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Axia announces new layout enhancements for its review management software

ReviewMaxer improves funnel layout and design options

ReviewMaxer, Axia Public Relations’ online review management software that monitors, collects, and promotes online reviews, now offers additional layout options for the review funnel function. The new design, page header, and brand color options help companies further customize their review funnels.

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Topics: ReviewMaxer, online review management

3 most cringeworthy PR fails of 2018

Keep your company from making reputation-ruining mistakes.


Social media is the most accessible tool customers have to learn about your company and become familiar with your brand. It’s also incredibly impactful in helping – or hurting – your company’s reputation.

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Topics: reputation management, ReviewMaxer, crisis communications, online reputation management

Facebook tests new rating system for business pages

Why customer reviews on social media are more important than ever


Today, almost everyone has a Facebook account. For companies, this means huge opportunities to connect with audiences, promote products and services, and gain reviews. Facebook’s review system has become a respected source for online reviews over the years. We’ve recently learned that Facebook may have a new rating system in the works that could change the way it calculates review scores. Here’s what we know.

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Topics: ReviewMaxer, online review management, shared media

5 steps to help you monitor your company’s online reputation

Many companies search for themselves online to ensure they’re ranking well on search engines. In reviewing your company’s positioning in search engine results, you may find that you have an online reputation problem. If there is negative content about your company ranking relatively highly, you’re almost certainly losing business because of it.

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, online reputation management

Does your company has an online reputation problem or an online review problem?

Know the difference and get to work improving your online image.


Maintaining a positive online image for your company is critical for success. How consumers perceive your brand on the internet determines whether they will be your customers. A positive online image also cultivates mutually beneficial relationships with other companies.


Many people use the terms online reputation and online reviews interchangeably. The two terms actually differ in many ways. Find out if it’s your company’s online reputation or online reviews that are stifling your business growth. 

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, online review management, online reputation management

Why online reviews are the best SEO opportunity

Take what your customers are saying and use it for search engine success

Online reviews represent the best way for consumers to get honest opinions from real people about products and services they are interested in purchasing. You may also find them helpful as a way to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are saying about your company. What you may not know is that online reviews also provide an ideal search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity.

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, online review management

3 ways to keep customers happy

The value of a repeat customer

Running a business involves many elements, chief among which is keeping your repeat customers. Since they have sought your services before to fulfill a need, it’s likely that they’ll seek out your services or products again, whether it’s right after their first purchase or a few months down the road.

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer

8 insider tips for online customer reviews

Customers are already talking about you; learn how to use it to your advantage

Today, online customer reviews can literally make or break a business. When reviews are managed correctly and the information is positive, you can reap benefits such as an increase in customer engagement and profits. If you get it wrong, your company will be flooded with negative search engine results for years as your reputation plummets.

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, online review management

4 ways your company may be incorrectly handling online reviews

Reviews are real, influential and online forever; so let PR show you how to make the best of them

There are now more than 500 review sites online. It’s a pretty sure bet that the public is rating your company on more than one of them. Are you handling your company’s online reviews in the most advantageous and effective way?

With more and more people researching and shopping online, review sites have quickly become a powerful indicator for the performance of your brand. Whether it’s a star- or points-related review or a paragraphs-long discourse about the advantages/disadvantages of your product, consumers are increasingly using these reviews to make final purchasing decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative that you manage online reviews correctly. Here are four mistakes you may be making in handling your online customer reviews.


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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, online review management

4 things we’re very excited about in January 2016

As we turn the calendar to 2016, there are four things we’re very excited to share with you.

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Topics: public relations, ReviewMaxer, Undercover Boss

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