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Creating smooth IT enterprise transitions

Posted by Jason Mudd

Blue Cross Blue Shield                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Blue Cross needed to gain support for its new IT enterprise deployment. Axia created a detailed communication plan and strategy that eased employees, agents, and providers into the new system. The new software’s adoption went smoothly.


The business challenge

Blue Cross Blue Shield of FloridaAs Blue Cross Blue Shield rolled out new operating systems and software, internal references pointed the company toward experts at Axia Public Relations for help communicating IT migration benefits to its enterprise employees. Blue Cross Blue Shield needed to implement a two-way communication system between individual department executives and employees before officially switching to its new software.


The solution

During its campaign, Axia provided computer-based training, email updates, weekly newsletters, webinars, closed-circuit TV spots, desktop drops, online surveys, and other communications to educate employees, generate positive responses, and measure its successes.


Excellent knowledge of technology and excellent skills to communicate with customers and meet their needs."

- Barbara Ainsworth, Blue Cross Blue Shield



Convincing 10,000 employees to utilize new software is no easy task. Before Blue Cross Blue Shield rolled out a more recent Windows Professional operating system, WebEx, Siebel 7, Enterprise Data Warehouse, and HIPPA, Axia provided IT communication and education to its employees to ensure a smooth transition.


Blue Cross Blue Shield senior vice presidents and directors additionally worked with Axia experts to set program goals and objectives. Axia then recommended a schedule to facilitate two-way communication between individual department executives and employees before the migration.


During the implementation phase, Axia provided computer-based training, print memos, e-mail updates, weekly newsletters, webinars, closed-circuit TV spots, desktop drops, and online surveys before and after the campaign.


The results

By leveraging new communications channels, adopting the latest software went smoothly. 

  • Axia's services were a hit. The organization quickly hired Axia to work on multiple endeavors simultaneously.
  • The organization could complete its enterprise deployment and other projects 40% quicker with Axia's expert assistance, thus saving the enterprise millions of dollars.
  • Based on working with other IT and insurtech companies, Axia brought unique insight, solutions, and experience that Blue Cross could leverage for its organization.


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