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7 steps to boost your brand's visibility to generate leads

Learn how to earn brand recognition and encourage new leads through PR.


Attracting public attention is one thing, but maintaining it — let alone in a positive manner — is another.


To survive in the cut-throat marketing world, brands must understand how to stand out. However, it’s also vital to reach a level of visibility that withstands the test of time, no matter what trends come and go along the way.


Boosting brand visibility has always been a cornerstone of marketing strategy. However, as the global market grows more saturated, this goal becomes increasingly challenging. 

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Fame, prominence, and how your company can benefit from influence

The celebrity, industry legend, and prominent local all reveal the importance of branding.


Fame has many forms, from globally-known industry legends to niche, local celebrities. Some figures gain recognition through individual achievement, while others achieve prominence through association with existing icons. Throughout the spectrums of prominence and fame, the megastar and the prominent local both have influence on different audiences. 


While the pinnacle of superstardom may elude most, meticulous messaging and reputation management can help any individual or brand stand out and gain prominence. With the right strategy, even a locally prominent figure can command some influence. A strategic approach in branding and public relations is often the key to amplify visibility and progress from the obscure to the newsworthy. 

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Brand Distinction Vs. Collaboration

While every brand wants to distinguish itself from the competition, collaborative efforts may yield unexpected results. Though brand distinction and collaborations seem like opposite approaches, the confluence of Threads, Sperry, and Natty Light showcases the potential for success. 

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How to Get Your Brand Noticed All Summer Long

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


July 2021 – How to Get Your Brand Noticed All Summer Long


The summertime slowdown is a commonality among most teams. Holidays and vacations vie for consumers’ and employees’ attention alike. Here, we’ll cover a few creative, simple ways to keep your brand’s relevance just as hot no matter the month.

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Topics: branding, 60-Second Impact

What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript Explanatory Paragraph?

Since we have a good idea of the StoryBrand BrandScript framework, it is imperative to get an idea of the BrandScript in action.


The explanatory paragraph is the BrandScript in a much longer and well-written form. It is a section that’s typically used on a company’s website to provide more information on the company.


The customer, who is the hero, has a natural concern to get an idea of who his guide is. Therefore, the explanatory paragraph for a moment sheds some light on the company by providing more details to the brand story.

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Topics: PR tips, branding, story telling

What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript One-Liner?

Are you aware that business owners and companies are sometimes unaware of how to properly introduce their brands? When presented with a question of what your company does, it is tempting to blurt out a direct, non-persuasive response.


The challenge with this is it doesn’t strike a note with customers because you might end up looking incompetent.


Thankfully, there is an art and a science to introducing one’s brand. That is the StoryBrand BrandScript one-liner.

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Topics: branding, story telling

Why Your Company Needs The StoryBrand BrandScript Framework

Have you ever wondered why brands with excellent products and services sometimes record poor sales? The answer is simple: poor communication of your brand’s message.


In this post, we’ll discuss a revolutionary marketing tactic that makes optimal use of fundamental elements of human nature to help companies effortlessly get to the core of their brand message. Author Donald Miller developed this marketing framework, inspired by principles of storytelling called the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework. The “main character” of one’s branding and marketing is the customer, not the brand. The brand plays the role of the guide, leading the “main character” to success.

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Topics: branding, PR planning, story telling

Never underestimate the importance of a great logo

A logo is a huge responsibility — and where many companies make big mistakes.


In my decades of experience working with art directors, I’ve found that logos are among the most difficult assignments. That’s because they require the most talent of any design project.

Most designers frequently create miscellaneous marketing materials, not logos. The bigger the company, the more likely the artist is simply reproducing production artwork from existing style guides and templates.


But to do a logo is a huge responsibility — and where many companies, and most small businesses, make big mistakes.

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How to Create Your Brand’s Image by Appropriately Marketing Memes

These days, memes have become a popular marketing tool for entrepreneurs. No individual can say they have not seen a meme on a digital platform. If you want to increase your marketing base, you may use memes on various social media platforms. However, you have to understand what memes are and why they are outstanding. Memes are a powerful tool for making people laugh. Videos and pictures of regular animals or people get chosen, and then they are modified sarcastically and intelligently. You can explore the collection on Meme Scout to market correctly. They will create the desired effect.

Image/Meme advertising is an amazing asset utilized via web-based media, which can be in any structure like a video, text content, a gif picture, and so forth. The substance of image promoting will, in general, get viral on the web whenever it is liked by individuals, which is the rationale of doing image showcasing. Image promoting is utilizing fun approaches to connect with individuals online.

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Topics: online public relations, branding, shared media, social media, raising awareness

Why is PR important in building brands?

Why you need a PR expert on your team


Having someone on your team that knows PR can make the difference in your brand’s success. Brand awareness, crisis management, social media, and audience analytics are all areas that a PR professional should be knowledgeable in.

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