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Award Entry and Recognition

Winning awards improves company morale and raises your credibility and visibility. Let our PR company do the legwork. We find and apply for industry awards that will make your company shine.


Company awards can do wonders for your organization. Awards build credibility and lead to news coverage that increases visibility and improves your company’s reputation. Awards also help validate your success while building much-needed motivation for your team and creating loyalty among your customers. Customer loyalty is a contributing factor in driving company sales and increasing profits. It makes your company more attractive to consumers while pushing your brand to the top. Awards also give your organization the ability to attract and retain employee talent. In short, awards educate and attract the community, new customers, and potential employees.

If you want to win awards and mindshare for your company, Axia can help. Using our AwardAbility program, we'll do the legwork for you by identifying relevant local, regional, and national community, business, and industry awards for your company, and we'll use them to earn you recognition. We know how to position your company by leveraging your unique and compelling business story, company culture, solutions, and corporate citizenship to secure awards pertaining to ethics, growth, leadership, products, community service, and employment excellence. Your most important audiences (that is, consumers and employees) will notice your company’s hard work when you earn awards that drive your company to the top, helping you become an industry leader.


We have a three-tier process for helping your company earn business, industry, and community awards.

Phase I: Research & Recommend
We'll research 12 months' worth of business, industry, growth, product/services, employment, leadership, and community awards. Then we recommend those award opportunities in three tiers (good, better, best fit) based on the award prominence and which awards reach your organization's target audience and have the best opportunity to win.

Phase II: Submit/Apply
After Phase I, we'll collaborate on the desired awards. Each award requires a unique engagement to manage the award submission project, including coordinating, researching, writing, revising, copy editing, submitting, following up, etc. Some awards are easy to submit, requiring only minimum quantifiable data, while others may require multiple narratives and essays. Next, we'll either individually quote project rates for submitting for those awards, or we'll quote an annual program to manage submissions for the selected award opportunities. Most clients prefer we quote an annual program to manage all of their desired award entries.

Phase III: Share
Finally, we develop news, social media, and web strategies and content to promote each award you win. Winning awards increases your company's visibility and lends significant credibility to the organization and to your target audience, from clients and customers to employees, investors, and suppliers.


Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about winning company awards.