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Our sole focus is on what we call the ESO model.


When it comes to public relations, the term media relates to different channels a brand might use to attract new customers.


There are different types of media:

Earned Media Services

Earned media is when you’ve earned the opportunity through media relations to appear in a news story. People consume news for information, education and entertainment.


Media Relations and Earned Media Coverage

Our PR firm earns positive news media coverage for your company, its products/services, leaders, opinions, ideas and innovations – ultimately building your brand and reputation by increasing visibility, trust and loyalty among target industry contacts and consumers.

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NewsBureau℠ helps you earn the positive coverage your company needs.


Speaking Engagements

To influence and engage your company’s most important audiences, you have to get in front of them. Our PR agency will find the perfect speaking engagements, appearances and message to maximize your positive public exposure.

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Speaking engaments are a great way to increase your company's visibility. KeyNote℠ will help you get appropriate speaking venues.


Award Entry and Recognition

Winning awards improves company morale and raises your credibility and visibility. Let our PR company do the legwork. We'll find and apply for industry awards that will make your company shine.

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With AwardAbility℠, your company can start building up more creditability by entering industry awards.


Crisis Communications Management

Every company faces a crisis at one point or another. Not having a crisis communications plan in place could mean the end of your company. If you handle a crisis correctly, you minimize and even leverage it to build deeper trust with customers and the community.

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CrisisPoint℠ has your company's PR needs covered in case of a variety of crisis.

Shared Media Services

Shared media is user generated content and social media. People turn to shared media to share and discover content.


Online Reputation Management

Your company's brand is only as strong as its first impression. Our PR firm manages your online image, cleaning up any negativity and putting your best foot forward when consumers are window shopping your company.

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Got a problem with your online reputation? ReputationRestoration℠ will help clear it up.


Online Customer Review Management Platform

Positive reviews drive customers to your company – and negative reviews drive them away, costing you money. With your reputation at stake, how can you keep up and protect your brand on thousands of review sites? Axia Public Relations offers a revolutionary review management platform to effectively and efficiently monitor, collect and promote your online reviews.

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Manage your online reviews with our Reviewmaxer service.


Social Media Programs

Of all internet users, 74 percent are active on social media, making it an extremely effective tool for reaching most audiences. Our PR agency can manage your social media profiles and efficiently engage your target audiences to get you the visibility boost you want.

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.SocialNetwork℠ will manage your social media presence for you, with a strong focus on your target audience..

Owned Media Services

Owned media is content you’ve created and have full control over (e.g., your website, blog, newsroom, etc.). People visit owned media to intentionally find specific content.

Website Design & Development

Attract and convert more leads

Axia Public Relations designs and develops custom websites for companies that want impressive and effective sites that speak to their target audiences.

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Axia Public can create a new website for you.


Online Content Leadership

Inbound is a web marketing methodology that is education-based rather than interruption-based. Its focus is on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

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Inbound marketing is the system that underlies all of our PR efforts.


Results Driven Blogging

Maintain your company's blog and increase your company's SEO ranking with Blogosphere, Axia PR's blogging service.

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Company blogging is a great way to improve your SEO. With BlogoSphere℠, we'll do it for you.