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What’s a company social media policy and why does it matter?

A social media policy is an outline for how employees should conduct themselves online — both personally and professionally. When done right, social media policies set employees up for success and help companies curb issues with security, reputation, and the law.


Good social media policies are individualized to align with company culture, but there are certain guidelines that should always appear. Some of these key principles cover affiliation disclosure, do’s and don'ts of sharing information, and security protocols. After reading a social media policy, an employee should know what’s expected of them and recognize that both they and the company will be held responsible for their actions online. The permanence of social media posts isn’t to be taken lightly. 

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Axia Public Relations Annual Scholarship

We offer funding for students with a passion for PR.


Studying public relations in college is an expensive endeavor, and we believe students shouldn’t have to struggle financially to earn a degree. To help, Axia Public Relations offers a $2,000 annual PR scholarship to invest in tomorrow's PR leaders and enhance the profession.


Past scholarship recipient William Careri said, “Once I was awarded the scholarship, doors opened for me that I could not have considered before.” 


Another recipient, Kyle Schachner, said, “I can’t express how fortunate I am to have started my career without having to worry about… college debt.” 

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Effective crisis communications with Christopher Britton | On Top of PR podcast

Christopher Britton and Jason Mudd discuss best practices for organizations to consider when preparing for inevitable crises. These involve leveraging technology, forming response plans, and practicing within your team.

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Our episode guest is Christopher Britton, chief operating officer of RockDove solutions. He has decades of executive leadership experience and is known for creating and improving successful public and private companies, such as AT&T and Rosetta Stone.

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Why your website needs an SSL certificate

Learn what an SSL certificate is and why it’s so important for a website to have one


What is an SSL certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer certificate, or SSL certificate, enables a kind of encryption called SSL/TLS encryption for a website and contains verifying information, such as the domain the certificate is for and who owns the certificate.


Sites with an SSL certificate will have HTTPS enabled. 


Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, put a padlock icon by the URL in the browser’s address box to identify a site with an SSL certificate. For sites with some, but not all content secured, and sites without an SSL certificate, the icon depends on the browser.

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Three Ways to Outsource Your Company's Public Relations

It often makes sense to hire outside experts. In fact, billionaire tech entrepreneur Bill Gates says, "Do what you do best and outsource the rest."


When it comes to outsourcing PR, nearly every major brand is smart enough to know the best professionals are often working in a company, community, and culture with other highly talented individuals. So here are the three ways you might decide to outsource your public relations strategy, programs, and measurement.

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Best Practices for Landing Pages

Create effective landing pages that give you high quality leads and expand your business multifold


The best way to build a great brand is to create great landing pages for your websites. The most effective method to drive good quality traffic and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) is to create compelling landing pages that grab your user’s attention. 


This is an excellent pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. Landing pages guide prospective clients to an offer, which helps them take action. This is also an opportunity to create conversions and build a loyal customer base.


Oftentimes, brands don’t realize the eminence of implementing effective methods for landing pages and overlook the important role it plays. These techniques often turn out to be essential aspects for increasing conversion rates. Let’s look at some best practices for landing pages:

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What to ask before hiring a PR agency with Jason Mudd | On Top of PR podcast

Learn the four questions you should ask before hiring a PR agency with our host, Jason Mudd.

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Unconventional Times Call for Unconventional Tactics

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


January 2022 – Let Your Creativity Fly For Better Results


Brand marketers are learning to take an unconventional viewpoint in order to completely turn the tables in troubled waters. Merging traditional marketing methods infused with digital-centricity, brands of all sizes are pioneering bold turnarounds. This month, we explore how they’re doing it and the tools your organization might use to garner similar results.

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Our TV news interview never aired. What did I do wrong?

If a TV interview doesn’t air, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a PR professional


TV reporters regularly contact public relations professionals to score an interview with an expert. After the back and forth, prepping, and recording the interview, both parties expect the interview to air, especially if the reporter gives you a specific date.


What if it doesn’t air? As PR pros, we can’t help feeling lost if we experience this. 


This post discusses why a TV interview might not air, what it says about your skills, and how to avoid or mitigate the impact of such a disappointing outcome.

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How Communicators are Measuring Their Work and Using Data in 2022

Communicators are making better use of the data fetched from the frequent measurement of their endeavors


If we’ve learned one thing from Ragan’s Communications Benchmark Report, it’s that upon evaluating the potency of their work, communicators are more impressed with their endeavors in 2021 than they were the previous year. 


The numbers tell a similar story, as 52% of the respondents rated the state of their internal communications as good or excellent compared to only 41% of respondents in 2020.

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