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7 responsible principles to guide the use of AI in public relations

By Axia Public Relations

When used effectively, innovative AI tools can enhance PR practices.


Artificial intelligence creating.Professional communications tools enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) systems are revolutionizing business processes. Axia Public Relations is committed to innovation and using AI tools to benefit you and your company. 





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Since 2005, Axia has already used several tools with AI to complete market research, speech-to-text, and video transcription tasks. We now use large language models (LLMs) for analysis, content summarization, and assistance with some early creative processes and initial research. We’ll continue to explore the increasing number of AI tools available while maintaining responsibility in our usage.


Here are seven principles we will uphold regarding AI, which will be updated and expanded upon as needed. 


1. AI’s Potential

We believe powerful creative and strategic work is rooted in human knowledge, professionalism, instinct, experience, emotion, and imagination. AI holds the potential to play a valuable supporting role in this. 


2. Core Values

In keeping with our core values of integrity, ideas, relationships, results, and improvement, we believe in responsibly exploring new AI tools that can enhance our work on behalf of clients.


3. Confidential Information

We believe all client NDAs are ironclad. Without permission, we will not enter confidential or personal client contact information into any collective AI system.


4. Accountability 

Our team members are accountable for their work's accuracy, integrity, and originality, even when assisted by AI.


5. Misinformation

We believe in the power of language, images, and videos to educate, influence, and affect change. We will never use generative AI technology to deceive or spread misinformation or propaganda.


6. Legal Advice

We will consult with our client partners and seek legal advice as needed whenever we have concerns about the application of AI.


7. Client Guidelines

We believe in following client guidelines and policies as well as our own. If a client has an existing policy surrounding AI, we will work together to respect the client’s policy so both parties agree with potential outputs.


While AI isn’t replacing human connection, creativity, or expertise, it can still play a valuable supporting role while improving next-level strategy, creativity, and inspiration for your company. 


As Axia explores these tools, however, our team remains aligned with these principles to maximize our efforts in benefitting your company while ensuring all products are accurate, secure, and legally compliant.

If you want to learn more about AI in the PR industry, book a one-on-one consultation with us!


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