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Influencer Marketing program

Online shoppers don’t trust ads anymore; they trust real people. In fact, 615 million computers and smartphones block online ads every single day. Influencer marketing is the latest tactic that bypasses ad-blocking technology. We’ll connect your company with industry-relative influencers who promote your product or service with key messaging, audience targeting, and boosting.

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A chart showing Axia's influencer marketing process.

Influencers are what your marketing strategy is missing and needs.


Connecting with your company’s target audience on social media can seem impossible due to constantly changing algorithms. With influencers, the game changes. Influencer marketing is a direct way to connect with your target audience, helping you reach hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. Social media is changing the buyer market with the use of influencers. To take advantage of the niche market your company wants to appeal to, influencer marketing is the way to go. People follow influencers because they’re perceived as experts in their fields of interest, and they create content that is engaging, clever, and consistent.


Influencers used to be celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. Now, they’re everyday people with strategic positions among unique niches. Whether you’re trying to find mommy bloggers, foodies, sport fanatics, collectors, etc., we’ve got you covered.


We’ll find influencers who'll represent your brand with the same honesty, integrity, and spirit that an employee would. Influencers are an extension of your company. They promote your service or product to  their followers in a way that’s native to their specific platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn).


Buy an influencer package.

Influencer Discovery Consult

30 days of initial influencer research,

scope, and investment recommendations

for an influencer marketing program with

niche influencers who have a presence and message that will resonate with your audience

$13,000/one-time USD


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or more of internet users say they follow some sort of celebrity or influencer account on social media.


of marketers promote content with the help of influencers.



of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media.




reported the brands they work with give them enough freedom to create totally authentic content.



of influencers say photos featuring themselves or their family generate the most engagement.



of micro-influencers reported charging $400-$500 for a typical campaign involving a blog post and social shares.