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Your company's own branded podcast

Use podcasting as a thought-leadership tool to build a strong brand and great reputation. Host interesting guests from within your organization as well as your current customers and target clients.

Brandcast can start your company's podcast up.

Podcasting is hot. And although it's challenging to get started and maintain a podcast program, we know how to do it right!


Let us help you get the head start you need to be successful.


First, book a one-hour consultation with Jason Mudd. During that conversation, you can ask Jason anything about podcasting. He'll share his expert advice based on years of podcasting experience, including how to get started and avoid common obstacles. From there, you may re-invest your initial consultation fee back as a "store credit" toward any one of the three stages outlined below.


Our experts will lead you through the three stages of your own podcast:

  1. Build

  2. Launch

  3. Promote & Monetize

1. Build

During the build stage, we'll use our five stages to help you with:


• Coaching and training

• Vision

• Direction

• Launch plan
• Target key performance indicators

• Unique point of view/brand position

• Target audience

• Show format

• Show categories

• Show name

• Description

• Elevator pitch

• Logo, show, and episode artwork

• Music bed

• Intro, midroll, and outro scripts

• Show script/flow

• Studio setup

• Host, talent, and guests

• Set up show host and distribution

• Show domain name

• Website pages content
(bios, FAQs, backgrounders, etc.)

• Show notes format

• Social media setup

Build package

Timing: 4-6 weeks

Investment: $12K/one-time USD


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2. Launch

This is the second and most exciting stage of any podcast.

We'll produce, edit, and air up to one new episode per week.

This stage includes:

1. Pre-production:

Intro, midroll, and outro production

2. Production:
Audio (and video) checks, improvements, and recording technology

3. Post-production:

Audio and video editing, overlays, captions, transcripts, uploading episode to hosting platform, scheduling episode distribution, uploading episode graphics, and video thumbnails

Weekly show

50 video and audio episodes per year

$6,000/month USD


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Bi-weekly show

25 video and audio episodes per year

$4,000/month USD


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Monthly show

12 video and audio episodes per year

$2,600/month USD


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Weekly show

50 audio-only episodes per year

$2,000/month USD


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Bi-weekly show

25 audio-only episodes per year

$1,500/month USD


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Monthly show

12 audio-only episodes per year

$1,300/month USD


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3. Promote & Monetize

This third stage is the head of sales' and CFO's favorite stage. Now's the time to turn this big effort into a profitable endeavor. Now's when all of our hard work begins to pay dividends. We'll build relationships, promote the episodes, attract sponsors, and convert leads. This stage includes:


1. Promotion & Conversion:

One-time projects

• Show launch news release

• Milestone news releases

• Milestone email blasts


Each episode

• Prepare episode notes

• Prepare Twitter quotable graphics

• Prepare episode graphics

• Prepare video thumbnails

• Episode blog post

• Blog notification email blasts

• Create and post on social media 

     • Five tweets per episode

     • One Facebook post per episode

     • One LinkedIn post per episode

• Promote YouTube episode to 1K guaranteed viewers

2. Guest Relations:

Depending on your show, guests are typically a key ingredient to podcasting success. To do that, we'll: 

• Develop guest invite script

• Develop guest sound brilliant guide

• Develop guest confirmation script

• Develop guest reminder script

• Recruit and book guests

• Coordinate recording details

• Prepare guests

• Develop episode topic and questions

• Provide guests with promotions

• Send guests VIP swag packages

3. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a great way to underwrite the show and lend more credibility to it. In addition, sponsors help you promote the show and want you to succeed because they benefit from the additional audience. 


After 30 episodes, we'll seek sponsorships to gain credibility and financial value.

Promote & Monetize package

Timing: On-going

Investment: $5.5K/mo

Plus any paid media costs and materials as well as 10% commission of in-kind, trade, and cash sponsorships earned.


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of podcast listeners have an income of $75,000 or more.




- Music Oomph


of podcast listeners made a purchase based on host recommendations.



- Midroll


of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.



-Music Oomph