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So many crises, so little communication

  1. Google vs Tesla: The ultimate corporate communication showdown
  2. College protests showcase need for effective leadership communication
  3. 60-second close: Strategic communication requires the right perspective

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Topics: crisis communications, 60-Second Impact

Proactive PR Produces Better Results

  1. 5 Things AT&T Should Have Done After Nationwide Outage
  2. OpenAI unveils Game-changing Text-to-Video Tool, Sora.
  3. 60-Second Close: Proactive PR is a Must

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Topics: crisis communications, 60-Second Impact, artificial intelligence

Crisis Lessons Learned from Southwest Airlines

In this episode, Southwest Airlines' Linda Rutherford joins On Top of PR host Jason Mudd to discuss her take on current airline crises and go into depth about Southwest’s crisis communication plan and how they’ve managed their past crises.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: crisis communications, On Top of PR

9 ways OpenAI could have responded to unfolding crisis

PR professionals can learn something from the abrupt departure, and reinstatement, of OpenAI’s CEO.


OpenAI faced a pivotal moment when CEO Sam Altman’s abrupt departure led to mass employee protests — the company he founded has now reinstated him. Organizations facing crisis risk instability if they don’t handle situations promptly and correctly. 


Drawing from crisis management best practices, here are the key next steps for OpenAI:

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Topics: crisis communications, corporate communications

PR Pivot: How PR Pros Keep on Their Toes

  1. PRSA Unveils New Guidelines for Ethical AI Use in PR
  2. PR Lessons Learned from Cyberattack on the World’s Largest Bank
  3. 60-Second Close: Lightning-Fast Adaptation is a PR Firm's Secret Sauce

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Topics: crisis communications, 60-Second Impact

11 crisis management tactics to avoid or prepare for a PR disaster

Follow these best practices to ensure your company has a plan before a crisis strikes.


The biggest challenge when creating an action plan for a media crisis is not knowing where it will come from. Crisis communications planning always seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list until it’s suddenly urgent. If your company waits until the moment of disaster, you’re already 10 steps behind. 

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Topics: PR tips, crisis communications

6 PR strategies for managing wildfire crises

Make sure your company is prepared when catastrophe strikes.


From a PR lens, the fires that devastated parts of Maui stand as a stark example of the public relations challenges natural disasters can pose. With record-breaking wildfires becoming more frequent, PR experts must analyze past disasters to identify communication gaps and empower future readiness.

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Topics: crisis communications

Panic to Positivity: The Challenges of Crisis Communication

  1. Delta and United Airlines Facing Different PR Hurdles
  2. Responding to Crises: Lessons Learned from Harvard and PRSA
  3. 60-Second Close: Response is Everything

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Topics: crisis communications, 60-Second Impact

How to prepare for any communication crisis with Tom Ciuba

In this episode, Tom Ciuba joins On Top of PR host Jason Mudd to discuss crisis management and how to build a crisis communications plan.


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Topics: crisis communications, On Top of PR

7 phishing campaigns for corporate communication to share with stakeholders

Protect your company’s data from these seven different types of phishing campaigns online.


When it comes to cybersecurity, companies and corporate communications professionals need to know about the different types of phishing campaigns that might compromise your company's data. 


Some of these phishing campaigns might be new to you. You may have experienced them personally or professionally. Either way, education is the first step to protecting you, your company, your employees, your organization’s brand, and your reputation. The second step is active and ongoing cybersecurity communication. In the modern era, every public relations and corporate communication practitioner has the responsibility of leading the charge for cybersecurity communication.

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Topics: crisis communications, cybersecurity

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