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3 ways to prepare a news release for a trade show

By Noell Ochieng

Don't do your news releases for trade shows at the last minute.

With the new year right around the corner and trade shows filling the calendar, the question of how to best convey your company’s message to the media might be starting to shadow your thoughts. Before that shadow becomes a looming, cantankerous beast, tackle it to dispel the darkness and enlighten everyone with your message.

Trade shows offer opportunities to show off your product, make new connections, scope out the competition, entice customers and even recruit new employees. With all of that riding on a few action-packed days, controlling your message is essential. Hurriedly composing a news release on the flight to the show won’t do your company the justice it deserves or gain the results you desire.

1. Plan ahead.

Six to eight weeks before the show isn’t too early to begin planning. If your company is launching a new product or making an important change to the services it offers, giving the media a heads-up will get you on their radar now. Deciding how you’ll build momentum from there is up to you. Remember that the media has no time for games or wasted space. If you’re going to dribble out information, your end message had better be worth it. Otherwise, you risk tarnishing your hard-earned reputation, trust and rapport with the media. The week of the show, craft your news release to reach your audience with current information such as booth number and updated contact information, including social media contacts.

2. Understand what you’re up against.

There’s nothing worse than spending time and energy crafting the perfect trade show news release, only to have another company steal your thunder with its own announcement. Trade shows include a range of companies in the same industry, and there may be another participant who ends up being the buzz of the show. Unless you time your release around this game changer, your hard work may get lost in the noise.

3. Take advantage of technology.

Save the glossy folders for your table display and think twice about distributing USB flash drives, especially ones in unconventional shapes. Some companies – including media companies – require that employees use company-provided flash drives as a measure to prevent viruses. Instead, harness the unlimited potential of your company’s website. Your well-crafted news release should include links to a dedicated information location on your website that will contain any material you want to convey to the media.

These three ways to prepare a news release for a trade show all focus on actions you can take to make your message known. Wouldn’t it be great if the media came to you and provided long-lasting, earned media coverage? Download Axia Public Relations’ complimentary e-book Learn Media Relations from the Media for a long-term look at how to cultivate genuine media relationships.

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Noellpicture.pngClients love Noell’s high tech PR and instructional design experience. She earned her Master of Science in information technology management and business analytics from University of North Carolina. Noell has worked with Axia since November 2017.



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