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Two questions you can ask yourself to create effective content

Use these two questions to guide your content-making process


In public relations, content of all kinds is important. Whether it’s videos, written content, or any other kind of information people can consume, content is one of the biggest drivers for public relations. Content helps you stand out from your rivals.


However, you need to be making the right kinds of content to further your public relations goals. Simply making anything isn’t enough. Use the two questions below to see if your content is actually helping your public relations plans.

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The size of a PR department in an advertising firm

Do advertising firms have the focus on PR you need?


A while ago, I was talking with a public relations agent working in an advertising agency. During our conversation, she discussed her experiences, which stuck out to me. 

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10 ways to get your franchise in the news

Why is news coverage so important for franchises?

Positive news coverage helps to improve your franchise’s reputation. It also places your business top of mind for prospective customers as well as those looking for franchise opportunities, especially in local areas where your franchise doesn’t have a footprint.

So how does a franchise or franchisor get in the news?

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I’m not sure what PR is, but I know our company needs it

Over the years, I’ve heard many businesspeople say, “I’m not sure what PR is, but I know our company needs it.”


When people think of public relations, they tend to associate it with news coverage. This is what PR pros call “earned media.” The dictionary defines earned media as “publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising.”


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3 ways PR pros can create a great experience for reporters and the news media

Use three points to make a pitch that a media professional would love


Pitching stories is one of the key parts to a successful public relations plan. Those that want their stories pitched have the story. However, they need one other key ingredient for success: what the reporters are interested in.


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What are SMARTER PR objectives?

Let’s get SMARTER about PR


By now, you’ve probably heard about SMART objectives and using them for PR. We blog about SMART objectives and how to be a SMART communications pro frequently.


There’s a movement to add ER to SMART objectives and push for SMARTER objectives, and we love it! 


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4 things journalists want you to know

Recently, I attended a PRSA chapter’s Media Roundtable event where 12 journalists from different outlets and backgrounds gathered to give insight and best practices to public relations professionals. While all journalists have their own preferred way for you to pitch them – and it depends if their outlet is print, online, or broadcast TV – there are some similarities that PR pros should know.

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This company knows how to engage a PR agency

Here's how to approach a PR firm and create a long-lasting, beneficial partnership.

Many companies would benefit from a real-life example of how to properly engage a PR firm. 


Most companies try to approach hiring a PR agency (or any creative or professional services firm) the same way they buy office supplies: in bulk. This technique gets a company a commodity PR agency. And then the company wonders why the relationship is cold, the ideas aren't creative, and the results are flat.

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How to use Google Docs to collaborate more efficiently with your team and your PR agency

Axia Public Relations uses and highly recommends Google Docs for seamless collaboration among your team members and with anyone you need to work with. Google Docs minimizes frustration and the time your team wastes on back-and-forth emails – each with unique attachments requiring everyone to manage different drafts, editions, and revisions. Our clients all over the globe love how easily and quickly they can work with us, mutually making real-time updates, reviewing revision history, making and approving suggestions, and collaborating instantaneously through the comment and chat features.

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Company culture: How it influences future business

Your company’s culture is what defines your organization. It sets the tone for how your employees work and how the public views your company. Your company’s culture can determine whether a potential customer chooses you over your competitors.

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