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Meltwater vs. Cision: Which and Why?

There are reasons why PR pros prefer one to the other


Meltwater and Cision are software as a service products that PR and marketing teams use for media monitoring, social listening, engagement, identifying relevant influencers, creating and sharing relevant content, and tracking the content’s effect.


Essentially, both solutions assist marketers and PR pros with their communication ambitions so they can target, reach, and engage their audience.

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Is blockchain for public relations?

Blockchain has received a lot of attention in recent months, especially after the explosive growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in December. Many people associate blockchain solely with financial applications. Others see potential for blockchain technology in nearly all aspects of life. It’s helpful to have a basic understanding of what blockchain is in order to thoughtfully consider how it may help your company, including your public relations efforts.

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MasterCard and Apple: A priceless collaboration

How to create an effective, integrated PR campaign

Apple’s “tap and go” technology offered through the Apple Pay platform uses advanced payment security developed by MasterCard. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were the first devices to include capabilities for this technology. With this launch, the MasterCard public relations team, working in collaboration with a PR agency, was eager to push MasterCard ahead of competitors and position the company as a leader in contactless payment safety and drive consumer use of the technology.

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How to pitch Fast Company magazine

If you are a startup or a tech company, your best bet for gaining positive publicity is to get yourself featured in Fast Company magazine, the publication of choice for those in the tech business. Fast Company covers the following areas: design, technology and sustainability.

Fast Company maintains a strong focus on evolution of business and the most creative industry thought-leaders and strives to bring change into the marketplace.

Fast Company magazine has a unique editorial focus on innovations in technology, leadership, and design. The target audience is entrepreneurs in the tech business. Frame your pitch as a story with a strong focus on lessons learned during your journey to completing your project, including your mistakes, frustrations, turning points, eureka moments and inspirations. Your story is your documented experience that you are happily sharing with others in the field, helping them to succeed.

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What PR can do for B2B tech companies

Hint: You may need PR more than you realize

Today, your time will likely be filled with meetings with your direct reports to discuss matters of company performance, sales and finance. You may meet with prospective clients, sit in on a team-building session and try to squeeze in some personal and family time. This doesn’t leave much time to focus on PR.

If you think your business-to-business tech company doesn’t need PR, you are missing out on key opportunities to boost your visibility and grow your business.

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How to pitch to Businessweek magazine

Businessweek magazine is one of the world’s top business publications, preparing its readers to succeed in today’s complex economy. The magazine focuses on the most important news in finance, technology and economics.

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If your business is technology, consider PR

Public relations can do wonders for any business. However, there are plenty of technology professionals who could care less about marketing and often consider it a waste of resources.

It comes down to a discrepancy in priorities. Engineers and technology aficionados alike want resources dedicated to building, designing, developing and coding; meanwhile, venture capital firms, angel investors, boards of directors and executives charged with creating reputations, building brands and increasing bottom lines would much rather focus on new business development, marketing and sales.

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