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Axia’s influencer marketing process from start to finish

By Axia Public Relations

Connect with your target audience using influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a process that involves two key elements: communication and collaboration. Axia Public Relations created a visual to show the steps of its influencer marketing process and who’s responsible for completing each step.

Influencer marketing process graphic

Step 1: Define goals.

During this step, the clients identify their business issues and meet with team members and trusted advisers to decide what they want to accomplish from an influencer marketing campaign. Now is when the clients identify who they want to reach, why they want to reach them, and what they want the outcome to be. An example might be that a company wants to reach a younger audience to increase sales. It will use influencers to reach an audience its current marketing strategy doesn’t include.


Step 2: Present options.

Axia then presents its clients with a selection of influencers who best fit the identified audience and purpose. We typically provide 20 of the most effective influencers, with details about their content and following. Additionally, Axia offers its vision for the client’s campaign and its pricing. Here’s an example of the breakdown we provide a client:


 Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.28.48 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.28.38 PM


Step 3: Approve influencer(s).

The clients review Axia’s selections and then decide who they think would best represent their brand. While we recommend influencers, the clients decide which influencer(s) the campaign will include.


Step 4: Contract influencer(s).

During this step, Axia creates contracts that both the influencer and the clients approve and sign. The contract includes platform choice, content choice (blog posts, stories, polls, etc.), compensation, frequency, etc. This is a vital step in ensuring all parties are setting expectations for the campaign’s end goal, and it helps all parties understand what’s to come during the campaign.


Step 5: Create content.

Axia creates content for the influencer that will drive the audience to the desired action. We’ll typically create a rough draft of content and then allow the influencers to revise the content, because they truly know their following better than anyone.


Step 6: Review.

The clients will review all content before it goes live. This ensures that they’re pleased with how the influencer has portrayed their product or service, and they’re happy with the influencer’s message.


Step 7: Publish.

Followers love seeing collaborations, and influencers typically tease their audiences with hints that they’re working on a new project before posting content representing the client. Influencers publish content with careful attention to receiving maximum engagement and exposure.


Step 8: Analyze metrics.

Most social media platforms offer great metrics. Influencers send their metrics to Axia, and we record engagement, reach, and other agreed-upon KPIs.


Step 9: Reporting.

Once we’ve received and recorded the metrics, we report back to the clients with the results from the influencer’s marketing efforts.


That’s it! While influencer marketing may seem intimidating, with the right agency organizing each step, it’s truly a breeze. Beyond being easy, effectiveness is what draws companies to this growing technique.


Looking for ways your company can improve its marketing strategy? Axia now offers InfluencerInsights where we design the perfect influencer campaign that boosts sales, increases brand awareness, and reaches new audiences. Call Axia today and talk to our social media strategist, Hannah, to learn more about this service.

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