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Big national media coverage for medical tech startup

Posted by Jason Mudd



intelligentM wanted to reach hospital leaders to spread a solution for this critical health care issue: hand washing. Axia launched a media awareness campaign directed at industry trade outlets. This earned the company national coverage almost instantly.



Utilizing a twist on RFID technology, intelligentM’s “SmartBand” offers hospitals the ability to monitor and improve the cleanliness of each individual health care employee on a 24/7 basis, something simply not feasible previously. In an environment where 70% of health care-acquired infections could be reduced or eliminated through proper hand hygiene (instead of costing the industry $35 billion annually), the potential benefits of such a device are tremendous. Yet a great idea doesn't necessarily translate into a marketing success if relevant audiences are unaware of its existence. Mindful of this fact, intelligentM sought out a public relations agency that could draw media attention and possessed the technological prowess to discern and target audiences that could best propel the concept to industry-wide recognition, approval, and adoption.


The business challenge

When innovators at intelligentM devised a cutting-edge method to ensure complete compliance with hand hygiene guidelines at health care facilities, company officials soon realized they had an industry-transforming concept on their hands but needed assistance spreading the word.


Axia’s proven reputation of delivering results to companies in multiple technology sectors presented an agency that accomplish intelligentM’s goals and aid in attaining greater market share growth. Work promptly commenced on launching a media awareness campaign aimed at industry trade outlets including the health care, hospital, technology, and infection control sectors. Axia centered its strategy on positioning and promoting intelligentM as a rising authority and leading innovator in medical hygiene technology.


The solution

With its good rapport across multiple media platforms, Axia’s experts could effectively deliver intelligentM’s message to prominent trade outlets in print, television, and online/blogging circles. Axia also used its influence with the general media to inform the public at large about the existence of such an essential life-saving device and why its use should be required in all health care facilities. To ensure maximum exposure and visibility to both consumers and businesses alike, these tasks were equally performed at both regional and national levels. In a matter of weeks, our past experience in working with tech startups proved to be highly instrumental, leaving intelligentM with the confidence that when it came to selecting Axia, they had made the right choice.


The results

Success for intelligentM began materializing almost instantly from Axia's efforts, including by:

  • Garnering national attention with coverage in high-profile outlets like Bloomberg, Techcrunch, Mashable, and CNN Money
  • Reaching influential members of the professional medical community (its main target audience)
  • Earning favorable coverage in media outlets such as Med City News, Infection Control Today, MedGadget, and TedMed
  • Receiving an invitation to speak at an Orlando, Fla. conference after an interview with RFID Technology Review
Axia friends... Wow! Not sure what to say except ‘Wow!’ You guys have certainly blown me away in two weeks!”

– intelligentM President Seth Freedman

With more than 160 articles and a publicity value close to $12 million in just two months, intelligentM’s President understandably is feeling positive over the company’s future possibilities:

“Keep it up. With all the good stuff we have over the next two months, I am beyond excited about our PR opportunities together!”




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