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Brands Capturing the Audience With Strategic PR “Stunts”

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September 2022 – Brands Capturing the Audience With Strategic PR “Stunts”


PR “stunts” have somewhat of a bad reputation around them. However, a disruptive campaign that’s wildly creative has shown time and again just how powerful it can be for generating buzz. Here, we’ll look at two examples from brands relying on the concept of stunt marketing to explode visibility even beyond their traditional audience.

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StoryBrand BrandScript: With a Problem

Now that you know what your consumer wants, you have to interest them in your story. The way to do that is to introduce a problem. Why? Because consumers love to solve problems.


In every great story, there is a character who battles a problem. In order to successfully tell a brand’s story, you must incorporate the problems or issues that consumers will come across that the brand can help solve. These problems will allow consumers to relate to the brand and to truly begin the “storytelling” process. Without consumer problems, how would you communicate the effectiveness of your products or services? You wouldn’t be able to because a story without a problem or “plot” isn’t a real story.

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StoryBrand BrandScript: Why telling your company’s story clearly is important

So many companies waste a large amount of money on marketing, but what if we said you didn’t have to do that to be successful? Follow this BrandScript series to see how you can do that in a short, seven-part framework.

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3 effective PR strategies for insurance companies

Effective PR helps you position your company to the consumers in a positive way. We can agree that people aren't thrilled about paying for insurance, and most see it as a grudge purchase. Smart public relations helps customers looking for insurance remember your insurance company to reach out to do business with you.


While you can't control every piece of information about your company, a few effective PR strategies can improve your standing in the insurance industry and give consumers a clearer understanding of your brand.

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5 reasons why companies should keep investing in PR during a recession

As the economy changes, so does consumer spending, which in turn impacts most every company. Decreases in your customers’ spending can negatively impact your company’s bottom line and decrease the things your company can spend money on. In some ways, it can become a vicious circle.


When your income decreases, your company usually cuts the “extras” first. While you may need to decrease unnecessary expenses, you should look at how cutting expenses and services may impact your company overall.

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How learning new things can improve your personal and professional lives

Becoming a lifelong learner can help you in multiple ways


Learning, along with experience, is fundamental to gaining knowledge and being successful as a professional. However, you shouldn’t limit learning to topics related to your career or profession; you should stay willing to learn all kinds of subjects – even things outside what you’re usually interested in – whenever you can. A little learning each day can pay off in both your professional and personal lives. 

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Use work and life experience to increase your knowledge and wisdom

Experience is a great tool for learning beyond what school can teach


As a professional, you should always be soaking up information and learning new things. No matter what you specialize in, learning new information will help you and your company grow and adapt. One great way to learn valuable information is through experience.

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“I don’t know what PR is, but I know we need it” – Breaking down the 5 Ws of public relations

“I don’t know what PR is, but I know we need it,” is a statement many business professionals find themselves making throughout their career. CNN says “anyone who pays attention to how decisions are influenced knows that PR is tremendously important” – so why is public relations at work so difficult to recognize? Like trying to assign a universal value to a work of art, public relations is quantified in various ways depending on an organization’s unique traits. To better understand what PR is, let’s break it down using the five Ws.

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Why using your own service can help you focus your PR on the consumer

Experiencing what customers do can help you put yourself in their shoes


Telling your company’s story and why it matters to your potential customers is a very important part of public relations. However, it’s possible to get so into storytelling that you lose focus on how your story connects to potential customers!


A great way to solve this issue is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It sounds simple, but going through the same processes your customers go through can help you understand what makes your product or service shine, thus helping you focus PR efforts on how your company can solve potential customers’ problems and make their lives easier.

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Topics: PR tips, consumer goods, professional services, consumer services

How diversity innovates in the PR industry

Diversity and inclusion leads to better ideas and innovation.


The shift to making your workforce more diverse has been increasingly prominent worldwide, and for good reason. Diversity brings new ideas to the table from those who have different perceptions of the public relations field. Innovation is the name of the game in PR. Creating a diverse and inclusive cast of PR professionals could help your organization tackle issues in a new and creative way.

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