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We frequently blog about the latest public relations corporation communications, and marketing topics, tips, and trends. Our blog is one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot. Please help yourself to our insights and be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog notifications.

Understanding the scope of PR

4 ways PR is more than getting press coverage and dealing with crises

Think public relations is only about getting news coverage or cleaning up a public mess? Think again. Sure, two major goals of PR are to obtain media coverage and to prevent crises. However, that’s just the beginning. Strategic communications is so much more than that. Here is proof that public relations is broader than you may think.

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For optimal Facebook engagement, choose quality posts over a quantity of posts

Less is more with your company’s Facebook posts

You’ve probably heard the phrase content is king. However, when it comes to company Facebook posts, context is the new content. While it’s important to know how often you should post to your Facebook page, you should also focus on what you’re posting. HubSpot, a developer of software for inbound marketing and sales, pulled Facebook data to see if posting more frequently reaches more people.

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5 proven ways to earn coverage for your clients

Get your client published in no time following these simple steps

Media coverage is very important to your clients. It gives them brand recognition and connects them with their target audiences and potential investors. Getting media coverage is not always easy. Here are five suggestions that will help you get media coverage for your client.  

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Infographic: How to find awesome content topics

Create content topics that will interest your potential customers

Creating content that’s relevant and valuable to your audience is one of the eight key elements of successful content marketing. At first, the topic ideas will be plentiful since there are obvious subjects and issues to address. As you dive deeper, however, topics will be harder to find.

We’ve put together a handy infographic for you to print out and keep at your desk that offers five easy tools to use to find great content topics. Also, check out five more ways to create blog post topics.

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5 critical questions to ask if your company doesn’t have enough following on Facebook

Your ultimate checklist to increase your business Facebook page following and engagement

If you’re regularly posting engaging and relevant content on your company’s Facebook page and not getting much action, then it’s time for you to give some thought to your Facebook strategy. You need to do more than routine posting on Facebook to create buzz and get new customers for your business.

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More than words: Why you need a content management strategy

5 steps to help you do more with your vision, ideas and documents using PR 

In your business, you produce tons of content. News releases, articles, newsletters, photos, speeches, reports and financial statements are necessary to tell your story and generate leads. Now, what do you do with it all?

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When is the best time to post on social media?

Get more visibility on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by posting at the right time

Knowing the best times to post on social media can make the difference between one click or 10 for your company’s social pages. According to Sprout Social, each social media channel has a best time of the day to publish content. Many companies don’t know the optimal times of the day and even days of the week that work best for social sharing. And if you’re a national brand, you should also consider time zones.

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How your company can make the most of Yelp

Instead of fearing the online review site, use it to inspire foresight and increase profits.


In some industries, the mere mention of the word "Yelp" is enough to cause widespread panic. Indeed, online reviews can make or break a business, and Yelp remains one of the most popular review sites. Nevertheless, you don’t need to fear it; you just have to use public relations to maneuver Yelp, and other online review sites like it, to your advantage.

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The secret formula for better email pitching

Journalists typically have 2 basic questions. Learn how to answer them for media success

Your company has a great story to tell. Perhaps you even have a new product or initiative that you believe will change the future of your industry. If you’re like most, you send email pitches to numerous journalists, hoping they will be interested enough to write about your news.

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5 tools to make the most of your social media posts

You have the audience. Now use these PR tactics to take maximum advantage

Social media has become an essential part of doing business today. It’s where your customers are and where they expect you to be. Engaging customers and prospects on social media allows your company to build connections and increase profits, if you do it correctly.

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