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Combining SEO and PR: 5 ways to optimize your website

When it comes to optimizing your website and getting higher rankings, combining SEO and PR tactics is a great approach. Let’s take a look at five ways you can combine both disciplines to achieve the best possible results.

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Topics: SEO, online public relations, web design & development

Making a positive first impression with your company’s website

A great first impression extends to the internet as well


Making a strong first impression when people see you or your company for the first time is extremely important. It sets how people perceive you, so it’s critical that you make sure a first impression is the best it can be.


Common ways to make a strong first impression can include:

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development

The basics of a mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is key for success.


According to Statcounter, 56.5% of all global web traffic is done via mobile devices as of March 2022. This means the majority of people viewing your website are likely doing it via a mobile device. Because of that, you’ll need to make sure to give mobile users the best experience they can on your site. Thankfully, there are ways to make your site mobile-friendly and several ways to check how your website looks on mobile devices, making this less painful than it may seem.

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Topics: web design & development

How to determine what keywords to use as anchor-text SEO links

As you write content (blog posts, stories, and social media posts) with links to external websites, you don’t want long and awkward-looking URLs within your text. Those URLs don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb – you can replace them with anchor text, which is clickable text like this link to our homepage.


To determine which words to use for ultimate search-engine optimization, you need to make sure your anchor text is expressed briefly and clearly, relevant to the linked page, and specific. 

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Topics: web design & development, owned media, web media

Foundations of a strong portfolio

Develop a powerful portfolio to show your company’s value


Your portfolio is your company’s way of telling the world your services are proven to solve your customers’ needs. However, it’s easy to think creating a portfolio is simply gathering high-profile client results on one page to dazzle and impress potential customers. There’s more to your portfolio than making a fancy first impression.

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development

How Canva can help you create graphics for your company

Start making fresh, custom graphics with Canva


High-quality graphics are vital for your website. However, creating them isn’t easy; you’ll usually need dedicated graphic designers, and once the graphics are made, you’ll have to share the raw file within your company, ensure people in your company have dedicated graphic editors installed, and be sure they know how to use them. What if there was a simpler way to make your own custom graphics and share them?


There is, and it’s called Canva.

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Topics: shared media, web design & development, social media

Why using high-quality graphical content for your website is important

Use the right graphics to help your company’s public relations


Graphics are core to how your company presents itself to the rest of the world. They not only let you show off your company’s products, but they’re also essential for creating the image you want to broadcast and for helping engage users on your company’s website or social media outlets. 


It can be tempting to skimp on graphics and use low-quality ones to save some money, but you need to use high-quality images to give the best impression of you and your company. Low-quality graphics that look like they came from the early 2000s might’ve worked back then, but in a world of crisp and high-resolution graphics, you’ll look bad.

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Topics: shared media, web design & development, social media

How to reduce the size of your site’s pages

Slim down your site with these tips


Your company’s website is its face on the internet. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that everyone can easily access it. A website with pages that have large file sizes can prevent users from accessing and enjoying your site.

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Topics: web design & development

Why your website needs an SSL certificate

Learn what an SSL certificate is and why it’s so important for a website to have one


What is an SSL certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer certificate, or SSL certificate, enables a kind of encryption called SSL/TLS encryption for a website and contains verifying information, such as the domain the certificate is for and who owns the certificate.


Sites with an SSL certificate will have HTTPS enabled. 


Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, put a padlock icon by the URL in the browser’s address box to identify a site with an SSL certificate. For sites with some, but not all content secured, and sites without an SSL certificate, the icon depends on the browser.

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Topics: PR tips, web design & development

5 smart hacks to get high-quality backlinks

Fine-tune your backlinking strategies to attain a high rank on Google and other search engines.


Backlinking is one of the more important SEO practices when you’re looking to raise your website ranking in Google search results.


Generating quality links can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll share five smart ways to generate quality backlinks for your company’s website.


Before we move ahead to discuss backlinks, let’s make sure we understand first: 

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development, owned media

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