Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment: A guide to remarketing PR for maximum ROI

Perception is reality. A steady stream of news helps create a perception that business must be good.

Axia Public Relations provides the guide to maximizing your public relations investment. Once you've run a successful campaign and received positive news coverage, where do you turn? The impact of your investment does not end with the campaign. In this book, Axia gives you the keys to planting seeds, influencing markets, and optimizing your media coverage. From company websites and social media to industry blogs and newswires, we'll show you how to utilize your investment to get even more exposure.


We'll show you:

  1. What to do with great media coverage
  2. How to connect your news with your audience and platforms
  3. How to turn news into business
  4. How to give news releases new life through repurposing and recycling
  5. How to use great PR as a sales and marketing tool