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The best media pitch is a story that's already done — and copyedited!

Positive media attention can make or break a company. It can increase brand recognition, attract new customers, and generate revenue. But earning that media coverage can be difficult. So, what’s the key to success? Knowing when to pitch the right story to the appropriate contacts at the appropriate outlet at the right time. Let’s dive into what a "done for you" story pitch is and how it can help your company garner positive media attention.

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3 elements of an effective news release

Consider these components when writing your news or press release.


As the experts within our field — with the knowledge and experience of media relations and producing news releases that generate earned media coverage — we are able to use our knowledge to assist clients to share their news with the media. Sometimes though, it is necessary to share with clients how and why we are the experts. While we may not have gone to school to be educators, there are many times when public relations professionals take on that role when working with clients.

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Topics: news release, earned media, news media

How to write a news release like a PR professional

Three steps for an effective press release that can earn your company media coverage


For over 120 years, the news release has helped public relations professionals communicate important information efficiently. A press release allows a company to share newsworthy information to target audiences and ensures they all consistent, accurate information. It is an official statement of your company’s stance and can position you as a leader.


To get started spreading your company’s newsworthy messages, follow these three tips for writing a news release like the PR pros.

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Topics: news release, earned media, news media

Top PR Pros Share Their Tips for Earning U.S. Media Coverage

We asked some of the nation’s most successful media relations practitioners to share their best practices.


Earning media coverage is becoming more and more challenging and competitive for public relations and corporate communications professionals. That’s because traditional newsrooms are shrinking, and positive media coverage is now more precious than ever before. While the best PR pros are still getting ink for their employers and clients, it’s always helpful to uplevel your game.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Before you post that news release... add Urchin Tracking Module parameters to each link

Use UTMs and Google Analytics to enhance your data on link clicks in press releases.


Your company has just finished up a news release. Everything looks complete, and it’s been copy edited. It’s ready to go, right? Not yet. Before you send out a news release, you should add Urchin Tracking Module, or UTM, codes to links that go to websites you own in a press release.

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Topics: earned media, news media

PR is More Than Media Coverage: 10 PR Strategies Your Organization May Be Overlooking

10 additional PR strategies and tactics you should add to your PR program


When people unaware of public relations talk about PR, they usually envision it as a world of press releases and wining and dining, all with the ultimate goal of getting media coverage. However, these are far from what modern PR is like.


Modern PR practitioners use various tools, such as social media, and have many strategies to help spread a company's story worldwide. The rise of effective data gathering has helped PR pros refine ideas in a way that never would've been possible a few decades ago. While media coverage is still part of PR, it's no longer what defines it.

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Topics: PR tips, shared media, earned media, owned media

Why scandal can land your company in the news – and how to recover

Avoid unethical business practices to keep your reputation safe.


While many companies seek earned media coverage, they always hope the news media will portray them in a positive light. And while public relations efforts can increase your chances of positive news media coverage, it’s important to realize the news media doesn’t have to honor your positive reputation.


News media outlets publish stories their consumers will find newsworthy. Newsrooms use a range of news elements that news consumers care about in their stories to give the stories news value, and not all of these elements will bode well for your company. If you consume news media, you may notice how many stories feature some sort of scandal – whether it’s some celebrity feud or, in our concern, negative company news.

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Topics: crisis communications, earned media, news media

3 ways to get your company on the radio without paying for advertising

Marketing is one of the biggest ways to grow your brand, and doing so takes time, effort, and money. However, not all methods of advertising are built the same. Radio advertising, for example, specializes in reaching a wide net of captive listeners who are doing other activities, such as driving or working. 


Radio stations offer advertising packages that your company can purchase that include on-air “liners,” or ads, that will promote your company. Your company can also be the sponsor of a morning show or the whole studio for a particular station, giving your brand significant airtime throughout the day. 

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Topics: PR tips, earned media, news media

Dealing with stress in the public relations industry with Mark Mohammadpour

In this episode, Mark Mohammadpour, CEO of Chasing the Sun, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss why the PR profession is so stressful and how you can overcome some of that stress. 


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: PR tips, earned media, On Top of PR

9 tips for submitting bylined articles for publication

Writing and submitting a bylined article can offer many benefits for you and your company – it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. When you’re an expert in your field and within your company, there are other people and even other companies that will benefit from your expert knowledge, which is the first step in recognizing that you should create and write a bylined article for submission. Here are the top nine things you need to know before submitting articles for publication. 

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