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3 ways to prepare a news release for a trade show

With the new year right around the corner and trade shows filling the calendar, the question of how to best convey your company’s message to the media might be starting to shadow your thoughts. Before that shadow becomes a looming, cantankerous beast, tackle it to dispel the darkness and enlighten everyone with your message.

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5 practical steps to get media coverage at trade shows

How to get publicity and build connections with media

A trade show is a great opportunity to engage with your target audiences, such as your potential customers and clients, sponsors and investors and media representatives. It’s your chance to foster new connections with the media and to form long-lasting relationships. It’s always easier to connect with someone if you meet face-to-face. Trade shows allow you to meet journalists personally.

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Topics: media relations, public relations, trade shows

Why most trade show exhibits fail

4 ways to ensure a successful trade show

Having an exhibit in a trade show can enhance your company’s lead generation, increase brand awareness and reinforce customer relationships. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t understand how to make the most of their participation in trade shows and miss terrific opportunities for growth.

There are more than 10,000 trade shows every year with millions of attendees and exhibitors who pay up to $60,000 and much much more for booth displays, installation and travel. If you aren’t using public relations to maximize your trade show participation, you’ll be wasting your time, money and opportunities for prospects.

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5 tips to improve your media-pitching emails

Before you send your next email pitch, read this first

Email is quick and easy to use. You no longer have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or be available for a meeting. A reporter can simply read an email pitch on his or her time. Still, there are lots of factors you have to get right in order for your email pitch to be successful. Trust public relations to help you improve your online communication techniques for increased news coverage and visibility.

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Topics: media relations, public relations, trade shows

Capturing leads at events

2 ways to gain customers through company events

Events provide great exposure for your company. They offer the ultimate opportunity for your company to be a thought-leader on a certain topic. They also provide a platform for your company’s representatives to network with key prospects. Another benefit of events, perhaps the least obvious, is the opportunity they provide to generate leads. Here’s how to give your events some longevity by incorporating lead generation into your plan.

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Trade show PR: How to make the most of your floor time

Industry trade shows are not just a wonderful venue for highlighting your company’s wares to potential customers;  they’re also a useful platform from which to soft launch or sneak peek company announcements. Too often, businesses invest tremendous amounts of money into booth construction, graphic design, booth staff and content, but limit their ability to take full advantage of trade events from a public relations standpoint. Beyond a hyper-focused networking avenue, trade shows also entice industry, national and even international media. These fine-tuned journalists arrive on-scene to uncover major announcements, private product peeks or germane industry news. And, because media and businesses happen to be at the same place at the same time, trade shows ultimately present a perfect locale to execute a variety of PR tactics that, if executed to perfection, will net stellar results. Check out these six tips for getting the biggest bang for your trade show buck:

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