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16 ways to promote your Inc. 5000 honor

By Marjorie Comer

Inc. just recognized your company on its Inc. 5000 list, now what?

Keep the momentum going after a large award.

Congratulations! Your company made it to the Inc. 5000 list. It’s a well-deserved accomplishment that shows your company’s growth over the past three years. Now comes the fun part of promoting your recognition and award. Many companies don’t know where to start.


Often when a company receives an award from a media outlet, other competing news outlets may not write about the recognition, especially local awards from a business journal or newspaper. Lucky for you, a prestigious national magazine like Inc. and its 5000 list tends to gain the attention of the media more than other awards, which means this is your opportunity to share your accomplishment with others. We compiled a list of 16 ways you should promote this company award.



  1. Inform local outlets.

The local newspaper and even local business journals tend to publish news stories about companies headquartered in their city that ranked on Inc.’s list. Offer an interview to these outlets about your company’s growth and any plans to hire in the future.  

  1. Inform industry outlets.

Similar to local media outlets, be sure to share this news with industry publications. While most media outlets won’t typically cover other media outlets’ awards, the Inc. recognition is often the exception with local and industry outlets.

  1. Share on social media.

Typically, there’s a badge that Inc. shares with your company that includes your rank. Use the badge on social media to tell your followers about the recognition. Update the About Us section on your company Facebook page, and encourage people to share by noting your placement on the list.

  1. Use email marketing.

Alert those in your pipeline by including your recognition in your upcoming email marketing campaign. Add the recognition to your sales team’s email signatures.

  1. Use inbound marketing.

Blog about your company’s recent growth and recognition from Inc., which you can promote on social media channels.  

  1. Throw a party.

Show your employee, customer and vendor appreciation. You didn’t make it to this prestigious list on your own. You can also share the news with a mailing to this same audience.

  1. Add to your website.

In addition to your social media and inbound efforts, be sure to add the recognition to your website. This includes adding the badge to your website and adding the name and ranking to your Awards section. Consider updating your website’s hero image or creating a temporary home page to promote the recognition that links to the blog post or Awards section.

  1. Use on-location signage.

Display a framed photo of the award and Inc. cover in your offices. Take a photograph of the team holding both pictures to include on your office walls. Or, take a picture of the team holding supersized gold balloons that show your ranking, frame it in the office and then use the image on the website and on social media. Or, have your employees stand in the shape of the number ranking with an aerial photo or lay on the grass to create the number.

  1. Offer a giveaway.

Create a giveaway that corresponds with your placement on the list. This could be a promotion or coupon – perhaps you give away 1,200 samples because that’s where you ranked or maybe you offer a cash giveaway. Don’t forget to promote it on your social media channels. Another option is to encourage people to sign up for company emails, and the person whose subscriber number is your Inc. ranking receives a prize.

  1. Update your logo.

Create a special logo for you to use that illustrates your ranking on the Inc. 5000 list. You can also use this opportunity to refresh your social media profile pictures to highlight the Inc. recognition.

  1. Display on company vehicles.

Create a new magnet or update the vehicle wraps to include the ranking. It’s surprising what people remember, and it can definitely be vehicle artwork, especially if you visit residential areas to complete services.  

  1. Create a playlist.

This is definitely a fun one and a way to get your team involved. Depending on where you rank, create a playlist with that number of celebratory songs. Share the playlist on your blog and on social media. Consider having employees write a sentence about the song they picked and why. It adds a personal touch.

  1. Create a viral video.

Make a video of the team jamming-out to the playlist to post on YouTube or to post natively on a specific social media channel. Another option could be to change the words of a song to create a fun video just for your company. For example, the words “Call me 120” to the tune of the song “Call Me Maybe.”

  1. Make a donation.

Make a donation to a local nonprofit that’s important to your team based on your ranking on the list. Or perhaps based on your percentage growth for the three years. Find a way to make a donation that you can associate with your recognition.

  1. Update presentations.

Don’t forget to update your sales and marketing presentation to include the award recognition.

  1. Hire public relations firm.

Hire a PR firm to promote your products or services, growth, other accomplishments and even to help you enter (and win) future awards.


There are several benefits to winning awards, which is why promoting this prestigious recognition is so important. Your company’s growth is something you should be proud of, and telling others lets them know that your company is one to keep an eye on for the future. Interested in other ways to celebrate your success? We came up with 25 other ways to promote your company and its accomplishments.


Promoting awards is one way to use public relations to grow your business. Axia Public Relations offers an e-book, Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment, which provides more ways to optimize the media coverage you receive. Download it for today!

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marjorie-comer-portraitMarjorie Comer is an award-winning PR professional. She graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and loves to cheer for her hometown Kansas City Royals. Marjorie has worked for Axia Public Relations since October 2011. Follow her on Twitter @Marjorie_Comer. Learn more about Marjorie Comer.


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