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How our PR firm is using AI and how you can too with Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations

In this solocast, host Jason Mudd describes how our PR firm is using AI and you could use it too to benefit your company. He discusses the five most important things to remember when working with AI in your own agency.


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Topics: PR tips, On Top of PR

How to ethically use AI in public relations

Using AI comes with its own ethical and legal challenges.


As we’ve previously covered, emerging artificial intelligence technologies can be a boon for your company’s public relations content production. With its ability to quickly create content, your company can quickly create useful first drafts for the rest of your team to build upon, among other benefits.


While AI is an effective tool for PR content creation, you can’t use content as-is. Before your company begins using AI-generated content for PR, you need to make sure you have a clear usage policy, a process for when an AI takes content from other sources, and a vision for how to deal with copyrighted materials it might use.

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips

How AI can help improve your public relations

Artificial intelligence can be a great PR assistant, but it’s not the end-all for content creation.


Artificial intelligence has taken the tech community by storm in 2023. Originally treated as a novelty, it has quickly become an effective tool in multiple fields. Public relations can benefit from the AI revolution as well.


But before looking at how AI can improve your PR, it’s important to learn what AI is.

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Topics: PR tips, PR planning

How Bias Against Women Persists in Female-Dominated Workplaces with Amy Diehl

In this episode, Amy Diehl joins host Jason Mudd to discuss how bias against women persists in female-dominated workplaces. Amy shares her knowledge of why men are in leadership roles more often than women and what makes an industry equitable. They also discuss how to make your workplace healthy for men and women, the phenomenon of presentism, and how to eliminate bias and what can women do if they are confronted by bias.


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Topics: PR tips, internal communications, On Top of PR

Know Your Audience

From 420-themed marketing from global brands to Anheuser-Busch’s absolute blunder in corporate comms, opportunities to connect (or not) abound. The key to creating unforgettable brand moments is to know your audience. Doing so, well, takes data.

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Topics: PR tips, strategy, 60-Second Impact

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Your Public Relations Team and Your Investor Relations Team

Collaboration between public relations and investor relations teams is critical for any business success in today's market. 


PR is responsible for managing a company's reputation with the public, while IR handles communication with investors and financial analysts. While these two teams have different roles and responsibilities, they share a common goal: to ensure the success of the company.

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications

What does your audience want to hear?

Public relations professionals focus on their target audience in their communications.


Persuading the consumer is often easier than you might think. Sometimes, all that it takes is a step away from yourself and toward your audience. A simple shift in the subject of your messaging can make all the difference.

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Topics: PR tips

Using procurement to find a PR agency with Leah Power

In this episode, Leah Power joins host Jason Mudd to discuss best practices for using procurement with a PR, marketing, or communications agency. Together, they discuss the difficulties with in-house agencies, why brands hire outside agencies, and when to use procurement when using an outside agency.


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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications, On Top of PR

Why you should combine PR and SEO tactics to get better results online

It's no secret that public relations and search engine optimization are powerful tools in the digital marketing toolkit. But what if we could combine the two strategies to get even better results?


From leveraging the power of press releases to using data to optimize content, you'll learn how to supercharge your PR and SEO efforts to create an impactful marketing strategy. With this approach, you’ll be able to help your company expand, reach higher search engine rankings, and reach a far wider audience. 

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Topics: SEO, PR tips

PR is More Than Media Coverage: 10 PR Strategies Your Organization May Be Overlooking

10 additional PR strategies and tactics you should add to your PR program


When people unaware of public relations talk about PR, they usually envision it as a world of press releases and wining and dining, all with the ultimate goal of getting media coverage. However, these are far from what modern PR is like.


Modern PR practitioners use various tools, such as social media, and have many strategies to help spread a company's story worldwide. The rise of effective data gathering has helped PR pros refine ideas in a way that never would've been possible a few decades ago. While media coverage is still part of PR, it's no longer what defines it.

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Topics: PR tips, shared media, earned media, owned media

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