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Getting on Board with Social Media

By Axia Public Relations

Defining Social Media - Is It The Next Marketing Gold Rush?

Regardless of which business sector you're in, it's hard to escape the news - and hype - about social media. Is it the next marketing gold rush? No, it's just another element that may fit into your sales-building marketing plan.

Social media is simply defined as utilizing online tools or sites that allow social interaction. The interaction may be through conversations, photos or videos. You can also interact with others through blogs, polls, forums, ratings and reviews, testimonials, discussion boards and online events.

There's a good chance you've already participated in social media in one form or another. There's also a chance that your company, your service or your product has already been talked about in various forums.

Social Media Is Not Just About Facebook, Twitter Or LinkedIn

Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social media platforms you hear about the most, there are countless other channels available to you based on specialized interests and specific industries.

One of the important elements of social media is finding a group that is made up of your potential customers or of those who have the same interests as you. In his book, "Social Media Is A Cocktail Party," Jim Tobin uses the analogy that social media is like a cocktail party and "not every cocktail party is a must attend." Once you decide which parties to attend, you then want to get comfortable at the party and be social.

Five Reasons Why Participation In Social Media May Be Right For You

  • 1. Your competitors may already be participating in social media through blogs LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.
  • 2. Your vendors and manufacturers may be using it. If so, you want to be there as well.
  • 3. Your customers are participating. Each one is a publisher, writing blogs and reviews and participating in discussion groups.
  • 4. Participation in groups can increase interest in your company's service or product and lead to more web site traffic.
  • 5. Social media puts a human face on what could otherwise be an impersonal company.

The 60 Second Close: Ready To Join The Social Media Party?

We could have easily written more on social media, but we wanted to give you an "appetizer" on what it's really all about. Now that you know, are you ready to get your feet wet? There's a lot to consider before jumping in, such as a discussion about your objectives, your commitment and your content.

Is social media right for you? Should it be part of your marketing plan? Are you ready to start a blog or video about your product?

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