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Why does your company need an effective announcement timeline?

To maintain client and consumer trust, your company must establish a timeline and game plan for making announcements.


For executives, seamless company news announcements are imperative for success, whether about company acquisitions or key new hires. A misstep in a news announcement can make clients and employees feel frustrated and lose trust. Here are some of our stories and recommendations for creating successful company announcement timelines.

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Topics: product launch

How to pitch so reporters don't hate your company

When pitching, find the balance between consistent and irritating to appeal to busy reporters.


You probably know just how bothersome spam or sales calls can be in and outside of the workday. The frustration you feel receiving these calls is comparable to how a news reporter may feel receiving pitches that don’t always pertain to their beat, for example.


As a company desiring news coverage, what are you to do? Your company needs to build relationships with the right reporters and be helpful instead of irritating or spammy. Here are six tips to help ensure reporters don’t hate your company.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

How AI is transforming strategic communications

Insights on the world of AI and human-centric ways to utilize it for business strategies.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: On Top of PR, artificial intelligence

What not to do after you get a story in the news

Avoid creating friction between you and journalists after a story goes live.


Getting a positive story featuring your company in the news is always cause for celebration. Your company will likely want to thank the journalist for the article and see if you can keep pitching your company to that journalist. However, this can actually cause problems with your company’s relationship with that journalist. Here are some problems to avoid so your company can maintain positive relationships with journalists.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

PR pitfalls and peaks: Staying agile

  1. OpenAI unveils new chat
  2. PR blunder: Starbucks blames customers 
  3. Bumble blunders with anti-celibacy ad
  4. Social media updates to watch
  5. 60-second close: Reaching peaks and avoiding PR pitfalls

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Topics: shared media, social media, 60-Second Impact

What is social proof, and how is it used in PR?

Harnessing the psychology of social validation.


Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon where people look to the behavior and actions of others to help guide their own behavior and attitudes.


In public relations, building social proof can be key to driving interest, establishing credibility, and prompting action from target audiences. When it comes to influencing public perception and attitudes, social proof is one of the most potent tools available. 

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Topics: shared media, social media

Proximity and Relevance are the vital filters for impactful news judgement

There are 10 elements of news and newsworthiness, but two outshine the rest.


When it comes to determining whether a story is considered newsworthy, there are many factors journalists and editors evaluate. However, at the core, many argue that newsworthiness ultimately comes down to just two key elements: geography/proximity and subject matter relevance.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Here’s what your company should do AFTER earning media coverage.

A step-by-step guide to amplify your earned media coverage to reach a wider audience.


Securing a story in a priority outlet or being featured on TV is a huge win, but many business leaders make the mistake of thinking publication is the final step, when really there are several steps after earning media coverage to see the highest return on investment.

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Topics: earned media, news media

7 tips to maximize media coverage for company awards

The press release will need a compelling narrative to secure valuable press attention.


You did it — your hard work has paid off and your company won a prestigious award! This recognition is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and with some strategic planning you can use the company’s achievement to generate significant buzz and boost reputation. The press release is a powerful tool to achieve this.


Follow these seven tips to craft a compelling press release that will make news outlets excited to cover your achievement. 

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Topics: awards, earned media

7 ways to sharpen your media lists to reach intended audiences

Use these strategies to slice, dice, and personalize your company’s media segments.


Pitching journalists can seem chance-oriented, like throwing spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks. To boost your opportunity for success, you need an organized system for keeping track of media contacts and targeting pitches. The key is to segment your lists into smaller groups with shared interests. Here are smart ways to slice and dice your lists for better pitching results.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

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