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Julie Miller

Yulia Dianova Julie Miller is a marketing and communications professional with more than seven years of experience in the industry. She primarily works in the technology and education sectors and specializes in digital marketing and communications. She has earned her Content Marketing certification from Hubspot. Julie has worked for Axia Public Relations since November 2015.

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4 reasons you should tailor content for different social platforms

This is one blog post about organic social media content. Read Organic social: Is it worth it in 2020? for more.


Think one-size-fits-all? Think again. 


Any social media manager will praise the benefits of social media monitoring and scheduling tools, like HubSpot. They allow you to monitor multiple streams, coordinate responses with a team, and, perhaps most importantly of all, schedule your social media posts. You can even post to multiple social networks at once. Some platforms encourage you to post your content in multiple places within the same platform (for instance, Facebook newsfeed and Facebook stories). 


Just because you can post one update to multiple places at once, should you? No, and here’s why.


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Organic social: Is it worth it in 2020?

This is one blog post about organic social media content. 4 reasons you should tailor content for different social platforms for more.


4 reasons you should continue to engage on social media


A decade ago, the big question that public relations pros and marketers were asking themselves was: “Does a company or brand need to be on social media?” Since then, we’ve seen social platforms transform how people communicate, consume media, and how they shop. Whether the goal of your social media is to communicate messages or sell products, it’s safe to say that social media is a powerful tool for almost every company.  


As paid social media dominates feeds and becomes a more prominent way of reaching an audience, organic social media seems to increasingly fall to the wayside. So, is it still worth it to do organic social media in 2020? It is, indeed. Here are four reasons why. 


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Investing in social media: How much should you spend?

4 items to consider when budgeting for social media

In the early years of social media, part of its allure from a marketing perspective was that it was cost-efficient – and for many, free. Today, as social media infiltrates more of our daily communications and social ad platforms become more sophisticated and drive better results, it's necessary to put some money into your social media strategy. How much your company spends depends on many factors.

To help figure out how much to invest, here are some considerations.

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3 tips to embrace your news story when it includes a competitor

Shared coverage doesn’t have to be bad


So, the journalist you’ve been pitching finally decides to write a piece on your company. Thrilled, you update your team, alert your spokesperson and send the reporter all the necessary photos and information.

Then, at some point during the process, or maybe even once the story runs, you find out that your competitors appear in the piece too – perhaps with more prominence than your company. When this happens, PR pros will certainly be bummed, even bitter, upon learning they’ll share the spotlight with those they compete so hard against.

Don’t see shared coverage as a loss. As long as the coverage for your company is positive, it’s still a win. Here are some tips to consider when you learn your media coverage includes your competitors.

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4 brands that rock on social media and what you can learn from them

Mapping out your social media strategy for 2018? If you’re ready to step up your game next year, take a look at how some of the biggest brands use social media to increase engagement and improve ROI. Here are companies that are excelling on social media and some takeaways for social media managers.

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5 tips for getting your entire team on message

Whether you’re preparing your team for an influx of media interviews or planning to launch a new marketing and communications campaign, getting everyone in your company on the same message is critical to the success of your efforts. Your company’s representatives are often the biggest influencers for your company and brand, after all. It’s critical to make sure this vital audience is helping – and certainly not hurting – your communication efforts. Here are five tips to help you.

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Forget the media kit; think robust newsroom

8 items to include in your company’s online newsroom

Seasoned PR pros may remember printing countless press releases, fact sheets and biographies to include in perfectly curated media kits. Media kits of yesterday were helpful leave-behinds, however, today they’re dinosaurs. Digital media kits – or online newsrooms – are an easy way for media to access key information and assets.

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6 tips for PR students to achieve success

Advice for students planning a public relations career

The school year is in full swing, and public relations students are likely juggling multiple class projects and thinking about the thing that’s on most college students’ minds: getting a job after college. Here are six tips to help students secure a great job in PR.

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Understanding the scope of PR

4 ways PR is more than getting press coverage and dealing with crises

Think public relations is only about getting news coverage or cleaning up a public mess? Think again. Sure, two major goals of PR are to obtain media coverage and to prevent crises. However, that’s just the beginning. Strategic communications is so much more than that. Here is proof that public relations is broader than you may think.

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Media coverage: Securing one for the wall

6 tips to help you obtain news coverage for your company

Public relations professionals should understand their clients aren't looking to put a news release in a frame on their wall. They want a cover story or great feature story to frame. So how do you make it happen? There’s no sure-fire way to earn that coveted feature story placement. However, there are some things you can do to help make the dream a reality.

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