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Rethinking the role of media relationships in earned media coverage

The right connections will open doors for your company, but the substance remains most crucial in earning media coverage.


It's common for public relations firms to emphasize their close connections with journalists as a top selling point. The idea is that leveraging personal rapport can make it easier to pitch stories and gain coverage for clients. 


However, many experts argue that while relationships matter, their actual influence is limited. Bottomline, reporters decide what to cover based on newsworthiness, which poses an important question: Are strong media relationships vital for earning coverage, or are their power overstated?

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How to prioritize media outlets for better company coverage

Classify media tiers, identify interest, select quality options, and stay informed about competitors to prioritize media outlets.


Earning media coverage is essential to a successful PR campaign, and it’s important to remember not all media outlets are created equal when earning coverage. For example, an outlet you may be excited to earn coverage with may not be exciting to the client.


Knowing how to categorize and prioritize media outlets as you build relationships to earn media coverage is essential in maximizing your efforts and securing coverage that matters to your executives.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Should you use a commercial newswire for news release distribution?

Editor’s note: This article was produced using automated technology and then edited and verified for accuracy by a member of Axia Public Relations’ editorial team. 


News releases are an important tool for businesses to communicate their news to the public while increasing visibility and credibility and driving traffic and leads. However, one of the challenges of news release distribution is getting the release in front of the right audience. 


This is where commercial newswires come in. Commercial newswires are third-party platforms that distribute news releases to a network of journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. However, consider the pros and cons of using a commercial newswire for news release distribution.

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How to best prepare for going on the record

Make sure your spokesperson is armed with these media training tips before they take on the mic.


Going on the record with a reporter can be intimidating. Are there any “gotcha” questions, and how should you answer them? Can you ask for interview questions ahead of time? How do you discuss something you don’t want to appear in print? 


Even the most seasoned spokesperson is constantly learning how to approach the media landscape to avoid saying the wrong thing and going viral.

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Topics: spokesperson training, earned media, news media, public speaking

What makes a news release headline compelling?

Writing an effective headline for your news release is a critical skill for professional communicators. Journalists could receive hundreds of news releases in a day, so standing out in their busy inboxes is no easy feat. A compelling headline, however, is the secret sauce to pique interest and entice a reader to click and read.


If you want your press release to stand out in a crowded media landscape, follow these seven elements of captivating headlines:

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10 tips for writing clickable press release headlines

Hook readers with magnetic headlines and increase engagement online.


The press release headline is the first touchpoint readers have with your content. In an era of information overload, a weak headline means lost opportunities. Strong headlines draw attention amid the noise and condense your key message into a bite-sized preview. 


Use these proven tips to craft magnetic headlines that hook journalists and other readers. 

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Why top-tier media coverage may not be the most effective PR strategy

Top-tier media coverage is a surefire way to expand brand visibility, yet it’s not the only option for your company.


In the complex world of public relations, securing coverage in top-tier media outlets like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal is often seen as the ultimate achievement for brand visibility. However, this may not always be feasible or even the most effective strategy for many companies. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

11 tips to craft engaging press release headlines

Real-world examples and tips to create attention-grabbing headlines that will secure media pickup.


A strong, attention-grabbing headline is critical for a press release to achieve its purpose of securing media coverage. With journalists receiving hundreds of releases daily, standing out among the crowded media landscape is challenging but possible. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Time is of the Essence Solocast with Jason Mudd of Axia Public Relations

In this solocast, On Top of PR host Jason Mudd discusses why time is of the essence. Media relations requires quick responses because reporters are typically on deadline, therefore Jason goes into depth about how you can be more timely and responsive to journalists' inquiries.


Tune in to learn more!

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Journalist PR responses under 3% for third straight quarter

A study shows journalists are increasingly overwhelmed with pitches and media requests in an era of dwindling newsrooms.


A new report from Propel, a public relations software company, shows journalists are responding to fewer pitches than ever before, continuing a concerning downward trend.  

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

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