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What PR pros need to know about Wi-Fi, VPN, and cybersecurity

As PR, marketing, and communications employees, your work constantly demands your attention. It doesn’t matter if you're at your favorite coffee shop, the library, or shopping downtown; in this fast-paced industry, you have to act quickly. So, there are many times where you have to finish up some work, send some emails, or post content from a location other than your home or office. That brings up the issue of using unsecured Wi-Fi. When sending company or confidential information, you need to be aware of the Wi-Fi you're using.

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“I hate math” doesn’t cut it anymore in PR and marketing

PR is a measurement sport, and you must embrace numbers to prove your success and be competitive.


Many people think of public relations as just crisis management and a simplified form of marketing. For decades, people with an interest in marketing went into PR because they didn’t like math and didn’t want to talk about numbers. This is a common misconception about PR and what PR professionals actually do. PR has many aspects – a main one being that we want to increase visibility and awareness of your company and brand. This can persuade consumers to purchase your product or service and spread your company’s name.

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StoryBrand BrandScript: Why telling your company’s story clearly is important

So many companies waste a large amount of money on marketing, but what if we said you didn’t have to do that to be successful? Follow this BrandScript series to see how you can do that in a short, seven-part framework.

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Why the PR industry is a train wreck solocast with Jason Mudd

In this solo episode, Jason Mudd explains why he thinks the modern PR industry is a train wreck. After giving a brief history of the industry, Jason explains that PR professionals are relying too much on earned media, expanding their scope of work too much, letting non-PR experts take lead in PR efforts, aren’t thinking big enough, and are incorrectly measuring PR. 


Tune in to learn what you can do to help fix this mess!

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Should your company use metaverse influencers?

Whether virtual or traditional, influencers can help sell your brand if you partner with them effectively


For years, influencer marketing has been a mainstay of reliable social media marketing strategies. However, the recent introduction of the metaverse is beginning to open up an entirely new frontier for influencer-based marketing. By embracing the virtual world of the metaverse, brands from Gucci to Microsoft have started to advertise in an environment that lends itself to a uniquely engaging consumer experience.

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How to boost conversion rates by keeping visitors on your website

If you have a website for your brand or company, you likely want to convert your site visitors into paying customers. The more website visitors you get, the higher the probability of converting them into customers. Higher conversion rates equal more sales and better profit margins at the end of the day.


The longer you can keep your website’s visitors on your site, the more you will increase your conversion rates and brand recognition in the long term. You will need to follow a few golden rules to achieve this and keep your audience coming back for more.

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Brands are Using a “Window of Loyalty” to Turn Young Consumers into Lifelong Fans

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


August 2022 – Increasing Evangelists with the Next Generation


Corporate communications foster the next generation with relevant and impactful messaging. Let’s look at trends from household brands like KFC and Amazon that make those memorable brand moments the audience truly never forgets.

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3 effective PR strategies for insurance companies

Effective PR helps you position your company to the consumers in a positive way. We can agree that people aren't thrilled about paying for insurance, and most see it as a grudge purchase. Smart public relations helps customers looking for insurance remember your insurance company to reach out to do business with you.


While you can't control every piece of information about your company, a few effective PR strategies can improve your standing in the insurance industry and give consumers a clearer understanding of your brand.

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5 reasons why companies should keep investing in PR during a recession

As the economy changes, so does consumer spending, which in turn impacts most every company. Decreases in your customers’ spending can negatively impact your company’s bottom line and decrease the things your company can spend money on. In some ways, it can become a vicious circle.


When your income decreases, your company usually cuts the “extras” first. While you may need to decrease unnecessary expenses, you should look at how cutting expenses and services may impact your company overall.

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How celebrity and influencer partnerships can help your PR with Celebrity Focus CEO Ric Bachrach

In this episode, Ric Bachrach from Celebrity Focus joins host Jason Mudd to discuss celebrity partnerships and the NIL license that passed recently. Tune in to learn more about misperceptions about working with celebrities, the difference between celebrities and influencers, how the partnership process works, how to set boundaries in these contracts, and how Jason and Ric feel about the passing of the NIL license for young athletes.

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