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What are simple social media videos?

By Bre Chamley

A woman looking at a phone.Simple social media videos, also known as reels, are an effective strategy used by social media professionals for reaching your target audience. But what does that mean? 






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Simple short-form social media videos, also known as reels, are short, often 10-90 second videos. These videos might be photos taken for a company or stock photos that relate to the theme of the video or company. Some of these videos have text descriptions on the screen paired with background music. Sometimes there's animation with photos, videos, or graphics.






A clear message should drive each video, no matter the length. It often summarizes an existing or additional piece of content in a short video format that helps the audience digest the message. 


A short video also helps content rank higher because search engines and social media platforms know that users are more inclined to watch a video than read a long post. Sometimes the simple video shares helpful insights and how-to information, while other times the videos can promote your company’s services. Focus on making 80% of your content helpful and 20% promotional to ensure your content resonates with your audience. 


The following are a few more examples of simple social media videos: 







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