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How many downloads make a successful podcast?

Before we dive into what makes a podcast successful, let's briefly define what exactly a podcast is. These are popular audio essays that cover anything from current events to hobbies, history, and more. If you need information or advice on just about anything, odds are, there’s a podcast for you. 


It’s no secret podcasts are one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. Everyone is trying to build their own podcast and figure out what it takes to host a successful podcast. But do people looking to get into the business know what it really takes to be a successful podcast?

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The Current State Of Podcasting

Podcasting as we know originated from “audioblogging,” which emerged in the 1980s. A few decades later, podcasting took flight alongside Apple, with then-journalist Ben Hammersley formally coining the term in 2004.


As a marketing medium that has experienced countless remarkable changes, podcasting is an explosion fifteen years in the making.


Let’s carefully examine the current state of podcasting and what makes it so successful.

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