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Why won’t the news media cover your business award?

Your company won a prestigious award. Why isn’t it making the news? The news business is a highly competitive industry. Awards are often not as newsworthy as you think and wish they were. Most media outlets consider awards to be fluff. And if it’s an annual award, it’s tired, they say. And when the award is issued by a competing media outlet, the media acts like a jealous lover.

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16 ways to promote your Inc. 5000 honor

Inc. just recognized your company on its Inc. 5000 list, now what?

Congratulations! Your company made it to the Inc. 5000 list. It’s a well-deserved accomplishment that shows your company’s growth over the past three years. Now comes the fun part of promoting your recognition and award. Many companies don’t know where to start.

Often when a company receives an award from a media outlet, other competing news outlets may not write about the recognition, especially local awards from a business journal or newspaper. Lucky for you, a prestigious national magazine like Inc. and its 5000 list tends to gain the attention of the media more than other awards, which means this is your opportunity to share your accomplishment with others. We compiled a list of 16 ways you should promote this company award.

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3 residual benefits of PR

Your PR efforts keep working, even after your campaign ends

Some clients want to see results from a public relations campaign immediately or within a few short weeks. Or, they opt to invest in a short-term PR project instead of a full campaign. It’s important to understand that the value of PR is mostly long term. PR provides consistent benefits that are cumulative, resulting in the steady growth of your business far into the future.

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It’s awards season. Was your company nominated?

Use these PR tactics to gain recognition and visibility for your company with the right industry awards

At this time of year, awards shows dominate the entertainment industry. Everyone is talking about the Oscars, the Grammys and other glamorous ceremonies. There are, undoubtedly, awards in your industry as well. Is your company in the running? If not, you are missing out on key opportunities to build your brand and separate yourself from your competition. 

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Why isn’t your company winning awards?

8 reasons your award entries aren’t working

Entering and subsequently winning awards for your company is a definite morale booster for your employees, and there are many other benefits too. However, what if you are entering your company into various awards and you just aren’t winning?

There are a number of reasons your company may not be earning the recognition or awards you believe it deserves. We compiled a list of our top eight issues that may be impeding your company from winning awards.

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5 ways earning an award benefits your company

Awards are not only for big businesses. In fact, it does not matter if your business is small or big; you can win a business award. There are many kinds of awards to choose from: national, local, even industry-based. Receiving an award is always great. Not only does it feel great, but it is also good for your business.

Here are the top five reasons why you should add industry awards to your marketing program.


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Use a PR agency to help your company win awards

Simplify the award submission process and reap the benefits of winning with PR

Awards can provide many benefits. They can distinguish your company in a specific market or help your business showcase unique approaches or attributes. They can also help attract top talent and improve morale among staff. The moment of receiving an award is great, but the real benefit of an award happens all year, when you have the bragging rights to your honor.

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How general contractors and construction firms can benefit from PR

Build on your company’s future and increase profits with the right tools

Is your general contracting company name well known in your industry? Do clients and prospective employees seek out your construction firm over your competitors? Are you using social media and other technologies to their full potential in reaching prospects and increasing sales? If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to these questions, then your company can benefit from PR.

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Does your company need to be a household name to be successful?

Use these 8 steps from PR to build long-term brand awareness for recognition and profits

There are numerous companies with names that are well-known worldwide, such as Band-Aid, McDonald’s, Toyota and Apple, just to name a few. You might dream of one day making your company a household name, but is that the only way to achieve success?

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5 steps to winning awards for your company

Learn how to boost sales and company morale – and gain some bragging rights in the process

Do you see your competitors touting their top-ranked services or award-winning products? If you’re not in the awards game, you may be feeling left out and wondering how to get in on the action. Awards can come with a significant submission process, so if you want to catch up with your competitors, here’s how to get started.


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