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Software company gets fix for its online reputation

Posted by Lauren Budik

A tech company found itself in hot water and struggling to recruit new employees. The job board website and software development company sought the PR expertise and ReputationRestoration services of Axia Public Relations to help repair its troubled online reputation.

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PR firm increases awareness for automotive consumer electronic product launch

Posted by Jason Mudd

PR campaign reaches 75.4 million consumers

Taiwan-based Sonray Technologies sought to increase the presence of its Kulcar product in North America. Sonray provides affordable products backed by performance guarantees. The company’s signature product, Kulcar, is a solar-powered ventilation system for vehicles that uses an efficient design and clean, renewable energy to continuously refresh the air inside a parked vehicle. When properly installed, Sonray Technologies claims its Kulcar product can reduce in-car temperatures by up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, provide better cooling, produce cleaner air, reduce poisonous chemical emissions from plastic car interiors, improve users’ health, protect the environment, save money, conserve fuel and energy, effectively replace in-car air and keep bad weather out.

Sonray Technologies hired Axia Public Relations for a three-month project to increase awareness for solar-powered car cooler-ventilators across the United States of America during the hottest summer months with a special emphasis in Florida, and when possible warmer climate states.

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PR Firm Earns National Attention For Start-up

Posted by Jason Mudd

Thermscrub, an innovative medical uniform product launch, approached Axia Public Relations for help promoting its product nationwide without heavy advertising expenses. Thermscrub’s goal for the PR campaign was to market its thermal scrub nurses’ uniform from its Florida headquarters. Excited to take on a new challenge, Axia developed a strategic PR campaign that targeted colder regions like the Northeast and Midwest as well as the industry trade. Within 45 days of the campaign, Axia earned more than 62 articles for Thermscrub with a total publicity value of $1.25 million and 36.7 million impressions. Such media coverage lead to new orders from retailers and consumers, including retailers who previously didn’t accept calls from Thermscrub management. In addition, Thermscrub received requests from a home shopping network to feature its product.

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PR firm puts national spotlight on New York City retail and online jeweler

Posted by Jason Mudd

As the creator of several high-profile jewelry pieces for celebrities, a New York City-based Diamond District jewelry store with a strong e-commerce program sought to strengthen its online presence and solidify its reputation as a unique custom jeweler. Celebrities like Lil Wayne and Pauly D use the jeweler’s services, so the store wanted to bring national attention to its brand by generating earned media coverage about its success in attracting famous customers. Another goal for the jeweler was to increase traffic and links to its website and establish it as the go-to destination for jewelry, including custom-designed pieces.

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E-Commerce Company Taps Axia for PR

Posted by Axia Public Relations

     Tappocity, a bargin shopping website that shares revenue with purchasers, reached out to Axia Public Relations for effective public relations that could get the brand launched. Through the campaign, Axia introduced Tappocity to important audiences and critical resources such as consumers, manufacturers, consumer electronic suppliers, private equity and retailers. All of these resources helped to build consumer and merchant knowledge of Tappocity. Shortly after the start of the campaign, Axia earned Tappocity coverage in the top e-commerce publication, Internet Retailer, as well as coverage in Businessweek, Yahoo, EcommerceBytes and local media coverage in its home city. Such coverage attracted new consumers, merchants and investors to Tappocity and its sister companies.

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Axia Rebrands Vizergy at HX and Boosts 93,000 Unique Industry B2B Website Visits

Posted by Jason Mudd

Secure-Res, an e-commerce booking engine for independent, smaller-chain and franchise hotels turned hotel web-marketing company, contacted Axia Public Relations for a rebranding strategy that would help to better represent the growing company and its expanding products and services. Through Axia’s branding process, Onoma, Axia renamed the company Vizergy and Secure-Res became its signature and productized service.

Along with the change came a logo, tagline, mission, vision, elevator speeches and an unveiling at its major New York City trade show convention with a corresponding media tour. Results quickly followed and within 24 hours of the media tour, Vizergy received 93,000 unique website visitors thanks to its industry trade earned media coverage.

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