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How company executives can become powerful keynote speakers with Michael Port from Heroic Public Speaking

In this episode, Michael Port, CEO of Heroic Public Speaking, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the art of public speaking. Tune in to learn how to express yourself onstage, the different types of speaking events, the four categories of a keynote speaker, how to prepare a speech, and much more!

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Topics: spokesperson training, On Top of PR

Corporate communications with Matt Hurst, VP of communications at Nielsen

In this episode, Matt Hurst, VP of Nielsen Communications, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss corporate communications. Tune in to learn more about Andy Jassy’s three-hour-long keynote speech, working with busy executives, how to produce meaningful keynote speeches, tips on crisis communications, and much more!

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Topics: corporate communications, On Top of PR

Top 10 advertising and marketing topics to watch with Allison Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Allison Fitzpatrick from Davis+Gilbert LLP joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the top 10 advertising topics to look out for. Tune in to learn more about NFTs, cannabis marketing, children’s advertising and privacy, sponsorships, endorsements, NIL, environmental marketing, automatic renewal, made-in-the-USA claims, and automatic renewal.

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Topics: online public relations, influencer marketing, On Top of PR

Why the PR industry is a train wreck solocast with Jason Mudd

In this solo episode, Jason Mudd explains why he thinks the modern PR industry is a train wreck. After giving a brief history of the industry, Jason explains that PR professionals are relying too much on earned media, expanding their scope of work too much, letting non-PR experts take lead in PR efforts, aren’t thinking big enough, and are incorrectly measuring PR. 


Tune in to learn what you can do to help fix this mess!

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Topics: On Top of PR

How celebrity and influencer partnerships can help your PR with Celebrity Focus CEO Ric Bachrach

In this episode, Ric Bachrach from Celebrity Focus joins host Jason Mudd to discuss celebrity partnerships and the NIL license that passed recently. Tune in to learn more about misperceptions about working with celebrities, the difference between celebrities and influencers, how the partnership process works, how to set boundaries in these contracts, and how Jason and Ric feel about the passing of the NIL license for young athletes.

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Topics: news media, On Top of PR

Embracing the power of “No” and storytelling with keynote speaker, author, and actor Rob Biesenbach

In this episode, guest Rob Biesenbach, keynote speaker, author, and retired actor, and host Jason Mudd discuss the power of saying “No,” the importance of storytelling, how to become a keynote speaker, and challenges keynote speakers face. Rob worked in corporate communications by day and began a secondary career of acting at night. From there, he launched his keynote speaking business and has been teaching people the lessons he learned from acting and improv and how to implement them into corporate communications and business.


Tune into this episode to learn how to implement improv and stage presence into your career as well as the power of saying “No” and the importance of storytelling.

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Topics: On Top of PR, story telling

Fanocracy: What is it and what does it mean? with author David Meerman Scott

In this episode, author of Wall Street Journal’s bestselling “Fanocracy” David Meerman Scott goes into depth about his book and the science surrounding it. He describes what “fanocracy” is, why free things make loyal customers, the science behind fans and the ways to gain them, why passion is infectious, and much more. This episode will give great insight into your consumers’ minds and help you strategically use the information you learn.


Tune into this episode to learn more about how to gain fans and customers.

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Topics: On Top of PR

Everything and ethics with Mark McClennan, PRSA’s 2016 National Chair and EthicalVoices host

In this episode, Mark McClennan, 2016 PRSA National Chair and host of EthicalVoices, shares his expertise on ethics. Mark and On Top of PR host Jason Mudd, APR, discuss ethics in public relations, ethical failures, advice for dealing with ethical dilemmas, why people are making unethical decisions, how to have a difficult conversation with an unethical person, and how to encourage ethical responsibility in your company.

Tune in to learn more about ethics in PR and your company.

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Topics: ethics, On Top of PR

14 ways to save money with a PR agency, solocast with Jason Mudd

In this episode, Axia Public Relations’ Jason Mudd goes into depth about how to save money in the long run with a firm, budget your money depending on your needs, make crisis management cheaper, and increase your budget for PR. He even lists numerous resources that can help you save money on your PR. 


Tune into this episode to learn more ways to save money in PR.

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Topics: PR tips, On Top of PR

The importance of cybersecurity and crisis communications with Bryce Austin, TCE Strategy

In this episode, TCE Strategy’s Bryce Austin shares his expertise on cybersecurity and crisis communications. With host and Axia Public Relations founder Jason Mudd, he expands on data breaches and how to prevent them. He also talks about CISO, next-generation antivirus, password keepers, and multifactor authentication. Lastly, he and Jason discuss who’s responsible for promoting cybersecurity within your company.


Tune into this episode to learn more about cybersecurity and crisis communications.

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Topics: crisis communications, On Top of PR, cybersecurity

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