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How to use short-form video to maximize social media engagement

By Bre Chamley

Two people recording a short-form video.The average American spends over two hours a day on social media. How many 30-second videos have you scrolled through on social media today? If you use the popular social media platforms, we’d guess likely over 200. 


Short-form videos are taking over social media. YouTube and TikTok started this short-form video phenomenon, which soon expanded with Instagram Reels. Who knows what’s next? Regardless, it's clear that short-form videos are here to stay and are as important as ever. It might be time to learn more about them! 


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What is a short-form video?

Any video under 60 seconds is considered short-form. Companies typically use this type of video for brand content. The best length for a short-form video varies but typically lies between 30 to 60 seconds.


Why should you care?

According to SocialSprout, 66% of consumers are most engaged by short-form video content. Not only are short-form videos extremely engaging, but they are also a great way to reach your audience organically. Since short-form videos are popular and easily shareable/likable, the algorithms for each platform push your videos to more users than a regular post on the platform would.


Short-from videos are also easily measurable. The ROI for these videos tends to be the amount of views the videos receive. However, you can also measure these videos by the average watch time by viewers, likes, link clicks (if you included a link in your post), or overall engagement. 


How does it impact PR professionals and their brands?

Short-form videos are essential for PR pros to understand so they can incorporate them into their video content strategy. Short-form video content has been consistently increasing, and there’s no doubt this type of content has more views and engagement than any other type. To earn your company more visibility, you must include short-form video content. 


Short-form videos are crucial for your company’s content strategy as they increase your brand’s visibility. They also improve engagement for your company’s account. While short-form videos are growing in popularity and importance, they aren’t going to save your content strategy single-handedly. 

For a great content strategy plan, check out our Essential Social Media Management Guide for tips on how to manage your company’s social media presence. 


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