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Meet your PR agency team

Forbes named Axia Public Relations as one of America’s Best PR Agencies for 2021. 

Axia Public Relations and its 20 colleagues across North America work with regional and national companies.

Axia Testimonial 2019


Jason Mudd

Jason Mudd, APR

CEO/Managing Partner

Jason is a trusted adviser and dynamic strategist for some of America’s most admired brands. He's worked with American Airlines, Budweiser, Dave & Buster’s, H&R Block, Hilton, HP, Miller Lite, New York Life, Pizza Hut, Southern Comfort, and Verizon. He founded Axia in July 2002.

Nick Guerra

Nick Guerra

Client Engagement

Nick is a natural innovator. He helps connect new clients to our PR agency. Clients love his enthusiasm for meeting people, building relationships, and promoting teamwork. He joined Axia in September 2018.

Marjorie Comer is one of Axia's media relations consultants.

Marjorie A. Comer

News Consultant

Marjorie is an award-winning public relations professional. She oversees and is actively involved with client relations and various client projects. Marjorie and her account team implement clients’ public relations plans in addition to handling any reactive needs. She has worked for Axia Public Relations since October 2011.

Ashley Billings is one of Axia's media relations consultant.

Ashley Billings

News Consultant

Ashley is an award-winning television news reporter who has worked at ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC-affiliate news stations across America, including Northern California, Jacksonville, and Washington D.C. Clients love her ability to translate PR messages into visual TV news stories. She joined Axia in June 2018.

Clarissa Schearer

Clarissa Schearer

Public Relations Associate

Clarissa shares client messages across news, social, and web media. Clients love her work ethic and results-driven approach. Clarissa joined Axia in August 2019.

emily smaller

Emily Barrett

Social Media Specialist

Emily is a social media specialist. Her role is to monitor social media channels and make sure the content being put out is innovative and unique. She joined Axia in October 2020.

Lianna LeMay is Axia's senior copy editor.

Lianna LeMay

Senior Copy Editor

Lianna is Axia Public Relations' senior copy editor. Her role is to ensure all communications coming through Axia – whether to or from clients, to newsrooms, or to public officials – are grammatically and stylistically compliant with current U.S. English, AP, Style and other standards. Lianna joined Axia in October 2011.

alexandra bio image

Alexandra Sharp

Copy Editor

Alexandra is an enthusiastic comma nerd. She shares Axia's dedication to service-oriented, engaging, and grammatically correct content. Alexandra joined Axia in April 2019.

Wendi Boyett is one of Axia's copy editors.

Wendi Boyett

Copy Editor

Wendi enjoys copy editing content for Axia. She strives to preserve the author’s voice while also enhancing and refining the copy – always in accordance with AP and house style. Wendi joined Axia in October 2013.

Lisa Goldsberry is one of Axia's senior writers.

Lisa Goldsberry

Senior Writer

Lisa is a writer for Axia Public Relations who specializes in business, higher education, and technology PR. She earned her inbound marketing certification through HubSpot. Lisa joined Axia in December 2013.

Devan Stuart is Axia's feature writer.

Devan Stuart

Feature Writer

Devan is a 20-year award-winning journalist. She specializes in executive bios, feature stories, and video scripts for Axia and People Magazine. She has worked for Axia Public Relations since August 2003.

Shelby Leith is Axia's medical writer.

Shelby Leith

Medical Writer

Shelby is a registered pharmacy technician based in Toronto, Canada, who enjoys writing on multiple topics including health, wellness, and medicine. She joined Axia in September 2015.

Noell Ochieng is one of Axia's technical writers.

Noell Ochieng

Technical Writer

Clients love Noell’s high-tech PR and instructional design experience. She has a strong grasp of information technology management and business analytics. Noell has worked with Axia since November 2017.

Yulia Dianova


Yulia provides PR counsel to organizations that seek to use PR to further their business objectives. She blogs frequently for Axia on topics related to news media and media relations. Yulia joined Axia in July 2015.

Jacob McKimm is Axia's web developer.

Jacob McKimm

Website Production

Clients love Jacob’s speed and responsiveness. Jacob is an inbound marketing-certified webmaster and helps maintain and improve clients' websites. Starting from an intern position at Axia, he proved his merit and now works closely with Axia's web media team. Jacob joined Axia in August 2015.

Jacqueline Justice is Axia's art director.

Jacqueline Justice

Art Director

 Clients love Jacqueline’s modern design blended with usability and storytelling. With more than 10 years of design experience, Jacqueline takes client key messages, processes, presentations, and more and turns their text into appealing visuals that match clients' desired style and voice. She joined Axia in May 2018.

Erica Brooks is one of Axia's artists.

Erica Brooks

Art Director

Clients love Erica's passion for collaboration and her detailed and meticulous approach to creating attractive and engaging content. She has more than a decade of art direction and graphic design experience as well as experience delivering content-driven graphics. She's worked with Axia since December 2018.

Andrea Bolf

Andrea Bolf

Art Director

Andrea is passionate about company brand identity. Clients love her innovative design solutions and her attention to detail from concept through production to final delivery. Andrea has worked with Axia since September 2019.

Doug Flick is Axia's senior accountant.

Doug Flick

Senior Accountant

Doug is Axia Public Relations' accountant, producing the company’s financial reports and invoices. He joined the team in August 2012.