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Which type of client are you?

Three personas that describe the client/agency relationship


In the last 17 years, Axia Public Relations has worked with many of America’s fastest-growing and most admired brands. We’ve identified three types of clients based on their needs and which of those types we work best with. When qualifying new companies as potential clients, we often ask which persona they relate to most, so we can understand how they prefer to communicate and what their priorities are.

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Are media kits dead?

3 ways to bring your media relations efforts back to life with help from PR

Over the years, the business community has reported that many tools and concepts are “dead.” From press releases to polling, people are quick to declare the premature end of something that no longer seems to be working for them. One such device that has suffered this fate is the media kit. Is it really dead – or perhaps just misunderstood and misused?

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Topics: digital PR, media relations, FAQ, earned media

5 misconceptions about PR

Your all-in-one guide to understanding the role of public relations

Everyone is familiar with the term public relations. Most people can give their own interpretation of what it means. The Public Relations Society of America defines PR as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

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Is your company’s FAQ page effective in driving your sales?

Don’t overlook this vital PR and marketing tool

Every company website has one: that ubiquitous frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. You may have wondered if customers are actually getting value from this content or if the page is just taking up space. Using public relations tools, there are ways to make your FAQ page work for you.

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Topics: public relations, FAQ

Three Tips to Crisis Response When Customers Have Been Offended

They know who we are. They know what we like. They know what we watch, and where we shop. (The companies we buy from, that is). That data in and of itself is be very useful for both companies and consumers. However, OfficeMax’s recent PR blunder demonstrates important lessons in the challenge of maintaining quality control with data, and shows how not to deal with a PR crisis in your organization concerning data.

In light of recent data problems from major companies, let’s get down to the heart of the matter from the angle of PR and responsibility.

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Topics: mobile PR, digital PR, media relations, PR case studies, public relations, SEO, FAQ, PR tips, crisis communications

The Evolution of Public Relations Over Time

Technology. Social media. Changing attitudes toward communications.

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Topics: digital PR, public relations, FAQ, shared media

Public Relations and Journalism: Can They Play Well Together?

The rise of public relations as a recognized tool for helping businesses achieve solid results is very real, although it may be surprising to some. It also poses questions: How does PR fit into journalism? And vice versa?

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Topics: public relations, FAQ

5 Mistakes Clients Make after Hiring a PR Firm

It’s true: PR firm abandonment happens. Sometimes companies select a public relations firm to help achieve new message goals, and then run out of time or forget all about it.

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5 More Things Your PR Firm May Not Tell You (But Wishes You Knew)

Part 2 - 5 More Things Your PR Firm May Not Tell You (But Wishes You Knew)

An investment in public relations is one of the smartest ways to build your brand and reputation. Good PR generates outstanding news coverage, boosts your name and reputation online and helps manage (or avert) a potential communications crisis. The investment is even more valuable when you start the process knowing the no-nonsense realities of working with a professional firm.

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Topics: public relations, SEO, FAQ, PR tips, shared media

5 Things Your PR Firm May Not Tell You (But Wishes You Knew) – Part 1

Let’s be straightforward. PR tools like earned media coverage, online reputation management and crisis management can constitute a significant investment of your marketing budget’s dollars. However, they’re also highly effective when utilized the right way – and while they provide significant, lasting benefits over time, there are some unique challenges associated with PR that deserve some attention.

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Topics: public relations, FAQ, PR tips

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