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Hiring a PR agency with Shannyn Lee | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how you can build and maintain a relationship with a PR agency with our guest Shannyn Lee



Our episode guest is Shannyn Lee, director of coaching at Win Without Pitching. Shannyn spent a decade in senior marketing and communication roles in Fortune 500 companies before moving to a business development leadership role.

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Podcasting with Kate Warnock | On Top of PR podcast

Learn the best practices when starting a company podcast with our guest Kate Warnock of Forcura.



Our episode guest is Kate Warnock, Director of Communications and Brand Strategy at Forcura. She manages all communications and brand efforts for Forcura, a leading SaaS technology company in the post-acute health industry

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Topics: owned media, On Top of PR, podcasting

Making Your Company A Podcasting Powerhouse

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


May 2021 – Technology is Opening Doors For Additional Marketing Opportunities


Apple is allowing users to charge for their podcasts on its flagship platform. Building your own branded content creates a whole new opportunity for additional revenue and brand recognition. We’ll explore strategies that help your team capitalize on these amid a workplace dynamic that seems to be constantly influx.

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What makes a podcast highly successful

A guide on how to succeed in the podcast industry


In recent years, podcasts have gotten popular due to the ease and convenience of listening. And there’s a podcast on just about any topic you may be interested in! It allows people to multitask while tuning in, learn new things they didn’t know before, and relate to others all while listening to a podcast.


There are many factors that can make a podcast popular, but the ones listed below should be prioritized to guarantee success.

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How to be a great vodcast guest

Webcam video interviews are on the rise; be memorable in a good way


In-person interviews are almost always best; however, in times of breaking news, national interviews, or during a pandemic, when you can't be in the studio or have the cameraperson come to you, a webcam or livestream interview is a great option. 


Webcam video interviews are on the rise, especially as more people work from home. We’ve all seen an interview where something has gone wrong, such as the person not wearing pants or someone else walking into the live shot, like this man's children. While these moments make for entertaining content, they certainly aren’t the goal of a serious interview.


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