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Jessica McNellis

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Here’s what your company should do AFTER earning media coverage.

A step-by-step guide to amplify your earned media coverage to reach a wider audience.


Securing a story in a priority outlet or being featured on TV is a huge win, but many business leaders make the mistake of thinking publication is the final step, when really there are several steps after earning media coverage to see the highest return on investment.

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Topics: earned media, news media

The difference between communications and communication in PR

Industry professionals should stop using these two words interchangeably.


A “communications strategy” or a “communication strategy.”  Your company’s “corporate communications department” or “corporate communication department.” 


It’s all the same, isn’t it? Not exactly.

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Topics: PR tips

How to find the best stories and amplify brand voice in current events

Consider these best practices and industry examples to weave newsjacking into your PR strategy.


If you caught our blog post about newsjacking and how it can increase your visibility and boost sales, you might have been left wondering exactly how to get started putting this tactic into practice. We’re back with more on how you can find the right stories for newsjacking and examples of how to execute this in the media.


Here are a few angles to begin identifying newsjacking opportunities. 

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Topics: earned media, news media

PR best practices to take your story from pitch to publication

Secure media attention amid mass journalist layoffs, a saturated pitching environment, and the rise of new media.


The journalism industry is in a constant state of evolution, and the current media climate is harder to navigate than ever. Even after you’ve crafted the perfect story that is novel, timely, and relevant to a publication’s target audience, you might still be left scratching your head waiting for a reply. 


A Propel media barometer report details what pitches reporters are responding to, what gets left unread, the best days to pitch, and more supported with industry data.


Let’s see what works and what doesn’t in today’s newsroom.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

How to best prepare for going on the record

Make sure your spokesperson is armed with these media training tips before they take on the mic.


Going on the record with a reporter can be intimidating. Are there any “gotcha” questions, and how should you answer them? Can you ask for interview questions ahead of time? How do you discuss something you don’t want to appear in print? 


Even the most seasoned spokesperson is constantly learning how to approach the media landscape to avoid saying the wrong thing and going viral.

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Topics: spokesperson training, earned media, news media, public speaking

What the rise of Threads has taught us about emerging social media platforms

Explore the key takeaways for B2B companies using Threads and what industry experts have to say.


Social media is a tricky medium for B2B companies to navigate and decide what to latch onto versus what will be a passing fascination. And the most rattling fad over the last few months for companies across industries has been the launch of Threads — the copy-based app launched by Meta to rival X (formerly Twitter).


How should you incorporate Threads into your social strategy? Should your company prioritize it at all? Do you leave X or post across both platforms? What type of content drives engagement on the platform?

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Topics: digital PR, shared media, social media

11 crisis management tactics to avoid or prepare for a PR disaster

Follow these best practices to ensure your company has a plan before a crisis strikes.


The biggest challenge when creating an action plan for a media crisis is not knowing where it will come from. Crisis communications planning always seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list until it’s suddenly urgent. If your company waits until the moment of disaster, you’re already 10 steps behind. 

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Topics: PR tips, crisis communications



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