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Preparing a community for development

Posted by Jason Mudd


Tarmac hired Axia PR to establish and manage positive perception and reception as the young company developed an excavation site. Axia publicized and promoted the good work and economic impact of the company and its operations, carrying the message to the public that Tarmac creates jobs and employment opportunities.



The business challenge

When Tarmac, a business unit of Titan America, sought to develop an excavation site from which it could extract sand and materials to develop concrete, it knew that community involvement and public engagement was a critical part of the endeavor. A callous competitor had recently made efforts toward similar projects which had failed because of strong opposition from the community and a lack of community outreach. Tarmac sought to prevent a similar situation with its own project. The company turned to Axia Public Relations to provide strategy and counseling to:

  1. Educate the community

  2. Manage perceptions

  3. Manage any issues or opposition from the community

The solution

The campaign goal was to establish and manage a positive perception and reception in the county for the new Tarmac facility.


Target audiences for the campaign included:

  • County Board of Commissioners

  • Citizens of the county, specifically those in the west side

  • Citizens located immediately near the proposed site

  • Media representatives from the tri-county area

  • The competitor that wanted the same site

  • Local municipal and county leaders and spokespersons – residents, elected officials, chamber and economic development officials

  • Business and government leaders

The project details are confidential and ongoing. When Tarmac looks to expand into new communities with new sand operations, they know they can count on the public relations professionals at Axia. Axia helps communicate sensitive subjects to broad communities, and by educating and promoting the good work and economic impact of the company and its operations, these community relations and outreach efforts help the community understand the benefits and good corporate citizenship that a partner like Tarmac brings to its neighborhoods.


The results 

Axia carried the message to the public that Tarmac creates jobs and employment opportunities that otherwise would not exist. This allows children and grandchildren to remain in their own small-town communities and continue to live, work, and play there – in their native hometowns, as opposed to leaving in search of greater employment opportunities. This project will create 18 high-wage jobs for local individuals.


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