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How to boost your plumbing brand through media

Pipes, Press, and PR: 11 impactful ways for plumbing companies to score media attention.


Gaining free media exposure through coverage by local newspapers, TV, radio, and online outlets can massively pay off for plumbing companies. Earned media hits raise brand credibility, expand public awareness, and often drive lead generation more effectively than paid ads alone. But with busy schedules focused on serving clients, how can local plumbing companies strategically capture more media attention?


Follow these 11 proven tips to amplify your exposure and recognition across your community.

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Why your home improvement company should care about earned media

Earned media will help your company get its “foot in the door” in a competitive home improvement industry.


Think of earned media like publicity, except this form of coverage is typically earned via public relations efforts rather than payment or advertisements. Earned media allows an organic route into the public sphere through mentions across news articles, blogs, social media posts, and more. 

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6 strategies for home improvement companies to get earned media coverage

Earned media coverage is the next crucial step for your company after establishing a brand and garnering customers.


Making a name for your company in the competitive home improvement market can be challenging with countless companies vying for consumer attention. Finding innovative ways to gain a competitive edge is crucial, and one highly effective strategy is leveraging earned media coverage. 


Unlike paid or owned media, earned media is publicity a company receives without directly paying for it. A company’s newsworthy actions or initiatives can result in mentions in news articles, blogs, reviews, social media posts, and other forms of media coverage a company earns.

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Franchising, Home Improvement, and Home Services with Ryan Spalding

In this episode, guest Ryan Spalding joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the franchise industry, home improvement, and home services. They dive into the uniqueness and nuances of doing business in Canada and the U.S. 


Tune in to learn more!

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14 ways to secure earned media coverage about your home service company

Why is being included in a news story so important for companies?

One reason is because positive news coverage improves your company’s reputation. Another is news stories about your company put it at the forefront of prospective customers’ minds.

As consumers are inundated with options, many may not know about your company and its offerings until they see your company included in a story as a thought leader.

So how do home service companies like plumbers, A/C repair companies, flooring, electricians, pool service providers, home warranty companies, and more get in the news?

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