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How to get your company's Memorial Day messaging right

It's important to consider your audience and intent


What exactly does Memorial Day stand for?


This is the first question you must ask when considering your message to customers on Memorial Day.


This special day, originally set apart to honor those who died in the course of their service to the United States, has morphed into a time for relaxation with loved ones and an avenue for annoying marketing tactics. The truth is that it fetches brands much-desired summer attention.


Granted, how companies and organizations must message their customers isn’t set in stone. However, this post outlines what you can do to avoid inappropriate salesy messaging in the name of Memorial Day.

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Topics: PR tips

Best practices for developing and promoting premium content

Great content must be produced and promoted well


Premium content is a type of digital content accessible only by payment or registration due to its high value. As a digital marketing strategy, promoting premium content highlights the difference between a brand’s regular, free marketing content and unique, high-quality content.

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Topics: PR tips, web marketing

Unethical practices in PR: The recent industry accusations against Ronn Torossian, 5WPR, and Everything-PR

Google’s algorithm has been based on links ever since its inception. Link building is one of its top three ranking factorsRecent reports that an agency executive covertly bought a news site that covers the PR industry and used it for dishonorable activities left the public relations industry gasping. This post objectively unravels the story surrounding Ronn Torossian and his agency’s deceptive activities around acquiring and operating Everything-PR.


Having purchased Everything-PR in 2014, Torossian and his agency proceeded to turn the site into a self-serving machine. 

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Topics: crisis communications

Our TV news interview never aired. What did I do wrong?

If a TV interview doesn’t air, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a PR professional


TV reporters regularly contact public relations professionals to score an interview with an expert. After the back and forth, prepping, and recording the interview, both parties expect the interview to air, especially if the reporter gives you a specific date.


What if it doesn’t air? As PR pros, we can’t help feeling lost if we experience this. 


This post discusses why a TV interview might not air, what it says about your skills, and how to avoid or mitigate the impact of such a disappointing outcome.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Need better brainstorming? The power of saying “yes, and” to develop more creative ideas

Creative processes usually involve multiple minds. This means one person’s ideas might not immediately sit well with another person’s. 


What to do? How can other members of the creative team give their feedback on ideas?


Should they shut the idea down? Maybe condemn and dismiss it right away?


These options will, at best, be counter-productive to the creative process. At their worst, they’ll damage the confidence of the person who suggested the idea. 

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Topics: PR tips, internal communications

Why is it so hard to develop good ideas at work?

Work is one of the least favorable places for good ideas to develop. Ideas generated in the heat of office life have been found to be unimpressive. Working from home during the pandemic and Zoom meetings make it even harder.


This post explores why it’s challenging to come up with good ideas at work. 

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications

PR in 2023: The pandemic’s impact on consumers

A changing consumer landscape and new consumer segments will emerge in the near future


The COVID-19 era is a critical point in everyone’s lives, and it has shaped our lives, thought processes, and perceptions. But it doesn’t stop there.


Due to multiple lockdowns, health panics, the desperate hope for a return to normalcy, as well as multiple waves and virus variants, the pandemic will leave a lasting impression on consumer behavior in years to come.

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Topics: PR tips

Calculating the Return On Investment for a Public Relations Campaign: A Concise Guide

How to know if your PR campaigns are financially successful


Are your campaigns really profitable? How can you prove that your marketing campaigns were of value?


Calculating the return on investment (ROI) determines if you’ve been making a profit from your public relations campaigns and helps you identify which PR exercises yield the most buck.


This article discusses ROI on PR campaigns, how to calculate it, and challenges against a perfect ROI calculation.

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Topics: PR tips, measurement

Meltwater vs. Cision: Which and Why?

There are reasons why PR pros prefer one to the other


Meltwater and Cision are software as a service products that PR and marketing teams use for media monitoring, social listening, engagement, identifying relevant influencers, creating and sharing relevant content, and tracking the content’s effect.


Essentially, both solutions assist marketers and PR pros with their communication ambitions so they can target, reach, and engage their audience.

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Topics: PR tips, technology, PR projects

How the pandemic has transformed journalism

COVID-19 has radically changed the habits of most journalists


With 94% of journalists stating that some, most, or all of their reporting has taken a COVID-19-related pivot, their work, habits and preferences have adjusted to the circumstances created by the pandemic. 


Let’s examine Muck Rack’s recent study on the current state of journalism:

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Topics: media relations, earned media

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