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Dealing with social media trolls and their negativity

You can handle trolls and their negative content


Regardless of the industry, and no matter the cause it supports, every brand has to deal with different kinds of people on various social media platforms. 


There are the fans; they are your flag bearers and always willing to boost your brand by liking, commenting, and resharing your content. Appreciate them for their love. There are the appraisers who assess your brand and voice their opinions. Tread carefully with these; don’t respond unless it’s utterly necessary. 

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Staying afloat in turbulent times with Dan Jasper | On Top of PR podcast

Ready to find out how Mall of America, as a major retail destination consistently providing first-class experiences, while dealing with different COVID-19 challenges?



Dan Jasper has served as the director of public relations at Mall of America for 17 years and has more than 20 years of PR and communications experience prior to that. Dan leads public relations, community relations, social media, storytelling, tourism, and the advanced service portal at the Mall of America. He is a key national spokesperson for the mall and also manages crisis communications and government affairs.

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The value of active listening

Active listening can boost PR efforts and help you on a daily basis


Listening and broadcasting are two of the most fundamental elements of communication. However, in the world of public relations, it’s easy for PR beginners to simply broadcast over and over, never listening to what’s going on around them. PR pros know that listening is not only important, but there’s a specific kind of listening you should be doing for PR success: active listening.

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Dealing with external criticism: A concise guide

You can manage inaccuracies about your brand


Whether or not we notice, people observe how we deal with complaints about us. Our response speaks volumes. And this is the case not just in regular life but in companies as well, whether the complaints are made in person or online.


When responding to complaints, you must be careful not to go with guns blazing; you don’t have to keep mum either. This is because you could seem desperate to hide something, and thus, misinformation about your brand would be seen as true.

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5 reasons content marketing is similar to traditional PR

Currently, content marketing is one of the most talked about marketing strategies in the industry. Creating great content is the foundation of many promotional strategies, such as search engine optimization, email marketing, organic traffic generation, and more.

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How to turn a department into a successful team

Transform a group of employees into a cohesive unit


Building a successful company is downright difficult. From finding your niche to developing a successful product to building up contacts and relationships in order to help your company grow, success in the business world takes a lot of effort. Fostering a productive and happy workforce is a necessary part of getting there. So how do you help your employees be productive, happy, and successful?

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5 steps to get massive organic traffic to your company site and generate leads

Getting visitors to your company’s site is your ultimate marketing goal, and attracting users who will be interested in your products and services is even better. Your company's marketing strategy includes many stages—advertising, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, media relations, etc.—to achieve this goal. Many companies underestimate the value of getting organic traffic to their site. While the task is achievable, it requires some work and planning. 

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Ideation: The secret sauce for creative PR

No more lame and unproductive brainstorming sessions


Sometimes, it’s difficult to come up with great ideas. Other times, the ideas we come up with are just subpar and unimpressive. A lack of quality ideas is one of the biggest challenges of corporate America.


If only there were a way to recharge our minds and enhance the quality of ideas necessary for our work and clients.


Thankfully, we have perfected a process for successful ideation. This post discusses what ideation is, its benefits, as well as its role in creative public relations.

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Get personal with your contacts for success

Remembering contacts’ personal information can lead to powerful friendships


In today’s world of constant stimulation and zero down time, it’s easy to get caught up in your work because of how much needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. When you have so much on your plate, thinking about other people becomes more difficult. However, you should make a point to cultivate personal relationships with the people you know—it’s a springboard to building lasting partnerships and friendships.

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Tackling Adversity in Modern Marketing

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


September 2021 – Adapt and Overcome the Hurdles Holding Your Team Back


Time and again, the truly successful organizations and memorable campaigns have been those that went against the grain. Surviving skepticism and overcoming doubt, marketing leaders can harness their team’s unique skills to create buy-in at every touchpoint. 

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