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Public Relations Firm for Construction Companies

Hello, and welcome to Axia Public Relations! We’re so glad you stopped by! If you’re on the hunt for a stellar PR team, Axia stands out from other PR firms in three specific ways:

  1. We’re PR experts

    We’ve handled nearly every PR scenario you can imagine. Our proven successful track record demonstrates that we’ve got this!

  2. We understand that traditional PR doesn’t work anymore.

    Inbound marketing is a method of virtually attracting new customers to your company. We’re proud to be an inbound marketing partner agency with HubSpot.

  3. Value-Driven Approach

    Instead of charging our clients by the hour for each individual aspect of a project, we focus on driving great results. We utilize a flat-rate billing system instead of tracking hours, which allows us to focus on value and results. We believe hourly billing is in neither your best interest nor ours, so we avoid it as often as possible.

Axia can help construction companies with public relations.

Our Construction Experience:

  • Hyphen Solutions
  • Intron Technologies
  • Kitchen & Baths Concepts
  • OneVizion
  • Planet Five Development Group
  • Rayonier
  • Ring Power

What is PR?

A common misconception we encounter is the belief that public relations is “just marketing.” There is often a lack of understanding; what exactly is PR and what does it do? Public relations shares some of the same goals as marketing, such as increasing exposure and sales for your firm. However, PR has a bigger picture focus than simple paid media, unlike our advertising agency and marketing generalist friends. Specifically, public relations exists at the crossroads of: 

(1) news media, 

(2) social media, and 

(3) web media. 


News media, or “earned media,” is when you use media relations to earn the opportunity to appear in a news story. People consume news for information, education, and entertainment. We include speaking engagements, winning awards, guest appearance on podcasts, spokesperson media training, and crisis management among our PR news services.


Social media, or “shared media,” is online user-generated content. This may include social networking; online reviews; reputation management; influencer marketing; influencer sites like groups, questions, and answers; and other sites featuring user-generated content. People turn to such media to share and discover content.


Finally, there is web media, or “owned media,” which is content you’ve created and have full control over. This may include websites, blogs, newsrooms, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, email marketing, landing pages, etc. People intentionally visit websites to find this sort of specific content. 


When combined and managed effectively, all of these aspects create a killer PR campaign, guaranteeing positive exposure, and increased leads for your construction firm. At Axia PR, we book speaking engagements for you, submit your firm to be nominated for awards in your field, and manage and review your online reviews, among other services. This ensures the public has positive associations with and trusts your company to deliver. 

Why Hire a PR Team?

If the above information left you feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Many companies and brands feel intimidated by all the potential avenues they must manage to create positive exposure and visibility, increase sales, and gain customers’ trust. Keeping track of all these different channels can be a drain on your resources and employees who should be focusing on your current clients. Hiring Axia PR to manage it all for you allows your employees to focus solely on your business and your customers while we generate new leads and maintain positive community relationships. 


Not to mention, PR is measurable, meaning you’ll be able to track which customers and sales come as a direct result of our efforts. At Axia PR, we are among the industry leaders who are creating a cultural shift in public relations reporting, measurement, and evaluation best practices to effectively measure PR and PR’s ROI at your company or firm. You’ll never be left in the dark, wondering if our efforts have paid off; we’ll tell you!

PR Services for Construction Firms

Construction companies invest $120K-$600K annually in Axia’s custom strategic communications solutions:

  • NewsBureau – U.S. media relations for earned media coverage
  • CrisisPoint – crisis communications and crisis PR management
  • MediaMaster – certified spokespersons training for news media interviews
  • PodcastValet – earn podcast interview appearances
  • KeyNote – book earned, sponsored, and paid speaking engagements
  • AwardAbility – award entry management, writing, and submissions
  • SocialNetwork – social media publishing and community engagement
  • ReputationRestoration – improve online reputation management
  • ReviewMaxer – online review management platform
  • InfluencerInsights – connect with and leverage brand influencers
  • Growth-Driven Design – modern, mobile, content, and data-focused site design
  • Inbound – online content that uses SEO to attract more leads
  • BlogoSphere – expert helpful and how-to blogging that attracts more leads
  • Brandcast – your company's branded podcast or videocast

Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation! 

There’s no question your construction firm could benefit from an expertly run PR campaign and ongoing management! Visit our website today at www.axiapr.com and fill out our contact form, email us at inbound@axiapr.com, or give us a call at (888) PR-FIRM-8 or (888) 773-4768. We’ll schedule a free consultation to go over your company’s needs and begin building your firm’s media empire!