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Expert media source opportunity monitoring

Axia Public Relations monitors, pitches, and manages proactive and reactive, inbound and outbound opportunities and queries from existing contacts, business and industry trade magazine editorial calendars, social media, and service bureaus for your company and its experts, executives, and thought-leaders.


In addition to MediaSignal and MediaReach services, Axia also offers ExpertSources, pitching for nationwide news queries and opportunities.


Axia will monitor for news media coverage opportunities, pitch, and manage these opportunities for spokespersons, experts, executives, and thought-leaders, including queries related to news trends, topics, and experts for a potential interview and news release opportunities. In addition, Axia has access to an extensive professional media database and contact lists, as well as a documented proven process, to pitch extended opportunities, helping you get in front of your most important audiences. Axia provides this service to your company complimentarily – a unique feature of this PR firm – with most major program engagements.


With these introductory packages, Axia will serve as your organization's "PR agency of record" by being on-call for as-needed PR engagements. These are quoted additionally by the project. Axia recommends MediaSignal media monitoring, media clipping, and media reporting services.


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AP Expert

Axia will list and optimize one expert profile in the Associated Press' expert database integrated into the AP Planner, AP Newsroom, and AP Resource Desk platforms, reaching more than 15,000 global (newspaper, digital, and broadcast) newsrooms, and 2,400 AP staff journalists located in 240 offices.



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AOR Express

Axia manages inbound media calls and inquiries and monitors and shares Help A Reporter Out, ProfNet, Qwoted, Vetted, Muckrack, and other media query services for opportunities where journalists and newsrooms actively seek experts and sources to quote and feature in their news stories. Axia will also share these trending topics for recommended news releases, media pitches, and SEO content.



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AOR Lite

In addition to the items in the AOR Lite option, Axia will also recommend business, industry, and community award and editorial calendar opportunities for 1-2 industry or metropolitan statistical areas.







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