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Expert media relations for your company

Getting positive press attention is important for companies. Our NewsBureau service will help you get that attention.

At Axia Public Relations, media relations is our firm's speciality. We call our media relations service our NewsBureau service.


A news story written about your product or service has six times the readership and three times the credibility of an advertisement of the same size, according to Starch Research. Eighty-nine percent of Americans agree that reading about a company in the news is more influential and credible than reading a company’s advertisements. Therefore, unpaid advertisements are more likely to gain consumer trust and loyalty, ultimately boosting brand credibility while increasing your company’s profits. In order to achieve this type of positive coverage, your company must maintain strong communications with news outlets. Earned media is when you’ve leveraged media relations to earn the opportunity to appear in a news story. People consume news for information, education, and entertainment. 


At Axia Public Relations, we have excellent working relationships with the news media, including local, national, industry and regional media outlets on all platforms  newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, blogs, podcasts, websites, etc. We positively position our clients to generate the media coverage they need to build natural credibility, increase brand awareness and boost their reputation. In teaming up with Axia’s media relations talent, your company will secure a well-connected, results-oriented PR partner that helps drive your organization to the top of your industry.  


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