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How to Add/Install WordPress to An Existing Website

Enhance the capabilities of your existing website by adding feature plug-ins from WordPress

The gradual shift of businesses to the digital world has drawn much attention toward building a solid online presence for your brand. One of the most critical aspects of this is to have an integrated website for your products and services. A website that extends its capabilities and includes user-friendly features is sure to attract customers and impact revenues. 

WordPress, one of the most sought-after content management service platforms, comes to the rescue. It allows you to explicitly add or embed the features offered for developing a functional website. 

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Axia CEO Jason Mudd earns Measurement Master certification

Jason Mudd, CEO and Managing Partner of Axia Public Relations, earned a Measurement Master certification. 

With this certification, Mudd is now an expert in measurable objectives, survey research, media analysis, data validation, web analytics, search engine optimization, integrated dashboards, and reporting communications results. Forbes named Mudd’s Axia as one of America’s best PR firms for 2021.

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Why is the news media important?

News media will always be relevant.

Before we dive into the importance of news media, let’s briefly define what news media is. News media is the exposure and coverage your company gets from other platforms that your company doesn’t own.

Still not sure what this means? Take a more in-depth look at what news media is and what it includes.

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Never underestimate the importance of a great logo

A logo is a huge responsibility — and where many companies make big mistakes.

In my decades of experience working with art directors, I’ve found that logos are among the most difficult assignments. That’s because they require the most talent of any design project.

Most designers frequently create miscellaneous marketing materials, not logos. The bigger the company, the more likely the artist is simply reproducing production artwork from existing style guides and templates.

But to do a logo is a huge responsibility — and where many companies, and most small businesses, make big mistakes.

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Understanding the differences of PR monitoring, measurement, and evaluation

Three essential tools to evaluate your PR campaign’s success

Measuring, monitoring, and evaluating your corporate communications and public relations campaigns will allow them to evolve and improve. Assess your current strategy to determine if it’s working or if you need to take another approach. 

If you have an unsuccessful campaign and you don’t know because you never measured it, how can you call your company successful? You need to put in the work and measure, monitor, and evaluate your tactics to see if it’s successful and providing an ROI.

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Upgrade your social media with Emily Barrett | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how your company can improve its social media presence with our guest Emily Barrett of Axia Public Relations.


Our episode guest is Emily Barrett, social media specialist at Axia Public Relations. Her role is to monitor social media channels and develop unique, innovative, and engaging content.

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KPIs and goal compensation can be promised parts of PR

Previously, we’ve covered that you cannot guarantee earned media coverage. Anyone that attempts to offer you guaranteed results for public relations, much less guaranteed earned media coverage, is someone you don’t want to work with as a client since there are no guarantees in public relations. But, is there something you, as the client, can offer as a guarantee?

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How to Create Your Brand’s Image by Appropriately Marketing Memes

These days, memes have become a popular marketing tool for entrepreneurs. No individual can say they have not seen a meme on a digital platform. If you want to increase your marketing base, you may use memes on various social media platforms. However, you have to understand what memes are and why they are outstanding. Memes are a powerful tool for making people laugh. Videos and pictures of regular animals or people get chosen, and then they are modified sarcastically and intelligently. You can explore the collection on Meme Scout to market correctly. They will create the desired effect.

Image/Meme advertising is an amazing asset utilized via web-based media, which can be in any structure like a video, text content, a gif picture, and so forth. The substance of image promoting will, in general, get viral on the web whenever it is liked by individuals, which is the rationale of doing image showcasing. Image promoting is utilizing fun approaches to connect with individuals online.

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Immediate actions to take to pitch to journalists

Know the seven steps for better media pitching from Muck Rack’s State of Journalism.

Pitching isn’t just a skill needed in baseball; it’s an important part of public relations. It’s the skill that helps your company or client get positive news coverage. 

As PR professionals, it’s important to know how to successfully pitch to journalists. Here are seven actions to help excel in that skill.

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Relationships are never easy, even for companies

Media relationships are the backbone for getting the positive news coverage your company needs. But what do you do if the same media relationships give you negative coverage? This can potentially hurt your company, so how do you tackle it?

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