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Increasing consumer tech product launch awareness

Posted by Jason Mudd

SONRAY TECHNOLOGIES                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Sonray Technologies hired Axia to increase awareness for solar-powered car cooler-ventilators across the United States. Axia pitched the media using news releases, launch video news release, photos, b-roll, and samples. The product reached approximately 75.4 million consumers with an estimated assigned publicity value of more than $3.7 million.



Taiwan-based Sonray Technologies sought to increase the presence of its Kulcar product in North America. Sonray provides affordable products backed by performance guarantees. The company’s signature product, Kulcar, is a solar-powered ventilation system for vehicles that uses an efficient design and clean, renewable energy to continuously refresh the air inside a parked vehicle. When properly installed, Sonray Technologies claims its Kulcar product can reduce in-car temperatures by up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, provide better cooling, produce cleaner air, reduce poisonous chemical emissions from plastic car interiors, improve users’ health, protect the environment, save money, conserve fuel and energy, effectively replace in-car air and keep bad weather out.

Sonray Technologies hired Axia Public Relations for a three-month project to increase awareness for solar-powered car cooler-ventilators across the United States of America during the hottest summer months with a special emphasis in Florida, and when possible warmer climate states.


Axia developed a PR plan and media tour designed to generate product awareness for Kulcar and increase sales by targeting consumers who own and operate automobiles in the U.S. and specifically those in Florida. In addition to daily and weekly newspapers, Axia pitched magazines, radio shows, TV stations and Internet media using product news releases, product launch video news release, product photos, b-roll and product samples.

Axia invoked the heat of the Florida summer and the recent deaths of children left in hot cars to illustrate the extreme heat of parked cars in the summer. Axia also focused its media pitches on publications that reach Florida families.


Axia’s relationships with Florida newsrooms at target media outlets were key to the successful launch of the PR project.

Axia took the PR project on the road to Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa news outlets as well as car shows to demonstrate Kulcar in action to reporters and members of the media in those key Florida cities.


Axia secured initial product coverage in The Florida Times-Union, Orlando Weekly and News Sun. As momentum built, Axia’s PR efforts reached contacts and outlets outside the Florida market, including The Tech Ranch and Examiner.com. Also outside of Florida, KDFW in Texas and WVTM Alabama’s 13 reviewed Kulcar during news segments.

Months after the PR project ended, Sonray Technologies was still reaping the benefits of Axia’s work. In December, three months after the project ended, coverage posted on Forbes.com and About.com. Seven months after completing the project, Accent on Tampa Bay included Kulcar in its product roundup.

Overall, the Kulcar product reached approximately 75.4 million consumers with an estimated assigned publicity value of more than $3.7 million, according to third-party media monitoring services from NASDAQ OMX MyMediaInfo. 

Editor's Note: Axia Public Relations recommended its ReviewMaxer customer review management system to Sonray Technologies to improve its online reviews on Amazon.com for its Kulcar product.


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