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Our platform

What defines Axia Public Relations

Our core focus

We are PR experts for national brands. We devote 100% of our talent to providing the industry’s best PR strategy, counsel, services, measurement, and evaluation.

Our niche

Using earned media, shared media, and owned media to share stories that connect people and brands

Target market

PR for companies that want more customers and clients nationwide

Our core values

We adhere to our core values when we hire, fire, reward, and promote our employees. We also use them when selecting our clients.


  • Do the right thing.
  • Work ethically and earnestly.


  • Be smart, resourceful, and forward-thinking.
  • Develop innovative solutions specifically for each client.


  • Relationships are essential to PR success.
  • Build and leverage relationships to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.


  • Be driven and ambitious.
  • Laser-focus all efforts on desired PR results.
  • Measure metrics that matter.

What makes Axia unique?

1. PR experts

  • We are 100% focused on strategic communications via earned, shared and owned media.
    We are not focused on paid media like our advertising agency and marketing generalist peers.
  • National and multiple markets: You’ll benefit from our PR experience in multiple geographic markets, consumer segments, and vertical industries.
  • “We’ve got this!”
    We’ve handled nearly every PR scenario. Our proven track record of success demonstrates that we’ve got this!
  • Measurement: We're leading our industry in PR measurement. We'll develop measurable PR objectives that align with your business goals and report back with numbers that matter to your company.

2. Traditional PR doesn't work anymore – and we know it!

  • Inbound marketing is a method of virtually attracting new customers to your company. We’re proud to be an inbound marketing partner agency with HubSpot.
  • Online reputation management: Our PR firm is uniquely qualified with a one-two punch to repair a negative first impressions. We earn media coverage that outranks existing negative content and we know how to optimize positive and neutral content so it ranks higher – ideally, higher than negative content currently ranking on the first page(s) of search engine returns.
  • Online reviews: ReviewMaxer online review management software improves your search engine optimization and online reputation. It even factors in earned media coverage, which ranks very highly on search engines.
  • Check out 18 ways traditional PR doesn’t work anymore.

3. Value-driven approach

Instead of charging you for these items, we focus on driving great results.

  • Complimentary services: Copy editing, media monitoring, and spokesperson training are often included for you as an Axia PR program client.
  • Flat-rate billing: Instead of tracking hours, let's focus on value and results.
  • We believe that hourly billing is neither in your best interest nor ours, so we avoid it as often as possible.
  • By following our unique process and smart recommendations, we guarantee that we'll document your true ROI for public relations – and we'll be excited to show it to you!

Axia: defined

Axia (ak-see-uh) adj. [Gk axios] In Greek, axia means “worthy or having value.” Our name serves as our public relations firm's guiding principle. Every day, the Axia name reminds us that our true value to our clients is as a trusted partner and adviser. Simply, we are committed to creating high-impact public relations programs that deliver the highest possible return on investment.

Our mission

Axia Public Relations exists to generate profitable PR for our clients and profitable careers for our associates and partners.

  • Axia uses smart, ethical, and inventive tactics based on solid strategies as well as measurable objectives to earn exceptional results for our valued clients.
  • We accomplish this by delivering high-touch client service, sound counsel, and inventive strategic implementation.

Jason Mudd, APR, founded Axia Public Relations. He is an award-winning, internationally accredited public relations consultant, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Axia hires the best PR professionals in the business from across the United States. Learn more about our PR team.

Corporate social responsibility

Axia Public Relations is committed to bettering its community through its corporate social responsibility program, including sponsoring an annual public relations student scholarship with the Public Relations Society of America Foundation and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Axia is an award-winning public relations firm

"Best Public Relations Campaign," “Best Places to Work,” and “Companies That Care” are some of the accolades that differentiate Axia Public Relations from other nationwide PR firms. Learn more about our award-winning work.