PR cost calculator

What's the cost to staff a PR department?

An in-house PR department is much more expensive than hiring an outside PR firm. We'll show you.

If you’re debating between hiring a public relations department – whether it's a department of one or multiple employees, be aware that the true cost of staffing a PR professional greatly exceeds his or her salary.

Additional costs include

  • payroll taxes
  • benefits
  • hiring expenses
  • office space, furniture and technology
  • software and service bureaus

Whether you choose to take a risk on employing and operating an effective PR department or attempt to get by on the cheap by hiring only one person, the expenses and risks add up quickly.

Add those expenses together and you may find that you'd be better serve by investing your budget in a professional PR firm like Axia Public Relations vs. employees.

A PR department can cost more than you think.

How much PR staff do you need?

For most companies – and especially for mid-sized to large companies – an effective PR campaign will require the efforts of a PR team (count on at least three people).

  1. A senior PR leader, who will develop and implement planning, strategy, evaluation, approve corporate communications programs and manage staff

  2. A junior PR professional, who will develop deliverables, copy edit news releases, pitch media, and coordinate personal appearances and speaking engagements

  3. A PR assistant, who will write news releases and other deliverables, schedule meetings, phone calls, route incoming communications, pull media lists, monitor, clip and measure media coverage and handle other administrative duties

Large corporations will require an even larger PR staff to manage their multi-industry verticals and geographic locations. According to the University of Southern California-Annenberg, the more PR staff a company has on payroll, the more that company depends on the outside PR firms. (Another reason to reconsider an internal PR department.)

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest." – Bill Gates

For our clients, we are typically working in teams of three or more - a strategist, account manager, PR writer, blogger, social media manager, media pitcher/booker, copyeditor and an assistant. In addition, other members of our PR agency team jump into to help as needed with special projects, previous experience, unique expertise or to make valuable introductions among their business and media relationships.

Use our calculator below to calculate the real cost of staffing PR in-house vs. outsourcing to our expert PR firm.

A PR department can grow large quickly.