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The importance of cybersecurity and crisis communications with Bryce Austin, TCE Strategy

In this episode, TCE Strategy’s Bryce Austin shares his expertise on cybersecurity and crisis communications. With host and Axia Public Relations founder Jason Mudd, he expands on data breaches and how to prevent them. He also talks about CISO, next-generation antivirus, password keepers, and multifactor authentication. Lastly, he and Jason discuss who’s responsible for promoting cybersecurity within your company.


Tune into this episode to learn more about cybersecurity and crisis communications.

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What to do after alleged or confirmed illegal activities occur within your organization, with Gunster Attorney Jonathan Osborne

In this episode, Gunster attorney Jonathan Osborne shares his expertise on what to do after alleged or confirmed illegal activities occur. He talks about the steps you should take and the case information you're allowed to know. He also discusses what you can do to prevent something like this from happening.


Tune into this episode to learn about what to do when this occurs within your organization.

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Unethical practices in PR: The recent industry accusations against Ronn Torossian, 5WPR, and Everything-PR

Google’s algorithm has been based on links ever since its inception. Link building is one of its top three ranking factorsRecent reports that an agency executive covertly bought a news site that covers the PR industry and used it for dishonorable activities left the public relations industry gasping. This post objectively unravels the story surrounding Ronn Torossian and his agency’s deceptive activities around acquiring and operating Everything-PR.


Having purchased Everything-PR in 2014, Torossian and his agency proceeded to turn the site into a self-serving machine. 

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Effective crisis communications with Christopher Britton | On Top of PR podcast

Christopher Britton and Jason Mudd discuss best practices for organizations to consider when preparing for inevitable crises. These involve leveraging technology, forming response plans, and practicing within your team.

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Our episode guest is Christopher Britton, chief operating officer of RockDove solutions. He has decades of executive leadership experience and is known for creating and improving successful public and private companies, such as AT&T and Rosetta Stone.

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PR experiences, values, and the effect of the pandemic on the industry with Jason Mudd

This post discusses Axia Public Relations’ CEO’s presentation to Loyola University students. In the presentation, Jason Mudd shared some of his experiences as a PR expert, Axia’s team values and ideals, as well as how the pandemic has affected the PR industry.

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6 Ways to Recover from PR Crisis and Online Reputation Management

Smart corporation communications executives know that all it takes is a single public relations crisis to bring down even the biggest enterprises in the industry. How the general public perceives your company directly correlates to how much they trust you. 


The moment there's a reputation crisis, you can expect your company to suffer greatly. The brand and image you carefully constructed and protected over time will inevitably be damaged. It will take an immense public relations initiative to reconstruct the public's perception of the company. Considering how easy it is to find something on the internet, it can take a lot of effort to make the online masses forget.

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What PR Professionals Need to Know about Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks cost the global economy close to 1 trillion dollars in 2020, a number projected to rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. According to the FBI Cyber Division, they received close to 4,000 cyberattack complaints daily at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number likely associated with the fact that 71% of Americans were working from home at the time.


With such dire cyberattack statistics, what can an organization do? Although such attacks are typically the purview of IT departments and cybersecurity divisions, as a critical department in any organization, public relations (PR) has a vital role to play.

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Reigniting the Negative News Cycle: A mistake

Responding to a negative news story and its consequences


Gaining news coverage for your company, yourself, or a member of your executive team is a key aspect of public relations. However, what happens when a news article is published and your company or an executive is presented in a less than favorable light? What is your company’s best response to the situation? Do you respond or let it be? And why? 

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Tips on issuing a video statement during a crisis

A news article was published about your company, which included misleading information, factual errors, innuendos, and even half-truths. This leads to a crisis for your company, especially in the court of public opinion. 


Your company has several options to handle this crisis: ignore it, create some FAQs to correct the errors, hold a news conference, or issue a video statement during a crisis. 

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Maintaining your company’s reputation

Handling that first negative online article 


As much as you believe your company won’t be affected by negative articles and reviews ranking in an online search, at some point, it will happen – and it can have a serious impact on your company. 


There are many places where consumers can leave negative reviews that can rank on page one when a prospective consumer uses Google to search for your company. That first negative review or even a new negative review can leave you and your company reeling and unsure of your next steps. It is important to understand how your company’s online reputation can change with a negative review. 

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