

Leverage public relations and social media to get and keep more clients

Pay close attention to loyalty, crack the code

Characteristics of public relations firms with staying power

Why is your company not on the ‘Best Places to Work’ list?

Planning to be the new kid on the block in an unlikely market?

Writing for the media: prioritizing with the inverted pyramid

Craft the perfect press release quotes

Don’t let competitors steal your public relations strategies and run for the border

Sharing your company’s news: anatomy of a news release

Earth Day matters, part 2 of 2: 4 ways to tie your brand to environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship

Earth Day matters, part 1 of 2: 5 business reasons why environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important

3 ways PR will solve your company’s top strategic risks in 2014

Go bigger than a food drive or go home: Step up your corporate responsibility game

Cult of celebrity: Do you really need a celebrity spokesperson or spokesmodel to promote your business

How to fix bad reviews on Google

Get ready or go home: the 4 most dangerous trends facing public relations

Three Takeaways from Major League Baseball for Restocking Your Aging Customer Base

Tools to Grow

Don't Wait Until a PR Disaster to Realize You've Got the Wrong Spokesperson at the Mic

How Augmented Reality can be used in PR in ways you never thought possible

Three Tips to Crisis Response When Customers Have Been Offended

Join Axia’s 2014 March Madness Bracket Challenge

Snooty and Loving it: Rolls-Royce PR Savvy Boosts Numbers

How Will the Aereo Court Decision Impact Advertising and Public relations?

No turning back: Get your facts straight, get permission before any news is released

Leaders Begin at End, Outsmart Google

3 steps to mastering a television interview

How to get the boss on Undercover Boss (and the surprise benefits)

Reputation management: How to respond to negative reviews

Axia and PRSA Foundation launch a $2K scholarship

Despite a shift in use, traditional media and PR remain relevant

You can't pay college football coaches $10 million/year, and not pay the players

Three PR tips if you’re considering taking a risk in your industry

Social media lessons for 2014: Learn from 2013's blunders

Your 3-step PR game plan for the Super Bowl: Eat some wings, enjoy the game and don’t Tweet

How rallying bloggers as brand advocates cuts through social media chatter

Three tips to crisis response when customers have been offended

LinkedIn’s not dead: 4 reasons it’s relevant to PR success

Snooty and loving it: Rolls-Royce PR savvy boosts numbers

How will the Aereo court decision impact advertising and public relations?

No turning back: Get your facts straight, get permission before any news is released

PR Lessons From Target’s Data Breach Debacle

The value of listening and empathy in PR

You don’t own me: What toddlers can teach us about news ownership

Minimum wage battle offers opportunities for maximum PR tactics

The 2014 “Tanked” List: How PR can help 3 businesses surprisingly predicted to fail

Are you delighted with your PR?

What made WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle” PR stunt so great

What PR trends will be hot in 2014? Let’s ask the 8-ball

How Sonic should respond to the controversial Redskins' sign incident

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