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9 ways OpenAI could have responded to unfolding crisis

PR professionals can learn something from the abrupt departure, and reinstatement, of OpenAI’s CEO.


OpenAI faced a pivotal moment when CEO Sam Altman’s abrupt departure led to mass employee protests — the company he founded has now reinstated him. Organizations facing crisis risk instability if they don’t handle situations promptly and correctly. 


Drawing from crisis management best practices, here are the key next steps for OpenAI:

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Topics: crisis communications, corporate communications

The ROI of LOL with Steve Cody

In this episode, Steve Cody joins On Top of PR host Jason Mudd to discuss Steve’s book, “The ROI of LOL,” and how effective comedy within the workplace is.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: corporate communications, On Top of PR

Communications is not communication: Where does PR fit in?

Should PR pros rethink industry degrees, departments, and job titles?


Many organizations interchange “communication” and “communications” in department names, job titles, and agency branding. However, there is an important distinction between these two terms business leaders and industry professionals often overlook.

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications, communications

4 ways to present your corporation as grateful to its shareholders

A LinkedIn poll revealed corporations have a negative public image. How can you change that for your organization?


On a LinkedIn poll, Axia Public Relations CEO Jason Mudd asked if corporations exist merely to generate a profit or are beholden to stakeholders. The results showed 82% of respondents thought corporations only exist to maximize profits, while 18% thought corporations were beholden to stakeholders. 

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Topics: corporate communications, internal communications

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Your Public Relations Team and Your Investor Relations Team

Collaboration between public relations and investor relations teams is critical for any business success in today's market. 


PR is responsible for managing a company's reputation with the public, while IR handles communication with investors and financial analysts. While these two teams have different roles and responsibilities, they share a common goal: to ensure the success of the company.

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications

Using procurement to find a PR agency with Leah Power

In this episode, Leah Power joins host Jason Mudd to discuss best practices for using procurement with a PR, marketing, or communications agency. Together, they discuss the difficulties with in-house agencies, why brands hire outside agencies, and when to use procurement when using an outside agency.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications, On Top of PR

4 lessons in empathy from Ted Lasso with Mark Mohammadpour, CEO of Chasing the Sun

In this episode, Mark Mohammadpour, CEO of Chasing the Sun, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss four lessons of empathy taken from the hit TV series “Ted Lasso.” Mark refers to four lessons we can learn from the series and tips for implementing these lessons into your work and work environment. 


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: corporate communications, On Top of PR

Corporate communications with Matt Hurst, VP of communications at Nielsen

In this episode, Matt Hurst, VP of Nielsen Communications, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss corporate communications. Tune in to learn more about Andy Jassy’s three-hour-long keynote speech, working with busy executives, how to produce meaningful keynote speeches, tips on crisis communications, and much more!

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Topics: corporate communications, On Top of PR

Steps to take before you run an agency review

Mercer Island Group created this checklist for CMOs to reference before conducting an agency review.


When a marketer decides it is time to leave a client-agency relationship, uncertainty that they’re getting the best for their organization can add stress to an already stressful process. A move means a client loses the benefits of a long-standing relationship that was rooted in a deep understanding of an organization’s needs and challenges.


Still, if a move becomes necessary, how can you as a marketer ensure you land on the best agency for your company? What steps can you take to streamline the process of conducting an agency review? Mercer Island Group has compiled a checklist for marketers to aid in agency transitions.

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Topics: corporate communications, internal communications

Light, Fast, & Connected: The Future of PR

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


April 2022 – Adapting Your PR Strategy To Meet New Consumer Dynamics


Our world is rapidly becoming one that is powered by digital relationships. Public relations and communications strategies have to respond in lockstep in order to establish and maintain relevance. Today, we’ll show you some of the newest tools to use as you pivot your team.

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Topics: corporate communications, web marketing, 60-Second Impact

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