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Why small businesses struggle with PR firms

This is one story about PR and small businesses. Read How small companies do PR and what big companies can learn from them for more.


Our public relations agency specializes in helping regional and national companies with news, social, and web services to build awareness, consideration, and sales for their companies' experts, products, and services. This includes a special focus on construction, professional services, and consumer services companies as well as franchisors. 


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Don't think you need a PR agency right now? Think again

With COVID-19 and the economy on hold, there's a huge need and opportunity for thoughtful and strategic corporate communications


Beyond the "what we're doing to prepare for coronavirus" messages that overwhelm your inbox, your brand needs help communicating during COVID-19 and the economic climate. PR firms are busy helping clients with external and internal communications.


Now is not the time to go silent. Now is the time to stay visible by helping your target audience adjust, survive, and thrive in the current environment.


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4 reasons remote employees are more productive than office employees

This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read how working from home can save you money for more.


The debate over whether remote workers are more productive than their traditional office counterparts has been going on for a while. When you think of remote working, you might imagine people lounging on their couches with their laptops. However, there are plenty of studies indicating remote employees are quite productive. Here are four reasons remote employees are actually more productive than those who work in an office setting. 

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How much money can you save by working from home?

Research shows that telecommuters can save at least $2K and often more than $7K


This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read about how remote employees can be more productive than office ones for more.


In addition to letting you avoid the stench of Payroll Stan’s microwaved fish, working remotely (like from home) can save employees a ton of time and money.


According to research from The Ladders, MarketWatch, and other sources, employees really want to work from home. In fact:


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Our PR agency started preparing for COVID-19 pandemic 15 years ago

While we didn't expect COVID-19, we knew we should be preparing for any emergency or disaster


Axia Public Relations was an early adopter of cloud technologies in 2004. 


In 2007, we created disaster recovery systems to give our colleagues across North America remote access to our agency servers. In 2009, we transitioned to 100% cloud, with data servers redundantly hosted at multiple geographic secure locations.


In October 2014, we encouraged our team to work from home as many as three days per week, depending on their role and location.

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5 tips for those new to working from home

Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, many people in the world find themselves working from home for the first time. While technological advances have made remote working easier and more accessible, it still proves challenging for people accustomed to working in an office environment.


The team at Axia Public Relations has been working remotely since 2014. We’ve found that it encourages employee wellness, work-life balance, and helps retain talent.


Nationally, about 4.6% of all workers work from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Bureau data also shows that telecommuting nationwide has grown 115%. Still, working from home isn’t for everyone. Here are some tips to help you get through the day, especially if you’re struggling with that work-from-home life.


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Organic social: Is it worth it in 2020?

This is one blog post about organic social media content. 4 reasons you should tailor content for different social platforms for more.


4 reasons you should continue to engage on social media


A decade ago, the big question that public relations pros and marketers were asking themselves was: “Does a company or brand need to be on social media?” Since then, we’ve seen social platforms transform how people communicate, consume media, and how they shop. Whether the goal of your social media is to communicate messages or sell products, it’s safe to say that social media is a powerful tool for almost every company.  


As paid social media dominates feeds and becomes a more prominent way of reaching an audience, organic social media seems to increasingly fall to the wayside. So, is it still worth it to do organic social media in 2020? It is, indeed. Here are four reasons why. 


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What to do when the media calls

Too often companies discount the value of media coverage. Some get anxiety, others are too busy, but most don't know what to do. The media has a responsibility to cover business news and industry trends. Your organization has a critical role in this process. With a prompt and strategic response, your business can leverage opportunities for media coverage. These tips will help you manage calls from the media. 


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Create a successful media relations plan

An effective media relations campaign should increase awareness and understanding for your company’s product or service. Follow these tips to ensure a successful campaign.


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The daily huddle: How to hold meaningful stand-up meetings

This is one post about company productivity. Read about the Ivy Lee method for more. 


I grew up playing sports in high school – specifically, football. I loved being on the field with my team during a game. To me, there's no feeling like it. Eleven guys perfectly coordinated to line up on the field. Then the quarterback snaps the football and chaos ensues. Or does it?


Each team member begins to move with purposeful individual actions in order to complete the team’s goal. Some are removing obstacles while others are going downfield to catch a pass. Then the play stops, everyone resets, and they do it again.


How does each member of the team always know what each other member is going to do? How can they know how to best support each other?


The team huddle.


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