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Should my organization take a stand on the Israel-Hamas war?

Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks on Israel demonstrate organizations’ difficulty responding to even heinous terrorist attacks. Most people agree opposing terrorism is the logical and right thing to do. Taking a stand against any sort of violence publicly or internally with employees would then seem to be the next step, right? 


Some companies, organizations, and individuals are finding out that quick response is fraught with danger. 

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How Influencer Partnerships Can Boost PR Campaigns

It’s virtually impossible to scroll through a social media platform without encountering some form of influencer marketing. The merging of branding and influencer personalities has played a major role in shaping modern marketing methods, and, according to experts, it’s a trend that’s continues to grow. 

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4 ways to repurpose company content online

Become recognized as a source of authority by repurposing your media.


If your company is looking to scale content amount and audience reach, repurposing content is a tried and true method. Podcast interviews, awards, earned media, and any other recognition from your company can provide great opportunities to create content for your social media channels and website. A blog post can become multiple social media posts, while an interview and earned awards can become social media and blog posts. The opportunities are endless. 

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How to hire a social media strategist in 2024

There are 25 qualities your company should consider when looking to hire a social media manager.


A social media strategist is an individual who creates quality content designed for specific social media platforms based on research and analytics. This individual can work at an agency, for the company directly, or as a freelancer. Regardless, your social media coordinator must have the ability to fulfill all your company’s needs. We’ve created a list of 25 essential qualities to look for when hiring a social media strategist:

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The Great Media Shift

  1. Audiences Turning to Other Content During Height of Writers’ Strike
  2. Snapchat is Less Like Social Media and More like a Phone
  3. 60-Second Close: Public Relations is Driven By Personal Connections and Trust

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What is influencer marketing, and why is it so effective?

Using social media influencers can help your company reach new audiences.


Influencer marketing uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers who are experts within their niche and have a dedicated social media following. You might be familiar with Jacob Shipley on LinkedIn, or perhaps you’ve heard of Charlie D’Amelio on TikTok. These are just two examples of influencers with large followings on a social media platform, traditionally with very loyal followers. Micro-influencers, social media users with smaller followings, offer more niche subject areas and hyper-engaged audiences.

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7 ideas to consider before taking a stance on a social or political issue

Before your company takes a stance, consider what it will mean to your audience.


Companies make unintentional mistakes more often than consumers typically realize, whether it’s a typo in a newsletter or a personal post mistakenly uploaded to your company’s social media.


Consumers may never realize the mistake. At times, however, a misstep can turn out to be far more serious, such as when a company publicly takes a stance on social or political issues. 

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Topics: crisis communications, shared media, social media

Are external links in the comments of social media posts worth it?

Learn the data behind these social media algorithms.


Social media is always changing, and as public relations and corporate communications professionals, we must keep up with the different algorithms. External links in posts are one notable change in the world of social media. We’ll lay out the data on posting with and without external links as well as our advice on how to move forward with your social media posts.

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Meet Threads, Twitter’s Newest Rival

Meta’s new app is already a notable competitor to Twitter, but will it last?


Threads is Meta’s recently released social media app that allows for text updates and public conversations in the form of “threads.” Many see it as Meta’s version of Twitter, and it’s already surpassed 100 million users, gaining the attention of companies, social media managers, and Instagram users since its launch.


However, it seems like users are unaware of how to smoothly transition to essentially a whole new social media platform. Whether you’re a new user or a curious onlooker, here are 8 things you should know about Threads.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

How McDonald’s is using the Grimace shake TikTok trend to maximize the product’s visibility

The purple milkshake, and now infamous social media trend, could help boost McDonald’s brand presence.


McDonald’s has an army of social media professionals at the social media agency of record at its corporate headquarters — a team constantly monitoring the trend. This team has noticed the mountain of social media videos stacking up with users trying the fast food chain’s new Grimace shake, wishing the character the shake’s named after a happy birthday, then shortly after pretending to die from it.


Videos following this trend have amassed 1.1 billion views and counting on TikTok, placing McDonald’s name in the spotlight and sending customers to try the shake — and the trend — for themselves.

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