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7 cybersecurity best practices to protect your company’s information

A PR professional’s guide to cybersecurity


In this day and age, almost everything is online or completed on an electronic device. More workers are working remote or hybrid jobs, which makes online safety important as ever. Yet, many are unaware of cybersecurity safety practices. These practices will help prevent your company’s information from getting leaked, avoiding a potential crisis.


There are seven main cybersecurity practices to remember: 

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How will hiring a public relations agency affect your company internally? A lesson from ‘The Office’

What would happen if corporate hired a PR firm for the Scranton branch in the TV series ‘The Office’?


In the fictional world of “The Office,” a popular television series set in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin, the arrival of a public relations agency to provide PR for the branch would likely bring about a number of changes and challenges for the employees.


For one, the PR agency would likely work to improve the image of the Scranton branch and Dunder Mifflin as a whole. This could involve creating and promoting positive stories about the branch and its employees, as well as managing any negative publicity that may arise.

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What will employees think if your company hires a PR agency?

What might’ve happened in the TV series ‘The Office’ Dunder Mifflin hired a PR agency for the Scranton branch?


Hiring a public relations agency for your company can be a substantial change, especially for employees. Such a change can bring about uncertainty along with positive results. This imaginary scene from the TV series “The Office” illustrates what employees in a company like your own might think if you hire a PR firm.

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What should I wear for my public speaking engagement?

When preparing for a speaking engagement, you may tend to focus only on deciding the topic or preparing the speech. While those are challenging elements of speaking engagements, too often there’s not enough attention on other parts of preparation, such as what to wear to a speaking engagement. The way you dress and present yourself gives the audience their first impression about you and your company and continues to solidify their belief in you. Here are eight tips to help you decide what to wear for your upcoming speaking engagements. 

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Dealing with stress in the public relations industry with Mark Mohammadpour

In this episode, Mark Mohammadpour, CEO of Chasing the Sun, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss why the PR profession is so stressful and how you can overcome some of that stress. 


Tune in to learn more!

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10 ideas for Instagram reels you can start making immediately

Establish your social media presence through Instagram Reels with these easy tips.


Instagram Reels have taken over Instagram. Using features similar to the popular app TikTok, Reels allow users of the platform to see clips of short video content based on their interests. This allows companies to create meaningful content to maximize engagement through Reels. The following are some ideas for Instagram Reels that you can start creating immediately: 

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Why your company needs a business blog

Creating a business blog for your company can help generate leads and improve your SEO


Does your company have a business blog? If not, you can easily create one to help increase your company’s SEO presence and generate more leads. 


For your company’s consumers and target audience to find you on the web, you need to be highly search-engine-optimized for keywords that are specific to your company and its services and products. 


A business blog aims to increase website traffic, generate leads, improve SEO ranking, and establish your company as a thought leader in your industry. 

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Axia Public Relations’ top 10 must-watch On Top of PR episodes from 2022

The top episodes from our podcast this year in highlights


Our podcast, On Top of PR, has hosted many guests who’ve discussed a variety of important topics in the public relations world – it’s been quite the year! This is Axia Public Relations’ recap of our top 10 episodes of 2022 that you need to see! 

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How to plan and create video content to ensure maximum performance and reach

6 key tips for maximizing your company’s use of Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels are a key component to maximizing audience engagement and reach on Instagram. However, you need to create the right video content for these Reels to be successful. To ensure that your content is reaching its full potential, follow these six tips:

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9 tips for submitting bylined articles for publication

Writing and submitting a bylined article can offer many benefits for you and your company – it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. When you’re an expert in your field and within your company, there are other people and even other companies that will benefit from your expert knowledge, which is the first step in recognizing that you should create and write a bylined article for submission. Here are the top nine things you need to know before submitting articles for publication. 

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