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News releases aren’t that important

Why are you wasting so much time on news releases?

Too many companies put unnecessary emphasis on churning out a steady stream of news releases on commercial news wires in an effort to get their message out. That’s the way they’ve always done it, so it must work. Right?

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Inundating reporters with news releases hurts your PR efforts

4 things to consider before you send that press release

When you return to work from a week-long vacation, you probably find a plethora of emails awaiting your attention. For reporters, this is an everyday occurrence. Most of them receive more emails daily than they could ever get to in a single work day.

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Why you should call reporters before sending a news release

How many emails do you delete without opening on a regular basis? Take that number and quadruple it, and you might be near the number of unopened emails a reporter deletes each day. Journalists are inundated with pitch emails. Your company needs to stand out among the multitude of pitches in order to gain a reporter’s attention. If your PR firm is only pitching via email, it probably isn’t earning all the media coverage it can on your company’s behalf.

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Earning media coverage without news releases

Don’t impede your potential results by requiring a monthly quantity of press releases from your PR firm

Did you know that you can earn great media coverage for your company without writing a press release? In fact, as a PR firm working with national clients, some of Axia Public Relations’ best earned media coverage came without ever writing a news release. Instead, we pitched existing contacts by phone – contacts with whom we’d established trusted relationships.


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7 components of an effective news release

How to write a news release that gains media coverage for your company

If your company has an announcement it wants to make, then a news release may be a great option for you to share that news. A news release is an official announcement that a company or nonprofit issues to the news media. There’s a right way and a wrong way, though, to create a press release. The better it is, the easier it will be to secure earned media coverage. These seven tips will help you write an effective news release to gain earned media coverage for your company.

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Forget the media kit; think robust newsroom

8 items to include in your company’s online newsroom

Seasoned PR pros may remember printing countless press releases, fact sheets and biographies to include in perfectly curated media kits. Media kits of yesterday were helpful leave-behinds, however, today they’re dinosaurs. Digital media kits – or online newsrooms – are an easy way for media to access key information and assets.

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3 crucial differences between a news story and a feature story that will make you a better writer

Your guide to writing a better news or feature story

When you write a story, your objective is to get the right message to your target audience. If you understand what type of story you’re writing, it will improve your writing and help you reach the readers you want to connect with. There are many kinds of stories. The most common ones are a news story and a feature story. Even experienced writers often confuse the two.

While both types of stories are equally important for your public relations strategy, they’re used in different circumstances. Here are three critical differences between a feature story and a news story.

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Need more media coverage? Here’s how to make journalists happy

3 ways to get reporters to cover your company’s news

What’s your company doing to get media coverage?

If the answer is to focus specifically on your company, it’s time to rethink your strategy. It’s not about you; it’s about the journalist.

More importantly, it’s about making the journalist happy.

So, what can your PR department or agency do to get media coverage? It’s simple: Help the journalists do their job, and you’ll get the coverage your company is seeking.

The job of a journalist has never been tougher. With increasing deadline demands and businesses focusing more on information about their own companies, the job of a reporter can be taxing. Journalists need newsworthy ideas, and your job is to make it as easy as possible to get them.

Here are three ways you can get journalists to give you great media coverage for your company:

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Are you writing for the newsroom and living room or your boardroom?

8 tips for creating a news release that will result in numerous media placements and boost your exposure


It’s a problem public relations professionals encounter all the time. They write a news release based on what media and target audiences want to see. Then, the CEO or another C-suite executive reviews the release and adds long quotes and several paragraphs of company information to appease partners or other stakeholders. This is a huge (and common) mistake.

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5 ways to repurpose your press release

Use PR to fully leverage this often-underused tool

Ah, the dreaded press releases. Over the years, we have come to rely on them, hate them and frequently declare their demise. Nonetheless, news releases remain a crucial instrument for media relations efforts. Since it is clear that you have to use them, you may as well get maximum impact and reach from your press releases.

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