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Software company gets fix for its online reputation

Posted by Lauren Budik

A tech company found itself in hot water and struggling to recruit new employees. The job board website and software development company sought the PR expertise and ReputationRestoration services of Axia Public Relations to help repair its troubled online reputation.

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Green PR firm helps Fortune 500 FIS launch GreenLight

Posted by Jason Mudd

A leading provider in banking technologies and a Fortune 500 company, FIS (formerly known as Fidelity National Information Services) hired Axia Public Relations to develop its environmental employee sustainability program, GreenLight. Axia put together a comprehensive campaign which included developing internal communications, marketing tools, naming the campaign, designing the logo, developing a tagline and an internal e-newsletter, concepts for a website and social media integration. FIS experienced enterprise-wide global success with its GreenLight program. Its Dedham, Massachusetts, office, inspired by the program, recycled 161 tons of paper and set a goal to recycle 100 percent of its materials by the end of the year.

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Axia promotes IT Deployment to 8,500 Blue Cross enterprise employees

Posted by Jason Mudd

As Blue Cross Blue Shield rolled out new operating systems and software, internal references pointed the company toward the public relations experts at Axia Public Relations for help with communicating the IT migration benefits to its enterprise employees. Axia recommended that Blue Cross Blue Shield implement a two-way communication system between individual department executives and employees before making the official switch to its new software. During its campaign, Axia provided computer-based training, email updates, weekly newsletters, “webinars” and closed-circuit TV spots, desktop drops, online surveys and other communications to educate employees, generate positive responses and measure its successes.

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Topics: National, Insurance, Technology, Jacksonville, Corporate Communications, Large Companies, private companies, Health, B2B, Florida, Medical, Software

Medical Tech Startup Looks to Axia to Build Strong Brand Reputation

Posted by Jason Mudd

Utilizing a twist on RFID technology, IntelligentM’s “SmartBand” offers hospitals the ability to monitor and improve the cleanliness of each individual health care employee on a 24/7 basis, something simply not feasible previously. In an environment where 70 percent of health care-acquired infections could be reduced or eliminated through proper hand hygiene (instead of costing the industry $35 billion annually), the potential benefits of such a device are tremendous. Yet a great idea does not necessarily translate into a marketing success if relevant audiences are unaware of its existence. Mindful of this fact, IntelligentM sought out a public relations agency that could draw media attention, and that also possessed the technological prowess to discern and target the audiences which could best propel the concept to industry-wide recognition, approval and adoption.

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E-Commerce Company Taps Axia for PR

Posted by Axia Public Relations

     Tappocity, a bargin shopping website that shares revenue with purchasers, reached out to Axia Public Relations for effective public relations that could get the brand launched. Through the campaign, Axia introduced Tappocity to important audiences and critical resources such as consumers, manufacturers, consumer electronic suppliers, private equity and retailers. All of these resources helped to build consumer and merchant knowledge of Tappocity. Shortly after the start of the campaign, Axia earned Tappocity coverage in the top e-commerce publication, Internet Retailer, as well as coverage in Businessweek, Yahoo, EcommerceBytes and local media coverage in its home city. Such coverage attracted new consumers, merchants and investors to Tappocity and its sister companies.

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Topics: Media Relations, Technology, Small Companies, start-up companies, private companies, Consumer Services, B2C, Software, web marketing, e-commerce

BI analytics company hires Axia PR to share Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted by Jason Mudd

Pragmatic Works, a fast-growing, privately-held database analytics and business intelligence technology company, reached out to Axia Public Relations via client referral to help promote its corporate social responsibility program, Pragmatic Works Foundation. The program was centered around a free, one-week IT training program offered to veterans and unemployed/underemployed individuals who lacked IT employment experience. During the course of its campaign, Axia branded the program as High-Tech Hope and leveraged CEO Brian Knight’s vision to help get High-Tech Hope the visibility and participation growth that Pragmatic Works desired.

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Axia Rebrands Vizergy at HX and Boosts 93,000 Unique Industry B2B Website Visits

Posted by Jason Mudd

Secure-Res, an e-commerce booking engine for independent, smaller-chain and franchise hotels turned hotel web-marketing company, contacted Axia Public Relations for a rebranding strategy that would help to better represent the growing company and its expanding products and services. Through Axia’s branding process, Onoma, Axia renamed the company Vizergy and Secure-Res became its signature and productized service.

Along with the change came a logo, tagline, mission, vision, elevator speeches and an unveiling at its major New York City trade show convention with a corresponding media tour. Results quickly followed and within 24 hours of the media tour, Vizergy received 93,000 unique website visitors thanks to its industry trade earned media coverage.

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