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How to get your company's Memorial Day messaging right

It's important to consider your audience and intent


What exactly does Memorial Day stand for?


This is the first question you must ask when considering your message to customers on Memorial Day.


This special day, originally set apart to honor those who died in the course of their service to the United States, has morphed into a time for relaxation with loved ones and an avenue for annoying marketing tactics. The truth is that it fetches brands much-desired summer attention.


Granted, how companies and organizations must message their customers isn’t set in stone. However, this post outlines what you can do to avoid inappropriate salesy messaging in the name of Memorial Day.

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Four reasons why your content marketing strategy isn’t working

Content is the heart of any marketing campaign. By creating content, we communicate with target audiences and build lasting connections. Content marketing strategy is one of the most important components of any digital marketing campaign, so it is important to do it right. There are four common mistakes in content strategies:

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The importance of cybersecurity and crisis communications with Bryce Austin, TCE Strategy

In this episode, TCE Strategy’s Bryce Austin shares his expertise on cybersecurity and crisis communications. With host and Axia Public Relations founder Jason Mudd, he expands on data breaches and how to prevent them. He also talks about CISO, next-generation antivirus, password keepers, and multifactor authentication. Lastly, he and Jason discuss who’s responsible for promoting cybersecurity within your company.


Tune into this episode to learn more about cybersecurity and crisis communications.

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What PR pros need to know about preventing human-error cybersecurity breaches

You are human, and you make mistakes. As public relations, communications, and marketing employees, you constantly use a computer to do your job. You go through emails, write material, make content, and communicate with clients, coworkers, and media on a daily basis. Consistently using your computer for your work only increases your chances of falling victim to a cyberattack. According to PurpleSec cybersecurity statistics, around 52% of data security breaches are caused by human error or system failure. Therefore, you must be as cautious as possible and actively on guard. To prevent as many human errors as possible, follow the following tips for securing your digital footprint. 

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What journalists say about media pitches and sources in 2022

Journalists are gearing up for a stronger year in the post-COVID-19 era


With the world returning to normalcy, journalists are coming to terms with the realities of a post-pandemic industry. After the pandemic compelled them to take a step back and restrategize at the initial stage of the outbreak, it’s yet again necessary for journalists to modify their work habits and preferences to suit the times.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

The essentials for taking effective work breaks

It can be easy to feel overstressed and overworked when dealing with daily assignments for your job. One thing can lead to another, and the next thing you know, your zeal for dealing with the day’s work is drained, yet you still have things to do. A helpful way to regain that spark is to take a break.

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Best practices for developing and promoting premium content

Great content must be produced and promoted well


Premium content is a type of digital content accessible only by payment or registration due to its high value. As a digital marketing strategy, promoting premium content highlights the difference between a brand’s regular, free marketing content and unique, high-quality content.

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What to do after alleged or confirmed illegal activities occur within your organization, with Gunster Attorney Jonathan Osborne

In this episode, Gunster attorney Jonathan Osborne shares his expertise on what to do after alleged or confirmed illegal activities occur. He talks about the steps you should take and the case information you're allowed to know. He also discusses what you can do to prevent something like this from happening.


Tune into this episode to learn about what to do when this occurs within your organization.

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How to stay organized and focused during the day

Make your days more productive with a simple list.


In today’s workplace, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. From meetings to constant emails, losing focus on what you should be doing is simpler than people would like to admit. This can happen in any part of a company, from the company’s leaders to its interns. At times, it can feel like you’re simply reacting to others’ issues instead of completing goals.


There is a way to cut through all the hustle and bustle and keep yourself organized: a to-do list.

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Big data provides big insights in public relations

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


May 2022 – Use Data Decisions for Your PR


Today’s audience is more savvy than ever with myriad options at its fingertips to compare options. Strategic corporate communications teams are leveraging insights gained from big data to evolve their strategies and cut through the noise to reach their audience more effectively than ever.

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