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Three Tips to Crisis Response When Customers Have Been Offended

They know who we are. They know what we like. They know what we watch, and where we shop. (The companies we buy from, that is). That data in and of itself is be very useful for both companies and consumers. However, OfficeMax’s recent PR blunder demonstrates important lessons in the challenge of maintaining quality control with data, and shows how not to deal with a PR crisis in your organization concerning data.

In light of recent data problems from major companies, let’s get down to the heart of the matter from the angle of PR and responsibility.

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Getting on Board with Social Media

Defining Social Media - Is It The Next Marketing Gold Rush?

Regardless of which business sector you're in, it's hard to escape the news - and hype - about social media. Is it the next marketing gold rush? No, it's just another element that may fit into your sales-building marketing plan.

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Digital PR: Carnival Cruise Lines' digital-centric guerrilla campaign

Carnival Cruise Lines employed a digital-centric guerrilla campaign.

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Mobile PR: Mobilizing Your Business

It's Time To Ask The Most Important Business Question Of The Year

The year that started in severe economic turmoil is now half over. Now you have to ask this question: "What do you have to do the rest of this year to reach your profit goals?"

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