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Why small businesses struggle with PR firms

This is one story about PR and small businesses. Read How small companies do PR and what big companies can learn from them for more.


Our public relations agency specializes in helping regional and national companies with news, social, and web services to build awareness, consideration, and sales for their companies' experts, products, and services. This includes a special focus on construction, professional services, and consumer services companies as well as franchisors. 


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How much money can you save by working from home?

Research shows that telecommuters can save at least $2K and often more than $7K


This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read about how remote employees can be more productive than office ones for more.


In addition to letting you avoid the stench of Payroll Stan’s microwaved fish, working remotely (like from home) can save employees a ton of time and money.


According to research from The Ladders, MarketWatch, and other sources, employees really want to work from home. In fact:


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Ingredients of a marketing plan

Developing a public relations or marketing plan can seem like a tedious, time-consuming task, but with the right planning and a map, you will save time, money and enjoy more success. 


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What’s the difference between advertising, public relations, and marketing?

This is one story in our series on the differences between public relations, advertising, and marketing. Read more about the differences between PR and marketing in particular.


Many people use the terms advertising, marketing, and public relations interchangeably; however, they aren’t the same thing. Here are some key differences between the three and why they matter. 


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Did your broom stand on its own?

3 ways to protect against misinformation in a world of information overload


False claims and made-up stories have always been a thing, and since the internet arrived, it’s easier than ever to fall prey to them. One of the most recent false news stories is “the broom challenge.” On February 10, a Twitter user posted a video of herself balancing a broom on its own. She claimed that, according to NASA, this was the only day it was possible for the broom to stand on its own due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. The tweet quickly went viral and soon thousands of people were sharing and posting photos and videos of themselves balancing brooms. Several news agencies and celebrities joined in the fun. 


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What’s the difference between geofencing and geotargeting?

How to properly use these location-specific digital techniques


Digital marketing is a tricky domain with plenty of jargon that can leave you scratching your head. Take, for example, geofencing and geotargeting. Although they sound similar, these location-based strategies are quite different. 


Learning the difference between geofencing and geotargeting can significantly enhance your overall digital marketing efforts and your ROI. 

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Update your company and product boilerplate summaries

Revise your company’s “About us” summary each year


It’s a new year and time to update your company’s boilerplates to better communicate your brand’s mission and accomplishments. Look at your company’s end-of-year reports from each department, such as sales, HR, and operations. Take time to comb through the numbers and pull figures that show what’s behind your brand. 




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Register for our webinar: Discovering strategic PR insights

Strategic insights provide valuable data to direct tactics and objectives for your public relations campaign.


Axia Public Relations specializes in news media, social media, and web media. Your company’s strategic PR plan may include all three categories.

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Which type of client are you?

3 personas that describe the client/agency relationship


In the last 17 years, Axia Public Relations has worked with many of America’s fastest-growing and most admired brands. We’ve identified three types of clients, based on their needs, and which of those types we work best with. When qualifying new companies as potential clients, we ask which persona they relate to most, so we understand how they prefer to communicate and what their priorities are.

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7 principles of measuring public relations

At Axia Public Relations, we have seven principles for how we measure PR and a four-level measurement approach that provides the true impact to your organization. This approach includes setting SMART objectives and using communication methods to move your target audiences down the PR measurement funnel to the impacts stage where they’ll take action.

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