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7 phishing campaigns for corporate communication to share with stakeholders

Protect your company’s data from these seven different types of phishing campaigns online.


When it comes to cybersecurity, companies and corporate communications professionals need to know about the different types of phishing campaigns that might compromise your company's data. 


Some of these phishing campaigns might be new to you. You may have experienced them personally or professionally. Either way, education is the first step to protecting you, your company, your employees, your organization’s brand, and your reputation. The second step is active and ongoing cybersecurity communication. In the modern era, every public relations and corporate communication practitioner has the responsibility of leading the charge for cybersecurity communication.

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Topics: crisis communications, cybersecurity

7 ideas to consider before taking a stance on a social or political issue

Before your company takes a stance, consider what it will mean to your audience.


Companies make unintentional mistakes more often than consumers typically realize, whether it’s a typo in a newsletter or a personal post mistakenly uploaded to your company’s social media.


Consumers may never realize the mistake. At times, however, a misstep can turn out to be far more serious, such as when a company publicly takes a stance on social or political issues. 

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Topics: crisis communications, shared media, social media

Disaster Communications: 5 ways to make the most of a bad situation with Amy Susán

In this episode, guest Amy Susán joins host Jason Mudd to discuss disaster communications and five ways to make the most of a bad situation. They dive into how to handle communications for your organization during a crisis delicately, diplomatically, and empathetically. Amy's expertise is weather-related destruction in the construction industry, but her 5+ tips are applicable to any industry and crisis situation.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: crisis communications, internal communications, On Top of PR

Stop giving attention to negative content about your organization

Companies aren’t immune to negative web content published about them. Common places you may see negative posts about an organization are sites like RipOffReport and GlassDoor, but companies should also know those aren’t the only places that can host unflattering content. 


While awareness of negative posts is important, your company should also recognize the need to stop giving online traffic to this content. In fact, monitoring your company’s online reputation should be something your company invests in and utilizes. 

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Topics: reputation management, crisis communications, online review management

How your organization should communicate AFTER a cyberattack

Here are 8 best practices to help you overcome a cyberattack.


Cyber incidents occur frequently. We are a trusted public relations advisor to cybersecurity companies and organizations seeking helpful expert guidance on corporate communication before, during, and after a cyber attack.


We’ve already discussed how to communicate before and during a cyberattack. However, these are the eight best practices to help you communicate internally and externally after a cyberattack. 

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Topics: crisis communications, cybersecurity

How your organization should communicate DURING a cyberattack

Here are 8 tips to better manage internal and external communications during a cyberattack.


Every 39 seconds, your company is vulnerable to a cyberattack. It’s important to plan and communicate before a cyberattack occurs. However, if one does occur, you need to move quickly.

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Topics: crisis communications, cybersecurity

PR and Privacy

Data privacy is a huge concern for many companies. From TikTok and Facebook facing record-breaking fines to Airbnb admitting its “listening” for parties during big holiday weekends, companies are walking a treacherous road. The future of PR may well hang in the balance.

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Topics: digital PR, crisis communications, shared media, social media, 60-Second Impact

How to Communicate Negative News

From layoffs to the banning of an entire social media platform, the world of corporate communications can be a minefield to traverse. Companies that rise above display this common trait: empathy.

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Topics: crisis communications, shared media, social media, 60-Second Impact

Why scandal can land your company in the news – and how to recover

Avoid unethical business practices to keep your reputation safe.


While many companies seek earned media coverage, they always hope the news media will portray them in a positive light. And while public relations efforts can increase your chances of positive news media coverage, it’s important to realize the news media doesn’t have to honor your positive reputation.


News media outlets publish stories their consumers will find newsworthy. Newsrooms use a range of news elements that news consumers care about in their stories to give the stories news value, and not all of these elements will bode well for your company. If you consume news media, you may notice how many stories feature some sort of scandal – whether it’s some celebrity feud or, in our concern, negative company news.

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Topics: crisis communications, earned media, news media

Flipping the Script with Crisis Communications

As we close out 2022, we look back on the battlefield that has been PR and corporate communications for the past year. Lessons learned from the likes of Twitter, Expedia, and Del Taco showcase how savvy teams are leveraging old dogs and a few new tricks to keep their brands front and center in consumers’ minds. 

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Topics: crisis communications, shared media, social media, 60-Second Impact

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