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The Ultimate Guide to AI Communications and Positioning for PR Clients

Mixing AI and public opinion can be tricky, but it’s possible to implement AI in PR ethically.


Artificial intelligence continues to transform industries as adoption accelerates globally. For companies exploring AI’s capabilities, understanding the surrounding media narratives and public perceptions is critical to guiding PR strategy


Cision’s comprehensive analysis of AI conversations across traditional and social media from July 2022 to July 2023 provides valuable insights for PR clients on this landscape. The trends and themes that should inform messaging and positioning become clear by examining millions of posts and articles.

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AI for Strategy, Measurement, and Monitoring with Dan Gaynor

In this episode, Dan Gaynor joins On Top of PR host Jason Mudd to discuss the importance of a company narrative, how to craft and measure a narrative, the future of corporate narratives, and much more.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: technology, On Top of PR

AI in Public Relations with Antony Cousins

In this episode, Antony Cousins joins On Top of PR host Jason Mudd to discuss AI in the public relations industry, including what GPTs are and how to use them.


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Topics: technology, On Top of PR

7 responsible principles to guide the use of AI in public relations

When used effectively, innovative AI tools can enhance PR practices.


Professional communications tools enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) systems are revolutionizing business processes. Axia Public Relations is committed to innovation and using AI tools to benefit you and your company. 

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Topics: PR tips, technology

How PR pros are using AI today

Understand seven current trends to keep in mind as your company embraces AI.


Artificial intelligence in the workplace has proved itself time and time again, and continues to be a recurring topic in industry discussions. And yet, there are still many questions about the reliability, authenticity and ethics behind AI of using AI, and even how we should even consider using AI in our professional workflows.

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Topics: digital PR, technology

The Future of AI in PR

Here’s how you can use AI to automate tasks in the public relations industry.


Artificial intelligence is more relevant in the field of PR than ever. It’s important for PR pros to be up to date on the latest AI trends so they can use them to their advantage in automating tedious, often mundane tasks. The future of AI in PR will likely assist industry professionals in focusing their attention on more important tasks and responsibilities.


But, how exactly are PR pros going to use AI in the future?

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Topics: digital PR, technology

How might Apple's Vision Pro change PR?

The introduction of VR/AR devices could be a turning point for PR professionals.


Apple has revolutionized personal computing technology over its 42-year history by transforming the daily lives of individuals and companies. The new Apple Vision Pro may be the next innovation to add to Apple’s already impressive resume. 


So, what is the Vision Pro, and why is it better than other virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) devices? Can it be a beneficial tool in the hands of PR professionals? To understand the potential of this new device, we must know what sets Vision Pro apart and how it can improve the productivity and outreach of PR professionals.

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips, technology

Defining Your Audience

Corporate communications are full of opportunities to connect or alienate your audience. From Anheuser-Busch and Target boycotts to Apple essentially reinventing engagement, strategic comms is all about taking calculated risks to achieve well-defined goals.  

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Why you should take time to disconnect from technology

Breaks from tech can help you recharge and focus on your work.


Today’s technology has been a blessing for productivity – but also a curse in some ways. Connecting to your team and company 24/7 with technology like smartphones means you can easily reach someone and have people reach you, but it also means you can’t disconnect yourself from work, which can lead to issues like decreased creativity.


There is a way to solve this. Smartphones and computers are tools we willingly associate with, so we can put them down at any time, as well. This means you can, and should, occasionally disconnect from technology to help recharge your brain and help you relax.

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Topics: PR tips, technology

Digital is the New Reality for Marketers

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


December 2021 – Dynamic Marketing Trends Affecting Your Strategy in 2022


Enterprise leaders are looking almost exclusively toward digital transformation in the coming years to spearhead marketing and communications. Even for once-fledgling companies, the digital landscape is allowing new opportunities to rise from the ashes. See how Chipotle and others are doing it and the tools you can use to launch your efforts in 2022. 

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Topics: PR tips, technology, 60-Second Impact

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