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What are premium downloads?

Here are seven types of premium content to guide a lead through the buying process

When it comes to capturing leads, it all boils down to providing value. Why would your visitors give you their priced personal information? They will only if you offer them something equally valuable that can be swapped with their confidential data.

But what information is more treasured than regular content?

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What is the buyer's journey?

The journey from seeking information to making a purchase decision!


The buyer's journey involves three stages:


Awareness Stage

Consideration Stage

Decision Stage

At each stage, you need to tailor your content marketing and sales strategy to fit into the buyer's context. Let's understand all three phases of the buyer's journey. 

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Ten Quick PR Tips

Effective strategies and tactics to boost your campaign


Working in public relations is all about strategy. Here are some quick tips to include in your PR strategy to be a trusted adviser to your company and clients:

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How do search engines generate the SERP?

The three steps search engines follow to rank search results


Are you curious about how search engines generate the ranking list called SERPs?


If you know what SERPs are and what elements they incorporate, it’s easy to understand their workings.


Search engines generate search results in a three-step process. 

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What is a CTA, and why is it significant?

The term CTA is often used when discussing media pitches, website engagement, and social media marketing. For such an important term in the public relations and marketing industry, many people don’t know what CTA stands for or its importance, so let’s break it down. 


CTA stands for call to action. It originates from the marketing industry, referring to a piece of content in the form of an image, specific text, or website button.


The use of this particular content was intended to elicit a specific action from the viewer. It was typically created as a way to provide direction or instruction, such as “sign up here,” “buy now,” “follow,” etc.

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What is a headline, and how do you make it effective?

Tips and tricks to writing an eye-catching headline


Even in Pulitzer prize-winning articles, the story’s content is the last thing read. Headlines are almost always the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. They are the hook, the reason a reader chooses to dive into a story rather than keep scrolling. This makes headlines possibly the most important — yet undervalued — aspect of any story.


When your company writes PR materials, blog posts, or articles submitted for publication, you should explore what makes an effective headline. 

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The anatomy of a successful earned media process

See how a public relations firm does earned media


We’ve previously discussed what earned media is and its role in public relations. However, knowing about earned media is one thing and doing it is another. For someone unfamiliar with this process, it seems almost impossible to know where to begin and how to get through it. However, there is help.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve developed our own system for earned media that we’d like to share with you. We’ve included a visual chart showing how we do things and an explanation of each step.

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What is earned media for PR?

How does your company use and benefit from earned media


Earned media is organic news coverage your company receives. It’s not paid for like advertising. People often confuse earned media with paid media even though they have two very different meanings. 


The main difference is price. Earned media is not bought; it’s the outcome of having a product or service that other people want to talk about. Paid media, such as advertising, is promoted because you paid someone or a company to do that for you. 


Social media mentions, media coverage, and reviews on your product or service are all examples of earned media used in public relations. Earned media happens naturally, and it’s a result of good PR. 

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How to build a great Request for Proposals that attracts the best PR Agencies

A great proposal starts with a great RFP


Public relations is critical to the success of a company. Your company’s unique needs are important, and finding a partner provider who can solve your problems is critical. A strong, clear request for proposals is the best way to help providers propose creative, relevant, and cost effective business solutions for you.


The PR Council offers a free RFP guide to help your company build an RFP that brings you proposals. These proposals work to solve your business challenges, not create more problems and a complicated process. We think it’s a good resource, and we wanted to share it with you here. Before you submit a Request for Proposals, make sure you're working with a proper PR agency

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Signs you’re working with an ad agency instead of a PR firm

Use these questions to see if you’re working with an ad agency in disguise


You’ve recently started working with a PR agency. Everything looks good; they know what you want and the price is right. However, something seems…off about them now that you’ve established a business relationship. You can’t put your finger on it. They just don’t seem to be the PR firm you were expecting. In fact, they seem to be more of an ad agency. But how can you prove it?

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