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Ways Your PR Must Adapt in 2021

By Jason Mudd

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December 2020 – Year in Review 2020
Key Takeaways and PR Moves to Make Now


A calendar with 2021 on it.This year, we saw a tremendous upheaval for industries across the globe — perhaps none more so than in marketing. Check out the major impacts affecting marketing strategy as we move into the new year and the moves to make now to position your team for success in 2021. 



1. 2020 Major Impacts Affecting Marketing Strategy

2. Top Ways Your PR Team Has to Adapt in 2021

3. The 60-Second Close: How to Close Out a Crazy Year on a High Note


1. 2020 Major Impacts Affecting Marketing Strategy

  • Lockdowns mean little to no travel. Cruise ships have been moored, planes grounded, and tourist destinations emptied. With corporate travel halted and tourism all but non-existent in many places, companies that can’t provide a digital service are struggling to stay afloat.

  • The hashtag “#covidcasualty” turns up hundreds of thousands of hits on social media. Movie theaters, chain gyms, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more have all seen familiar establishments fail during COVID-19.

  • Dramatic changes in consumer behavior shift focus away from physical stores, interactions with sales staff, and other familiar in-person touchpoints. This has left many companies scrambling to increase their digital presence

  • Major brick and mortar-focused retailers are going out of business — from J. Crew and Neiman Marcus to Brooks Brothers and Stein Mart.

  • Unprecedented increases in online shopping traffic due to COVID-19 stay-at-home decisions have surpassed previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers.

2. Top Ways Your PR Team Must Adapt in 2021

  • Staying connected has forced changes in communications strategies with an emphasis now on demonstrating empathy. Even major TV news networks are having on-screen personalities broadcasting from their living rooms. It doesn’t have to be a full-scale production, and you should focus on honesty and consistency.

  • Remote work is the new norm. Invest in collaboration tools that make sense for your team and keep everyone productive and engaged.

  • Relevant content has never been more important. Your site, social media, blog, and traditional collateral should all be cohesively messaged. Current and relevant content need to be added consistently across mediums.

3. The 60-Second Close: How to Close Out a Crazy Year on a High Note

  • Setting goals provides an actionable metric. Start setting realistic milestones, and measure everyone’s progress throughout the year.

  • Recognizing achievements is one of the top ways to award a team member — and your company is no different. Axia Public Relations helps craft award submissions that highlight your company’s achievements throughout the year.

  • Celebrating as a team means letting your hair down a little. Take time away from working with your team to just do something fun. 

Be well,


Jason Mudd

CEO/Managing Partner

Axia Public Relations, one of America’s Best PR Agencies - Forbes Magazine

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